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Warlock of the Magus World
July 25, 2016
Status: c204

First of all, I want to say that this novel is GREAT! Despite that fact that lots of reviews are saying that the MC relies too much on his "AI Chip", like "he's not a scientist at all". All I can say is, You're all stupid. Even our scientists nowadays relies on computer on calculating complex equations. Naturally, a good scientist will have to make his own life easier by an example of using technologies... more>> and whatnot. And to think the device is only used for scientific research, and calculative measurements, He's not that too damn OP, I think he's really brilliant! He's not that egoistic like Chu Feng and Lin Feng, and he's that kind of human being that relies on his own strength and schemes, he's not arrogant, that a simple provocation will lead to a destruction of a clan. He's decisive and cool headed. He's the character that uses his brain over raw strength.

For the plot. So far, It's not repetitive, and you'll never get bored on reading it. The cliffs are just bearable. The rank breakthroughs are slow BUT when he does, it's really awesome! I really had fun reading this novel. It's a highly recommended novel, on par or greater than with Transcending The Nine Heavens, Emperor's Domination, Zhanxian, Hail the King, and Galactic Dark Net (all the MC's of this novels are brilliant and not that overbearing) <<less
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Immortal Mortal
October 9, 2017
Status: c328
The rating should not be 3+ but around 4+, this is really a good story, In the beginning you thought it was just a strong MC with really thick plot armor, but you are definitely wrong, This novel has more sense than ATG, MGA and other overbearing MC. It is slow but this is really worth to read.
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Martial God Space
October 1, 2017
Status: c430
I started reading this novel to kill time and because I'm fond of breakthroughs, the OP MC type of thing and has a fast paced story lines.

I have don't mind on how sh*tty the novel is, and I will continue reading it despite of its sh*ttyness just because I am fond of reading fast paced cultivation novels.

But for the new readers that will try and read this novel, I will warn you that this novel is really substandard, and really disgusting that you'll lose your sense of dialog.

YES you will... more>> lose your sense of conversation, In this novel, the protagonist is a walking hateful character, just his presence alone will incite the 'killing-intention' of the other 'characters' (mostly cannon fodders with a very single dialog lines like 'You are courting-death', 'Do you know who we are / I am?', 'That's impossible, how can he be so strong, even I am invincible'.) The dialog is so bad that you'll cringe reading it because of it's hypocrisy and how stupid the conversation it will be. And it truly sucks that the author wants to portray that the MC is so smart that he can deduced every plot of the enemies for him, but it's just pretty stupid, and the thing that I don't like the most about this novel is, just a simple misunderstanding, or just because the MC is so hateful, it will cause bloodbath, like for example, they where on a battlefield, where a female character hates the MC so much for no reason at all, and she incites the mobs to kill the MC just because he is hateful.

I'll just end this review hanging, it's because as I'm writing this one, I don't know the words I will use to say. Man, I don't know english any more. RIP. READ THE NOVEL IN YOUR OWN DISCRETION. <<less
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It was pretty good at first but as the story goes longer it becomes really repetitive, and the worst part is, the MC is always entangled by people who is much more stronger than her. It really annoys me when the MC is always getting caught by enemies and even the villains despise her, they do not kill her which is really unreasonable. Cite for an example the Jade Fairy, She's pretty much stronger than the MC, and several times, She caught the MC, having the chance to kill her,... more>> she instead talk sh*t and stuff, oh come on, if you have feud with someone you hate to the bones, and if you have the chance to get rid of her/him you should act decisively, but the villains are all dumbfuvker who only knew how to talk. Another thing that pisses me off, the MC is all talk with no power to back it up. Example, provoking a super power clan without realizing its consequences, Even if she's talented, why provoke a powerful enemy which can kill you by just flicking their finger, why not just lay low and build up her strength and when the time comes, plan for revenge? And the author just always telling us readers that she is really intelligent and whatnot, where's the intelligence in this? It is seriously suicide! All in all, the first early chapters are good, but the longer it takes the longer I realize how brainless the MC is. <<less
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Undefeated God of War
September 10, 2017
Status: c506
This story is actually good from the start, but as the chapters increases the MC acts more childish and idiotic. As his might increases, his intelligence decreases, and the more dependent he becomes.

The comedy aspect is being force.

The romance is sh*tty.

I don't find him a tyrant, I find him a hard loser, with just thick plot armor.

I have no issue of him being a money grubber, but I think it have gone too far.
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Ancient Godly Monarch
May 10, 2016
Status: --
It’s actually 3.5 rounded to 4. Review up until chapter 20.

The cultivation route is really awesome. I like the fact that they can gain another ability when they sensed the power of the stars. BUT the annoying part is, too much oppression in this novel. There’s like no breather. The MC is either belittled, abused, or even cheated. And the worst part is it’s a simultaneous oppression from multiple sides. It’s a bit annoying and not really realistic that you can still survive from tons of oppression. But anyways, it’s... more>> still a good read when you are bored. PS the translations is awesome. And their rate of release is fast. <<less
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