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_-mofumofu-_ rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
May 31, 2018
Status: Completed
I've read this for less than 2 days. It's a good story. I like the comedy throughout the story and the drama towards the end. The first chapters caught me because of the speech of MC when the 'killer' (shen shaoqian) was interrogating her. I thought it was unique. However, there were cliche parts in the middle of the story. Sometimes, the MC's foolishness and impulsiveness is irritating. Sometimes she's smart but most of the time she's dumb. I almost dropped reading this many times but I persisted reading because... more>> of comedy. Thank God she became smarter at the last chapters. There were still loose ends that haven't resolved and I feel that some parts are rushed. But the ending is satisfying. <<less
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