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Zenbu rated it
Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru
January 10, 2017
Status: c5
Some might call this a cliched story, "hero" dying and being reincarnated as a baby in the past with the knowledge of whats happening. Well, thats here, but the MC is not a hero, not even a commander or so, just a regular soldier, but with the knowledge of the magic and techniques developed during the war.

What I love about this story is the tint of darkness here and there. I have high hopes for this and I hope the releases arent that far apart, definitely on my reading list.
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Zenbu rated it
Isekai Izakaya Nobu
January 9, 2017
Status: c22
First time writing a review here. But it had to be done.

When I saw the "cooking" and "food" tags on this a while ago I totally discarded it even before reading since I hate many stories about adventure, suddenly become like a cheap cooking novel but oh was I wrong. (Yeah, I had the cooking trauma that made me drop various novels.)

Yes the story is about a pub/bar in a fantasy setting, and that's pretty much it, but theres nothing like "and x and x was added and then... more>> mixing for x amount of time and with the fire at x temperature" and so and so, like a lot of cooking stories. Here the story is progressing nicely, the cooking is not really cooking is more about the food. And I'm really happy how it's more about how is the kingdom (or was it empire?) doing, while listening to the stories of the costumers who are fascinated by the otherworldly food, literally.
Also, for those wondering about where is the bar located


The store is connected to Japan while being in a fantasy world, so the food is good, cheap and novel, and the owner and waitress are like a mistery in many ways to the costumers.

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