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Zariox rated it
Spirit Realm
September 10, 2016
Status: c1612
First of all i'd like to say that you guys are blessed of having this translated by an excellent translator, I have been reading the novel in Chinese since chapter 1 to chapter 1612, haven't finished yet, and I wont. This series is so amazing that I wish to read it completely in English. I'm serious in waiting Alsychu team to reach where I am, and I will keep supporting them.

Now, let's get on the review. ... more>>

灵域 may not be that famous on america or europa, but on china is one of the greatest, it has games, comics, animations and various live actions, the quality of the writing is that good that it amazed china for a while, we have to consider that in most Xianxias novels apart from the MC and his "eternal" companion/pet/spirit that follows him/her everywhere all the other characters get ignored gradually to a big extent.
'Well, since I am strong enough to choke god with a hand while I'm playing with my wives with the other I'll treat everyone as sh*t, oh yeah, i'll rage and kill everyone for them but 90% of the time i'll ignore them'.

Now, this is a reality for most xianxia novels, one of the few exceptions is 灵域, 逆蒼天 (author) treasures each one of his characters, true, there's polygamy and there a sh*t-ton of companions, enemies and random characters, but believe me: You'll love every single one of them. Except the ones you should hate, to them you will feel REAL hatred. (I even cried several times with this novel)

The story starts in a backwater town where everyone believes the MC is a retarded but due to some coincidences things start get moving and damn, believe me, this just keep gradually increasing to the point where the MC has no choice but to feel helpless
-'How the f**k did I get to this space castle when I was just eating chicken in ma home'. -Kinda aspect.

The story will drawn you in it, the characters will immerse you in it and the quality of the writing will make you feel it. For me this is one of the best novels I have ever read and I really hope that Alsychu team get way more popular with it than with AGT. And you all know AGT is really good, well, SP is better. Go read it!

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Zariox rated it
Absolute Choice
December 17, 2016
Status: c60
The MC is a bit annoying, until you notice he's just a little chuunibyou. I mean, Absolute Choice is just like Noucome with all the humor and comedy, but also gore and 'kind-of' mature content. Yes, Shi Xiaobai may be a little smug and eccentric, but from the first chapter we read things like: "He was the strongest in his universe/He was a king above everyone else" etc, and yet he suddenly appears in the body of a 13yo kid who thinks he's overpowered? As I said, if you get... more>> annoyed by the "This King"-sh*t, just treat it like you're reading a kid boasting, this novel is worth a read, try to read at least to chapter 5, chapters are short so don't worry. <<less
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