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alexzxz rated it
X-ray Is More Than I Thought
July 20, 2016
Status: c32
It gets so much better!

When you start reading this, you might be offended because of the topic, but keep reading and it gets so much better. As of 32, the first girl is hardly mentioned, she's apparently being "saved for later". However, there is another girl who he manages to "charm" and their interaction is getting better and better. She was originally a side-character but now she feels like a main lead. Really like the way the author describes things (or how Pun translates it) but right now, the vibe... more>> feels very sugary or vanilla. Maybe the feeling of encountering first love for the main characters? In fact, this is what provoked me to contribute to Pun's Patreon (first time donating to a light novel).

Hopefully this writing style continues without losing steam. This is a harem, so we'll see when the other girls start developing. If you like to read well-fleshed out characters instead of 2D girls, go for this! <<less
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alexzxz rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c15
As of the 15th chapter, this novel is still extremely slow. You get basically no background on why the protagonist went back, and no hint of his end goal. The author goes into needless drama with the background characters. Sort of convoluted logic to get rid of some useless characters. If you like a decisive main character, you won't get it here. The guy basically does nothing and just rambles in his head. The author feels like a closet Chuunibyou. It's still early, so there is room for improvement.
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alexzxz rated it
The Silly Alchemist
May 7, 2017
Status: c67
Had hopes. Story was interesting till tiger left. Now feels like filler and gathering random harem.

Even though this is rom com type novel, there should be some action. His alchemy is almost nonexistent. I feel jebaited with promises of alchemy when all along the author had no worldbuilding idea, and just wanted to milk out the rom com cliche.

Will drop this for 50 or so chapters. Hopefully this improves by then.
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