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The Promotion Record of A Crown Princess
August 29, 2016
Status: c3
Quite a fun novel about a guy who dies (?) and is placed into a body of a girl (Crown Princess). So far what I like the best is the attitude: he doesn't panic, rage, scream or do any of those things that would usually be people's normal reactions to suddenly switching genders. Instead, he laments not being able to enjoy the ''sweet flowers'' that suddenly surround him cause he also became one.

I believe that this novel has a drama adaptation (Go, Princess, Go!) which was released in 2015 if... more>> I am not mistaken. It is also very fun so if someone wants to enjoy and see how a similar story develops, you can also watch it. It is more of a comedy than historical drama. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
October 2, 2018
Status: c29
Decided to read it after seeing the translator describing MC as someone who is similar to Yoh Asakura from Shaman King (one of my favorite animes hehe). Even though not much is translated as of yet, it's already quite interesting - it doesn't drag on, like some other similar novels, where MCs seem to have lots of goals and no time to do them yet take forever to achieve.

The MC is easy going and direct, he interacts with other characters in a blunt manner, not hiding his intentions and going... more>> with the flow. If something changes from the storyline that he knows, he accepts it without much fuss, and thinks for his own safety first (though if he can help others without it causing much trouble to himself, he does it). I really enjoy reading this type of personality as it feels much closer than the usual 'saints', 'heroes' or the opposites - selfish transmigrators who care for nothing....

Personally, I sense a lot of character growth and MC becoming a central figure in the coming conflicts as people around him won't let him have the peace that he obviously desires. <<less
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Lord of the Mysteries
March 20, 2019
Status: c128
It is one of the most interesting (and, sadly, most underrated) novels out there. I started reading it because of the multiple great reviews and I am not disappointed.

It's true that the pace is slow in the beginning, but the author is setting the world and it is done very masterfully. I admit that I skipped some unimportant bits related to the world's history, however, that didn't impact my reading experience much as I still gradually immersed myself into the world. Those who read those bits, I suspect will gain... more>> some clues into the future developments.

The characters have their own personalities and are not there just to cheer MC on, like in many of other novels. The style reminds me a bit of Release that witch, because one in 20 chapters will have other peoples perspectives (but they don't get annoying and are very brief).

The MC is not op from the beginning but he does have a special power which helps him stay ahead of others. The enemies that he faces are realistic for a fantasy world. What I like in this novel is that even though MC is not from a wealthy family, there's no such things as "offending unreasonable ppl who constantly seek revenge and their whole familys get involved" trope. The world that we see is similar to the modern world - there exist normal jobs, education gets encouraged, universities, police, inventions, etc. Only with horse drawn carriages, maidservants, tophats and canes...

What I want to say is that people should try this novel if they want to read how one would live in a fantasy world, where fantasy is hidden from the general public. The novel sometimes describes everyday life and other times mysterious adventures, that gradually unravel the world for the readers too. <<less
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I find this story tedious. I only read around 5 chapters, but! I'm annoyed by the fact that the Prince thinks that the MC is the villainess from the start and without even getting to know her wants her to 'change herself'. Based on what? They met for the first time and are virtually strangers.

Why should he change the girl he doesn't know just so she could suit himself, he's even pushing her when the MC says she doesn't need his help because she wants to think about it herself... more>> first. And he doesn't even apologize about him and his brother talking about the person behind their back!

Lastly, the MC doesn't even seem like a villainess - just a typical Japanese girl with lots of inner monologue and considerations, which is tiring imho. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
I Was Reincarnated
April 8, 2018
Status: --
I liked the beginning but later on it became 'too much'. I like the ML but the uke is too whiny, cries at nothing and behaves like a child afraid of everything even though he's an adult (even better - a warrior, though inexperienced one) and survived for 22 years alone. It feels like his character devolves as the novel goes further. Don't want to slurr japanese novels but as expected of one - even yaoi is same as the typical harem novel. Rated as 3 because beginning wasn't bad... more>> and I haven't read till the end so leaving space for character evolution eventuality. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
I’m Not Shouldering This Blame
January 2, 2018
Status: c10
This one definitely has potential. So far it seems that the protagonist is someone from the book world and that there are people around him that read the book, though most of them only remember beginning or some pieces. They don't know the end.

The book begins with time stopping and only some people being able to exist and move around during the stopped time. Those who can survive the world until the time restarts can gain special powers that can be divided by ranks, S being the highest.

The world definitely... more>> seems interesting, and the main pairing seems to have just met. Wonder how it'll go... <<less
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Zefelina rated it
Emperor of Solo Play
June 29, 2016
Status: c21
For those who like revenge, time travel, second chance and virtual reality genres. What I enjoy the most about this novel though, is probably MC's class. Unlike other similar novels (Assassin reborn, etc), in this one MC doesn't choose to play the class that he played in his 'past life' but rather the one he is almost completely unfamiliar with -

the Necromancer!


So far (ch21) I enjoy the novel very much and definitely recommend it!
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Zefelina rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
August 28, 2017
Status: c8.25
Love the novel and love the translator, who doesn't leave us, readers, with cliffhangers!

But seriously, this is the best BL novel, and even though it is somewhat repetetive, I feel very satisfied after reading through episodes because characters have the best personalities, there's some faceslapping and I don't have to go search for novels with similar plots or character interactions because, again, its just so SATISFYING xD

Can't wait for the next episode =]
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Zefelina rated it
Doomsday Wonderland
August 11, 2017
Status: c75
I read up to 75 chapters in one sitting! It's actually very good, though I hesitated a lot before deciding to try it because I read some reviews saying its same plot all over again, MC is this and that...

Her reactions when the world ends are truthfully not very realistic, however I dislike reading about MCs who always agonize over the smallest things, so I like that she is very decisive. MC is also not stupidly overpowered, though I suppose she can be considered lucky and her abilities have a... more>> lot of potential.

There's a review that says the novel reminds them of One Piece because of latest chapters. I have only ever seen about 100 episodes and I can't comment on that, but I don't find it that similar mostly because plot actually develops really quickly, there's no filler chapters and right now (at 75 chapters) the plot is very interesting, not straightforward, and I really cannot wait for more!

So for those who hesitate because of reviews but actually seem to find the concept of this novel interesting, you should definitely try it! <<less
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Zefelina rated it
Return of The 8th Class Mage
October 2, 2016
Status: c14
While the translation could be better, this novel is still readable and understandable. I find that it has some potential. The MC got killed by the emperor who was actually his friend and went back in time to when he was 10 years old. He decides not to hide his talent for magic (which is great because I hate when MC is underestimated by various low-lifes and hides his powers just because) and from what I have read so far (14 chapters) it seems there will be a lot of... more>> politics, some fighting and ass-kicking. The novel is kind of similar to the 'I am the Monarch' in concept so far and I would recommend to those who liked it. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
Godfather Of Champions
June 23, 2019
Status: c400
From someone, who has no interest in football, soccer, etc. This novel is really good and I wonder, why more people don't know about it. As a passerby, who doesn't even know the big stars (well, I heard about Beckham and maybe 1 or 2 more...), this novel is a real eye-opener into the football world.

I am seriously regretting that I don't have a favorite team to support and root for because this novel makes me want to become a fan and throw my money into the games.

Besides that, I... more>> never seriously considered the importance of managers/coaches in football teams and I find that the MC goes through an interesting process in his own managing career. He doesn't have a cheat of a system or similar nonsense and, aside from traveling back in time a few years and knowing some things about the future, MC relies on his own ability to predict the matches, create the strategy, manage the locker room atmosphere, etc.

Although I really like system novels (such as God of Tennis), this one is just too good to pass up if you enjoy reading about the MC's road to success!

Finally, this novel isn't typical Chinese racism one - like some of the reviewers mentioned, the MC doesn't care about China's football team. The mentionings of China are reasonable and interesting when they do crop up, however, the main action happens in UK and Europe. There's none of the discrimination present and I just can't stop reading!

Ahhh, whenever I go do something else, I keep wondering: "What's next?" and then I return to reading this novel. Anyway, my review is concluded and I am off to continue since I haven't finished it yet! ;D <<less
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Extraordinary Genius
November 6, 2018
Status: c354
I really enjoy reading this novel, it's unlike anything else. The main character is very smart and uses his knowledge whenever he has an opportunity. However, I feel that he has his hands in too many businesses and is a bit too much of a show-off...

This novel doesn't have an active or exciting plot with fights or magic, but I never get bored reading. The business world is described realistically and doesn't repeat itself (not like, for example, I am really a superstar, where every ark is similar to each... more>> other).

One thing I dislike though is that it will be a harem novel - I generally don't like those but it's bearable. For now the MC has only one girl. Another annoying thing is that side characters are almost all very greedy. But, I guess they have to be such so that the MC doesn't relax.

Speaking of supporting characters - there are many of them but they are introduced gradually so it's nit hard to remember and usually their interactions with MC are not one time only. The characters appear throughout the story so far. However, they don't have much development and are kind of one-dimentional.

In conclusion, it's an interesting realistic novel describing business world and finance market workings without being boring, has competent MC and a non-regurgitated plot. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
Return of the Goddess
May 21, 2019
Status: c29
Really love this author's works. Every female character has their own personality and FL always thinks for herself first, and not for the man. I agree with the philosophy that a woman should take good care of herself first and not just dedicate her entire life for a man. How many men stay loyal to women because they are good at taking care of their children, running household, cooking and cleaning? When a woman is young and beautiful - everyone flocks her, but when she grows old - who would... more>> want her? Love is a privilege that not many people actually get and being able to differentiate between true and fake is what I like about this author's FLs.

The FL of this novel is good to herself and ruthless to her enemies - not pretending to be a white lotus. She has her silly moments but she is generally portrayed as beautiful and elegant when in public. The ML really likes her from the start but he's a bit awkward in chasing after her. The FL doesn't believe at first that he is sincere in his like, she understands that men like a pretty face first. However, later I believe that she will see the ML's sincerity...

The plot is good for those, who like face-slapping novels (which don't go overboard) and are praise-wh***s like myself. I like reading about good and happy events so this novel is my cup of tea because the main characters don't suffer much grief (though FL was bullied in the past). <<less
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