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Unrivaled Tang Sect
November 10, 2018
Status: c336
This review will have spoilers.

Compared to DD1 the romance has grown and probably too sappy, the action is still very good. The characters honestly feel like basically recycled from the first novel with some small differences (or maybe even none at all) Also blue silver grass (although the girl wielding it is an evil soul master) and the rabbit soul beast (the female mc) has all the same direction and abilities as the previous novel which I think is just lazy.

I feel like the MC is too vicious and cunning even though he shouldn't he doesn't have any experience scheming and he never killed a lot of people before yet does it easily. I feel like even tang san wasn't as cunning as him (which makes no sense,) and seems somewhat more ruthless. Also, during the tournament arc everyone kills SO easily, unlike the first novel. I know they're at war and they hate each other but still, you're killing people.

This novel loves to spout "Glory to Shrek" and stuff but it's funny how their pride is so hollow. In the first tournament the MC and the Shrek seven devil are registered as team Shrek they are against impossible odds and they survive because they are super adamant about fighting for Shrek's honor (which I think admirable but ironic in my next point). In the second tournament the Shrek seven devils created tang sect team and the substitutes from Shrek created their own team. The Shrek seven devil baby the Shrek team (I would to say I think it's incredibly stupid that they chose to make their team, yet they are babying Shrek and helping them win) So I think it's incredibly funny they keep talking about Shrek's honor but for this tournament all they've doing is baby Shrek team and cheating too. If it was the previous tournament I really doubt they would accept being babied which is why I think is hypocritical (I also find other stuff hypocritical) too. During the tournament, the dragon girl received help from the MC and even though she's super prideful she still accepted help from him. (I think she accepted it for Shrek's honor but what kind of honor is Shrek's honor that you'll for accept help when all the other past Shrek's teams didn't accept help, I seriously don't get how that's honor)

Also, MC cheats to help the Shrek seven devils win. I think it's hypocritical yet he plays off because they're apparently the bad people even though they themselves didn't cheat in the tournament. (I feel like he's justifying cheating just because it benefits him, and other like Shrek Academy) Shrek and the others are on even grounds even though some are richer (so they have soul tools) and some are evil soul masters. And honestly you know something is wrong when you are actually somewhat rooting for the supposedly "bad" people in the novel.

Also in the current chapters one of the guys from the shrek seven devil used his life to stop his girlfriend from participating more in the tournament (she became an evil soul master somewhat recently and was kinda kidnapped). So before she was "kidnapped" she was super weak so she finally accepted her full abilites as an evil soul master, and a little after that she got "kidnapped" by an evil soul master organization. The reason I keep putting quotations is that I'm sure she was somewhat willing to go with them considering she embraced her evil soul master abilities and really wanted to get stronger. However, the author keeps using language like "kidnapped" and "brainwashed" like she totally wasn't willing. I know a part of her was unwilling but considering her circumstances she was willing to go with them to get strong. The MC has a light necromancer abilites (but he's not evil) so Im sure he will cleanse her. I think it's stupid that they are just pushing the blame on evil soul masters when a part of her wanted to go.
During chapter 335 I dont get why the imperial tutor didnt forcibly end the match and surrender, I'm sure she has the reactions and foresight to end it. I guess it's because even he/she didnt want to break the rules even though the MC did many times lmfao!!!!
During chapter 336 I've somewhat had a realization. So the guy from with the evil soul masters girlfriend stopped her with his life and she couldnt participate in the team match. Even with all their abilities they still didnt face them fairly, I'm sure they would have won since they're MCs anyway. I know doing that helps prevents deaths but be a little badass and actually fight for it like the past tournament. Honestly after that chapter what seemed like a somewhat reunion between two lovers turned into exploiting love to win as a strategy.

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