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Zeru18 rated it
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
March 26, 2019
Status: c141 part4
I was going to give this story two stars but I miss clicked but let me say that the story is pretty dissapointing. The MC is very unrealistic, its full of cringe worthy moments whenever the MC interacts with the love interests and the story is very predictable.

The MC after living in the slums got into a high class school where he is bullied constantly for 5 years and he was framed for trying to kill royalty and what did he do, he freaking did nothing at all, not to... more>> mention his attitude when dealing with nobles he would go out of his way to downplay all his achievments it made him look lika an asskisser with no pride at all.

There is also the problem with the childhood friend heroine, the MC in his past life pretty much dedicated his whole life to this girl then when he finaly saw her again he was devastated because he thought that she already has a boyfriend then suddenly she disappear and pretty much considered dead but he still dedicated to her ignoring the advances of other girls and now he has a new life but he is still dedicated to the supposed dead childhood friend whom he has not seen for atleast a decade. When he finaly saw her again he turned chicken and hid his identity and let her go without even trying to talk to her in person I was like WTF are you doing jackass!!!

Overall its a reincarnated in another world story with OP protagonist with no balls full of cliches and cringe moments and has all heroins being damsels in disterss. I only read it because I ran out of other novels to read. <<less
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