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adsegm rated it
Dragon Prince Yuan
October 1, 2018
Status: c591
This is one of those generic novels that many bemoan, but it's done pretty well. Nothing stands out as particularly great but it will keep you turning the pages.

  • Worldbuilding is pretty good, MC does get great treasures and powers along the way and while they are interesting they're never super OP, where he's beating guys multiple realms above him. This happens once early in the novel, but you can actually see the growth of the author as he adjusts this treasure to give a good but not overwhelming advantage against geniuses, who in turn have their own OP cheat. The OP items usually also have drawbacks to balance them out.
  • Other characters are okay, nothing special. They generally have their own goals though it does feel like the whole world revolves around the MC.
  • Unfortunately we do have some word count padding with the multiple opinions and reactions POV common to Chinese LN.
  • We also get the generic sect politics and the fight-train-fight routine.
But there are almost no immersion destroying moments and MC never goes full retard. Recommended if you are craving a dose of wish fulfillment LN.
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adsegm rated it
Reverend Insanity
September 29, 2017
Status: c1911

The single best Chinese fantasy novel I have ever read hands down. And I have read a lot of them but never have I been interested in reviewing them, simply because they could never compare to any of the great western fantasy writers like Martin or Abercrombie etc. This so far is they only Chinese novel that had managed to kindle that sense of awe and immersion that comes when you get lost in the author's world.

The best part is the world building and the plot development. At the time of writing this review a total of 1911 chapters are available (raws) and the entire novel is still set in the same "world". There is no "but wait.... There's a more powerful world with stronger cultivators, better treasures" and so on and so forth. The magic here is harnessed by using "Gu" insects which have a single purpose like increase strength, shoot blades etc. They are then combined in interesting ways and one cannot simply pile on a bunch of them together because they need to be fed and can have opposing properties.

The plot is absolutely amazing with no lucky "I just found the greatest treasure in the universe, in the trash bin." Everything the MC gets is truly earned.

It's not all perfect though. The unavoidable issue with the stereotypical "dog eat dog" cultivation world is that it does not allow for deeply flawed characters, all of them inevitably are a bit too realistic and many a time can seem a bit mechanical. Most of them are still well written. The biggest concern though is the main character who has a psychopathic attachment to increasing his strength, where it is the entire point of the novel. While there is a reason why he gets this way it's a problem with all xanxia.

EDIT: And when they punch during fights the fists do not connect with each other. Just trying to imagine that sequence of events makes my tooth itch.

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adsegm rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
February 25, 2019
Status: v4c1
2.5 stars but I'd rather round down than up. However this just might be one of those novels that you might want to try even if reviews convince you one way or the other.
    • The biggest problem with this novel is that MC is always in situations way above his pay grade. So all the focus remains on side characters during the climax. Barely any planning is involved in MC actions. This is relatively bearable at the beginning where MC is powerless but starts getting annoying as chapters pile up.
    • Then there is the deus ex machina. It's so pronounced that you can't even call it plot armor.
    • The Mana in this world is called psychic energy but there isn't any proper system around it. It's the one thing almost every Chinese LN gets right but not here. It's generally impossible to gauge and compare character power levels even after seeing them fight.
    • The saving grace of this novel is it's characters. They are colorful with their own goals and personalities. MC is often involved in their machinations.
    • Worldbuilding isn't particularly good. The wasteland is characterized by lack of food or water but dinosaur sized beings live there, somehow. Of course everything including trees are carnivores and have poison or acid because 'evolution'.
    • Translation is fine. I didn't notice any grammar issues.
A deeply unsatisfying novel that I can't seem to drop.
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adsegm rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: v1c64
An uninspired novel with barely any redeeming qualities. Generic wuxia with esoteric references and bad translation, so if you just want a novel to switch your brain off and relax, this is not the one. About the only good thing I can say about it is that author spared us the marriage break-off trope.
    • Translation is pretty bad. I remember phrases like "looked at him complicatedly" and "his eyes needled" correct translation for which is "his pupils shrank to the size of a needle tip". There's also a lot of convoluted phrasing some of which nearly gave me a headache trying to understand.
    • Esoteric Chinese references which are there just to increase the word count. Check out this nonsensical description of cultivation

      "The theories of Daoist internal and external alchemy have continued to be derived to this day. The so-called cultivation to produce a core is in fact to 'cultivate the Dao'. All cultivation systems from the Daoist school of Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, and the beginning of Core Formation. However, you can also say these days that 'cultivation' is in fact a type of thing, the Dao and the truth. There are two kinds of explanations. If the Dao is said to cultivate something, it is an internal alchemy system. The truth is said to be one's comprehension in regards to the Dao, the physical and the metaphysical


    • Plot armor and deus ex machina galore.
This novel is the result I would expect if someone set out to copy MGA but started taking it way too seriously.
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adsegm rated it
Mechanical God Emperor
June 6, 2019
Status: v1c8
Total dumpster fire. My only question after reading this is who allowed the 5 year old to write a novel?

To start off, MC transmigrates with an AI robot and his body intact, into a seemingly medieval world. However, everything MC needs just gets done by his robot which leaves me to wonder exactly why MC even exists?
    • MC transmigrated and needs to scout his location? Robot can radar scan.
    • MC needs to assume new identity? Robot can create face mask.
    • MC needs to fight? Robot can create other robots that look like humans but equipped with super alloy blades, machine guns and even artillery. Using only iron ore. Gunpowder?? Plastics??
    • Infrastructure for power generation? Robot can create solar panels.
This novel tests one's utter suspension of disbelief. Perhaps it is this quality that leads everyone else to rate it so highly?

EDIT: Why does this novel have 'harem' tag? Surely the robot could've created the Super Vagina 10000? Perhaps the technology just isn't there yet.
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adsegm rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c49
Many adjectives can be used to describe this story: cliche, generic, dumb. Unfortunately the one that sticks out for me is: boring. There is no plot or story or even any sense of struggle to get stronger, as everything just conveniently falls into the MCs lap. All we have are a bunch of cardboard antagonists waiting to be added to the MCs trash heap, by his bootlickers.

Even the central theme that almost everyone is a self centered ass who would sellout anyone (including people who save their lives) is violated,... more>> as for some reason a follower much stronger than the MC fails to just kill and rob him of treasures rather conveniently (MC needs him to further the plot).

On the whole, nothing of value would have been lost had this novel failed to exist. <<less
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adsegm rated it
Monarch of Evernight
May 9, 2019
Status: v2c67
A novel with some interesting parts but I generally recommend against reading this because of how frustrating it is.

The start itself is inexcusable. A 6 year old child that has been living in a state of perpetual life and death since he was 3 is actually nice enough to share food with and defend a child, who betrays him. It's the kind of sh*t has me thinking: YES, FELLOW HUMAN, I UNDERSTAND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF OUR PROGENY AND BELIEVE I CAN SUCCESSFULLY MAP THEIR ACTIONS, GIVEN A SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES.... more>> Who doesn't know that children are animals and actually need to be taught culture? And compassion, especially the kind of circumstances this child was in.

Somehow I actually managed to read further but facepalm moments keep increasing.

Exposition heavy and generally unimaginative though it does have some glimmers occasionally. MC combat strategy is a noteworthy plus point but the combat itself is bad with punches connecting with each other and the other usual bad tropes. <<less
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adsegm rated it
Eight Desolate Sword God
December 5, 2018
Status: v3c211
This novel is indeed a cliched wreck but for some reason I just couldn't quite drop it. Started with the pie dropping from the sky inheritance but further in MC actively seeks for stuff, which is refreshing.

By chapter 211, two chicks have been saved who were NOT in imminent danger of being r*ped and some plotting (it's like a 4 year old eating sweets and trying to convince you that they disappeared) does occur.

If you want to read something while your brain is having some sleepy time, you might... more>> want to consider this novel.

EDIT: v4c359

This novel could have been so much better had the author had a friend or someone who could just tell him when he's forcing something too hard. Still reading it when I'm bored and have nothing to do. <<less
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