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The synopsis is kinda misleading, so I'll try to give my own description.

MC is an adult NEET (think Mushoku Tensei original MC in his 20s), living off his family's money; even he sees himself as a parasite of a man. Just as he was contemplating this, he finds himself in a place he'd never seen before; a person (who claimed to be a goddess) explained that he's in another world and she can't get him back. As a way to make it up to him, she offers to give him... more>> an easy life by "pulling out" his hidden talents (think "classes" in RPGs). Of course, not ALL of them (the usual number is around 30), but three classes of his choice would be plenty (multiclassing in this world is quite rewarding for adventurers).

To their (unpleasant) surprise, the list of choices available to him contained only one item. And even the goddess herself had no idea what kind of class this "Parasite" thing could be... But what kind of a man would give up with just that, right?

As you might guess from the name, his class allows to get experience (hard-earned by other adventurers) while doing nothing himself ("[...] fruits of my effort of staying for many days in the inn [...]") ; moreover, leveling in this class increases both gain rate and number of "hosts" he can use at the same time. Most importantly, he early on obtains an ability to level in classes of his "hosts" (don't ask how it works). By the beginning of chapter 8 he has 5 "acquired" classes with total level 22 (his original class is at level 17)... And that's when the actual plot kicks off. (Chapter 7 ends with the following line: "It’s likely this was the time when everything started.")

Judging by the name of the novel, this "actual plot" is probably about him wanting to keep lazing about but being forced into heroics because of being the most capable adventurer around.

The story so far is not bad... I can't say for sure, as there are only 10 chapters translated (and they are not that long), but it quite possibly might end up being a fun read. For now, I'll give it a 4 (4.2, 4.4 maybe?).

... Also, the frequency of translation releases has been rather nice so far. It probably won't hold for long, but translator promised there'll be at least 3 chapters per week (4 if he has free time, or even more for donations), which is not that different from the author's frequency. <<less
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agreg rated it
Otherworldly White Dragon Lord
August 11, 2016
Status: c5
Huhh... How do I describe this...

It's a story that claims to be "different from all these web-novels" from the very beginning, and then starts giving you signs of being a low-grade fanfic (despite not being based on someone else's fictional world... apparently).

Description of the first 3 chapters as an example of what I mean (not much of a spoiler, since almost nothing actually happens there) :
... more>>

Prologue is fairly neutral, but the very first chapter was... quite confusing. First, an infantile "God" appears, who claims to be protagonist's chat buddy (and the only friend) ; this is followed by what I can only describe as EXTREME WORSHIP of Chinese Communist Party (especially Mao Zedong) ; concluded with "God" turning from Mao into a Rozen Maiden character (the novel has no care for copyrights whatsoever), coquetting with the protagonist and then refusing to be held by him.

The second chapter has MC, for some reason, believing that all web-novels are real (questioning God why he's always looking for no-good douches and losers), then claiming that no real person would ever want to end up in another world, then reluctantly agreeing after God BEGS HIM ON HIS KNEES.

After establishing that MC is "not like all those fictional characters" (which is repeated several times afterwards), third chapter has MC asking to make his as OP as possible ("It’s one thing to read a novel and it’s another if you really pass through"), to which God responds "OK, but you can't leave your house". Then the novel makes it very clear that it's going to be uninventive about its details, as MC is given a copypasted floating HUD (this thing only made any sense in The Gamer) to turn his interactions with the world into an RTS of all things (including creation of obedient units from available resources... copypasted from videogames - mentioning HoMM in particular).

Then the most jarring (so far) development happens: MC is allowed to "summon" fictional characters from anime ("real" people would hate the idea of being taken from their world, but "abducting" anime characters is A-okay... Also, why specifically from anime, and not anything else? Like, anything chinese?). Judging by synopsis and the previous mentions of anime, I expect blatant usage of characters from existing works (which basically makes this novel a weird crossover fanfic). Well, at least these are not expected to be instantly loyal... Although, whether it's going to be handled in any remotely believable manner, remains to be seen.

By the way, before sending him off, "God" says that he's not immortal (despite confessing of being the Creator of worlds).


Did I mention it's a game-mechanics novel (more specifically, RTS-based) ? Because it totally is. There is a HUD, resources ("material" and "spiritual" points, as well as actual materials), resource-producing buildings, producible units (obedient to their creator) and even some kind of research tree (for units, at least). Not to mention that MC cannot leave his base and doesn't really have anything else to do.

As a "bonus", chapter 4 is chock-full of specifications (read directly from the HUD), most of which are completely useless to the reader at this point (only one of described units is created - and that's what the chapter basically amounts to, sans descriptions).

The writing stile suffers from the usual problem of chinese novels: overdetalisation. The narration feels somewhat clumsy, and translator - while doing a fairly decent work on the whole - clearly has no editor (or at least proofreader), despite not being a native english speaker (probably spanish, if I had to guess), which doesn't really make for smooth reading. I can't help but mention this line as (the most memorable) example: "Glasses Panda came with a huge and naughty smiling face!" (I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean, but judging from context, I'm guessing it's about sending a friendly emoticon in chat).

The novel so far doesn't give much assurance that it's not going to become a train wreck. However, this "so far" doesn't cover even a hundredth of already written material, so maybe it's not as bad as it seems to be likely to turn out?.. I'll give it a 3 for now. <<less
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