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akai-ringo rated it
A Sequel for the Villainess?
January 6, 2019
Status: c16
I don’t recommend this story to anyone. I read it as it was getting translated but I just couldn’t handle it any longer.

Its really hard to make sense of anything that happens in this story as the plot makes no sense and just makes my head hurt as I continued to read. Probably didn’t help that I was forgetting a lot of what occurs as everything just gets slapped into your face. Something dramatic happens every chapter that it’s hard to keep track of it all. E.g.

MC is suddenly revealed to be of royal descent from another country which leads everyone to be on her side. With this revelation, her uncle (?) randomly appears to berate the king and others for letting the MC get exiled when apparently even the King was annoyed this occurred? This all happens in the span of one chapter or so. Honestly this is the part when I stopped paying attention to the story and just went along with the wave.


No one is remotely likeable and thus those that “are” are kind of shoved down our throat to force us to think they’re likeable

(like the ML, when we’re only given a time skip of all the supposed good things that happen with him. It’s hard to get into such a rushed relationship progression). The one character I personally kind of liked was constantly berated by the MC as being a muscle brawn guy who was brain dead and only knew how to yell when he was one of the few characters who sincerely cared about and constantly worried about her, disregarding the terrible comments he got from even interacting with her. The MC is also terrible, she makes no sense in all her actions, talks bad about everyone in her head and seems to only care about the ML and thus disregards everything else.


I honestly don’t know how I lasted so long with this story but just don’t try reading it please, for your own sake.
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akai-ringo rated it
B Group no Shounen
December 2, 2016
Status: c19
I really enjoyed this story a lot!... If it wasn't for the heroine as many people have pointed out.
For me, I just think someone else should have been the heroine. I'm pretty fine with the MC as all the parts I wasn't quite happy about with him occurred due to the heroine. But I found she only annoyed me towards the end of the translated chapters as at first I thought she was quite cute too.

Other things that didn't sit too well was how fast the romance progressed and... more>> how the OPness of the MC isn't utilised well.

Good things about this were that the comedy in it was good and the romance scenes were written well. If you like a good romance I suggest checking this out as the scenes are quite sweet and you might like this more than I did.

Otherwise it was an enjoyable read but I don't think I will pick it up again even if it gets translated again. <<less
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