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aiji rated it
Heaven Official’s Blessing
December 27, 2018
Status: Completed
After reading this novel, no doubt, I've officially become this novel's author's fan. I gave this one a full 5/5.

[Wall of words, incoming..]


Having read the author's other two novel's (FOD and The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System), I must say the story's execution and pacing is quite similar to FOD's, which contains an interesting plot, intriguing chain of events, action-packed scenes, and unexpected plot twist. The fluffy/cute and heartwarming moments is also present. Though they have these mentioned similar elements, this story's premise and universe is completely different, which you... more>> can't help but be emerged and ride along in fascination and amazement.

As expected, the author did a great job in establishing a brief background of the MC, giving you an idea what his character is like which aids you in understanding why he do what he does, giving you a preview of how his world works. And yes, gods and ghosts/demons are present here.

The pacing is not too slow, and not too fast either. Just enough to give room for the necessary details for the story's development. But please we warned of the looong flashbacks and sad stories along the way as their bitter history unfolds. Though long, it's not at all boring. If you don't have a fragile heart (unlike me) and can stand heartbreaking scenes, I suggest you finish it until the end.

The story is not that too complex, I think. But a little deep. The only problem I encountered was the poor english translation I was reading painfully, and also had a hard time distinguishing names.


Same with the MC of FoD's Wei WuXian, Heaven Official's Blessing's MC (Xie Lian) is very likeable, as they are both witty, caring, lovable and.. A little dense (which I truly love about them 'cause it adds to the 'kyaa..!!' factor). The only difference is, though Xie Lian is also a little shameless sometimes when it comes to his personal actions and decision-making, for me, towards others, he's too.. 'pure'. He's so kindhearted that you'd feel the urge to protect him at all cost, but also scold him at the same time. But he's not weak, mind you. He's just a selfless-type of god. But, by being so, sometimes invites harm and hurt himself in the long run. If you continue to read up until the end of the novel, you would somehow feel and understand why the ML (Hua Cheng) harbor such kind of feelings towards the MC. He is such a precious bun.

Speaking of Hua Cheng, the male lead (the 'smooth criminal'), I have a mixed feeling about this guy. At first, I was simply intrigued about the small description regarding him as the ".. Mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens" and "this demon king has been paying attention to him (Xie Lian) for a very, very long time". I was like, "???".

If you think that Lan WangJi's (of FOD) love and devotion to Wei Wuxian is admirable enough to categorize as "eternal" and unrivaled, Hua Cheng's devotion to Xie Lian is in a completely whole different level. As in. To the point of sometimes you would pause for a moment and think of his actions as a little.. creepy. But in the end, you would only think of him as a very loyal guy, full of unconditional love and devotion for the MC. Like Lan Wangji, they don't have to say long and corny and cheesy words to express how they feel for the other. They just express it through their actions, which leaves you speechless in awe and admiration. This is what I like with the author's way of writing—you don't have to read straight from the ML's mind. Their action is enough for you to understand their intention and feelings, then just sigh and cry at corner, saying to yourself, "I also want this type of guy.." They got my utmost respect.

The side characters are all likeable, especially the ones who are frequently interacting with the MC (his two hot-tempered, cats and dogs-like "attendants" whom he had to babysit with extreme patience). The funny scenes mostly happen when they are around. Their reactions are gold!


All in all, this is a pretty good read. The conclusion is good, but how I wish.. (See spoiler), but nevertheless, I'm very satisfied. The extras/side stories are especially good, too. JUST A WARNING: you might get a diabetes!


.. How I wish, at the later chap, their long-awaited reunion should have ended with a kiss, coupled with whispers of sweet-nothings or something..

(Although I'm a newbie when it comes to reading shounen-ai/yaoi novels, but I think that should've happened at least, right..?)

Oh well, it's just me. It's still a happy-ever-after story, nonetheless. Congratulations to Hua Cheng, especially. I think he received more than what he could have ever hoped for in the end.

*wipes tears of joy*


If you're a fan of fantasy/xuanhuan genre with likeable characters, a good dose of comedy, pure love (or eternal love?) story, and *ehem* not minding a mild BL story, give this novel a try. You won't regret it. <<less
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aiji rated it
Accompanying the Phoenix
January 6, 2019
Status: Completed
"He knows that he shouldn't pick it up, but can't let it go...

Finally gave up his heart, but was reluctant...

Ah.. the more pure, the more persistent..."

... more>> There's so many unforgettable bittersweet lines on this novel. And because my heart was pleasantly 'tortured', I'm giving it a perfect 5/5.


This story is like "Chicken Run" and "Romeo and Juliet" story combined.

No, I was just kidding. But there really is a 'chicken' who likes to run away and a 'complicated' love story.
To be honest, I almost drop this novel. I don't know if it is the author or the translator's fault but reading the earlier chapters was an excruciating experience. But I persevered. And good thing I did. I hope you all do the same. The translation may not be the best, but rest assured that the author's writing style is excellent.

Why excellent? Because my heart got attacked in all kinds of directions with every cold, sharp instrument possible. It's not only once that my heart got squeezed and cried. I don't know if I was just too emotional due to hormonal imbalance or whatsoever while reading it, but just to inform you, I was reading an MTLed version (chapter 27 onwards), so there's no way the english translator's interpretation could influence me in any way. Seriously, I was ruthlessly stirred.

But to set your expectations, this is not all about drama. Yes, there are touching scenes here and there, but there is also a good amount of funny scenes and action—a very good narration of the action scenes. And don't be fooled by the episodic kind of pacing at the earlier chapters. I tell you, there's a deeper story lurking behind. And although all throughout the story, the romance feel is a little prominent, for me, that's what make this novel that great.

The pacing is good, the story is not that too complicated, but I must say that the 'complication' revolves around the two main characters. Even I had my fair share of complicated feelings and worries as I progress, to the point of dropping it even though I'm already nearing the end. That's how emotionally invested I was.


The chicken... I mean, the MC, Shen Li, is not your typical shoujo protagonist. She's a woman. A very strong woman who you could categorize under the "hot-tempered" types BUT she's well in control of herself (well, most of the time). She knows what she wants, knows her place and responsibilities, and willing to make sacrifices. I got nothing to dislike about her.

And the ML... Ah, the ML! I have so much to say about this ML. He reminds of Ye Xiu (of The King's Avatar) in terms of personality. The carefree, easy-going type... But no, there so much more about this guy. This guy, who is always bathing in vinegar (though he himself is not aware), is loveable but curse-worthy at the same time. My teary moments were all caused by him. His lines.. his lines! He's so cool yet detestable. But who can blame him? No one can blame him. We can only blame the circumstances, the stars, the moon, the heavens... (ah, it's very hard to maintain a spoiler-free review! Please forgive me 'cause that's the only way I can express some 'contents' without directly spoiling) . He's not one of those 'rapey' types. In fact, he's a gentleman. Too gentlemanly for his own good. But what's truly admirable about him is his courage.

As for the side characters, there's nothing much to say. The only note-worthy is the "general" who is very close to the MC.


This is a very, very good read. I highly recommend it.

If you're a fan of action, fantasy, comedy, with a little touch of drama, try this one. BUT be sure you have your tissue boxes beside you to wipe your tears... and sweat. Yes, 'sweat' because there's a *cough* 'steamy' scene on this one.

Oh, it has a happy ending so don't worry and give this a try. <<less
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aiji rated it
The Villain’s White Lotus Halo
January 5, 2019
Status: c89
Ohh.. so painful.. I felt betrayed...
This was very traumatic...

I would like to give it a 2/5. But for the sake of effort, I'll give it a 3/5.


... more>> A very interesting plot—yes, as what you can see at the description. So I took a bite.

The story started off good. In fact, very good. The translator (and the author?) did a good job in describing what the setting looks like; used tons of figures of speech beautifully. The characters, especially the MC, was hilarious. It looked very promising. Until I read on...

Ah, this is so frustrating. Like I said, it started off good. Though I didn't know what's in store for me, it was entertaining and intriguing (at first), so I couldn't help but read on, curiousity piquing. Until right at the middle, it seems as though the author got lazy and decided to abandon the ship. That's what I felt. Suddenly, I was lost, didn't know what's going on, and why they were even happening. It's like everything's all over the place and you don't know where's the story heading anymore. There are lots of shifting of scenes. And so finally, out of frustration, I decided to drop the novel. I could no longer continue.

Oh, my head aches again...


Characters... I think this is where the problem all started.

The MC was funny. I liked his internal monologue. Until the author decided to hide what the MC was thinking, and turn it into yours truly's point of view!

Around chapter 80+, I could no longer connect with the MC. For me, it seems like suddenly he acted so OOC. Since the author decided to entrust the 'judging' in my hands, in my point of view, suddenly the MC acted kind of 'irrational', and made me curse "WTF are you doing?! Why aren't you questioning things anymore all of a sudden?!". Maybe if I'm just after the fan service (*cough* if you know what I mean), I'll just shrug it off and say, "at least I got what I want". But sadly, no. In every novel that I read, in every anime that I watch, I invest more to the MC's essence. If he or she's not 'consistent' enough, I will eventually lose interest and feel there's no point in continuing.

And the ML.. *sigh* I can't say much. Because he is not outstanding enough, he's just like the rest of the side characters. For me, the author failed to establish a solid character for him. I wasn't able to connect with him at all. There's nothing to hate about him—but there's nothing to like, either. He's like a plain, white wall. A pity.*sigh*

As for the side characters, they were depicted beautifully at the start of the story. I even searched and liked their official character design. So beautiful. But, that's all there is. In the end, for me, the main characters are more important. But sadly, I got disappointed.


For those who are curious: yes, this has a pinch of comedy (but only at the beginning), lots of action, and *cough* 'steamy' scenes. Romance? I didn't feel a thing. Though there's a clear mention here and there, it's not convincing enough. To put it bluntly, I don't find their 'romantic' interaction romantic at all. Happy ending? I'm not sure. I dropped this so I have no idea. Maybe this isn't really for me.

For final word: personally, I really can't recommend this, given the flaws I've stated above. But I won't stop you from reading this, either. After all, everyone has their own preference and taste...

And level of tolerance. <<less
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aiji rated it
The King’s Avatar
January 5, 2019
Status: c1175
After the mania withdrawal had finally subsided resulted from binge watching/reading Mo Dao Zu Shi, I decided to watch this what I consider "the second donghua (anime) " of my entire life a few months ago (yeah, that's already 'last year' >.<) —The King's Avatar. I found the story unexpectedly enjoyable, so after reaching the end of the ONA series, I jumped to the novel version right away. And boy, it was sooo good.

And though I haven't finished reading it yet, I think reading about more than 1000+ chapters is... more>> enough to pass a solid judgment of 5/5 to this one.


This is the story of a god... I mean, "god" when it comes to gaming, specifically to the game called "Glory". And yes, this novel is categorized under "Sports" genre, but not your usual sports since the story revolves around pro-gaming. There's no transmigration or whatsoever vibes on this one since here, we are following the "journey" of the protagonist—in reality— towards the "summit".

Since this is about game, there are tons of terms here which some may find unfamiliar or completely have no idea at all, which can lead to lots of confusion or difficulty in visualizing what is happening unless you are a gamer, or at least have played MMORPG games and the like before. It is truly a shame to skip, or worst, drop reading this novel entirely just because of this very reason.

Though it looks like it would take you forever to finish reading this due to the number of chapters, each chapter is really not that long. Promise. And before you know it, you have already completed a couple of chapters and already hooked, and won't be able to stop. Its pacing is just right. There's no heavy drama or too complicated turn of events—except for the seemingly unexpected and unthinkable outcomes you will see along the way due to the "shamelessness" and very cunning way of thinking of the MC.

Though I started out watching the animated version, the difference between the actual novel against the donghua is not a problem at all. I got nothing else to criticize or complain about except for the not yet finished translation and really got little interest to the "seasonal ranking" parts of the story which I skip. (Now just waiting for the final chapter to pick this up again. I'm sure MTL-ing won't do any justice, so...)


Ye Xiu a.k.a Ye Qiu.

Yes, God Ye Xiu. He's the one!

This MC is so cunning. A genius!

I'm a sucker for "from bottom-to-top" type of stories so I got hooked in an instant. But this is not like your typical shounen-ish kind of story since the MC is already an adult, plus he is actually strong. As in really strong from the start. An "OP", if that is the best way to describe him. But he got it all from years of experience, passion, dedication, and maybe inner talent. It's not his fault.

What's interesting about him is how he handle his "banishment" coolly, with no resentment of any sort at all, and instead focus his all attention to his goal. Though hurt, he chose not to show it, moved on, and passionately heads towards his goal. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, he's got a carefree and easy-going attitude, but when it comes to playing, he's so cool, so badass! All his opponents are coughing blood!

As for the side characters, though inevitably quite too many, I got no problem distinguishing who is who since most are well defined and the author did a good job putting unique personalities for each major casts. Most are likeable and very adorable (*cough* Blue River).


I really enjoyed reading this one. You can feel your adrenaline rush soaring just by reading it.
The characters' shamelessness, the hilarious trash-talks, the battle of wits... totally worth-reading!

I understand that this type of genre is probably not for everyone (.. maybe I should thank myself for playing Ragnarok before XD), but if you want to witness a different kind of "coolness", try this one.

I highly recommend it. <<less
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aiji rated it
It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!
January 17, 2019
Status: Completed
A short review for a very short story...

It was funny and entertaining. There's no complicated plot nor drama. Or even any note-worthy action. Sadly though, there's no romance as well. I would like to take down that 'romance' genre listed there. There's a hint, yes, but not enough to consider it as 'existing' since the protagonist and the ML (?) didn't interact that much. The conclusion (?) left me hanging. I got trolled!

I really didn't expect that it was that short. And also didn't expect that it will be... more>> executed in a storytelling kind of way. But overall it's good. The premise is so interesting that should it get adapted into anime, I would definitely watch it.

The only advice I can give you if you want to give it a try is don't expect too much, because it's just a very short, simple and light story.

If you're currently overwhelmed by too much angst and brows-knitting complicated plots of the novels you are reading, consider reading this as your good break. <<less
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