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Zack rated it
Overlord (LN)
January 6, 2016
Status: --
The novel's story is quite dark, evil, brutal and despairing at times and the novel's story is quite detailed and exciting to read which draws in the reader's curiosity and interest in knowing more of the story, but sometimes it may be quite tedious to read the highly detailed descriptions and multiple dialogues of the story. But people who are interested more on how the story is developed would find this interesting. Some people who lacked the attention span, patience or the interest in the story and wanted more actions... more>> and excitements immediately may find the novel's start to be boring. But people who actually wanted to enjoy the story's world and development would find that it's story is quite interesting, attention to details and descriptive with points of the story from different perspective.

Many people who started reading and enjoyed the novel are there for the literature story in the first place. Some people may find the story to be developing quite slowly at times due the story development but it comes with a lot of important plot points which might have otherwise caused confusions to the readers if some info points was lacking and skipped just to make the story faster.

The art quality is very good, as many people had said before that the novel's are quite well done but this is something left for people's personal taste and interests... But speaking it in general, the art is very detailed, beautiful. But all in all, it is something that is well done.

One of the main protagonist that you will never expect to see a lot in story even till now. A skeleton as a main character with a blue collar working salesman's mentality behind it. The person is very logical, emotionless but interestingly funny at times, who does the most realistic and logical reactions and actions people should expect if they are transported into another world. Keeping up his act as an overlord outside but whining and shouting inside about tiring things and situations. He also never consider his powers to be overpowered since the his skills are known in games and always think that there is someone such as players stronger than him out there.
The introductions of the many other side characters were also very unique and interesting too. They all have their own detailed designs, personalities, settings and developments.
Sadly the only thing lacking in this novel is a strong enemy character that the main characters have to face and overcome... But it is actually fine, since story wise, the story is actually still interesting and mainly draws the viewers to be more interested on how the process the MC used took over the places or even the world, the perspective and reactions of different people in the story which you normally won't see in other stories at times, and also main point of the story that is expected of how the strong overlord crush the enemy in the end after the intended development for it along with the expectations and despair which all together makes it something even more interesting and refreshing to see too, just like picking the fruits after it is ripe for the taking.
Also it seems there are people rating down the series due to the MC not having an usable underpart? Well, he can actually do it if he wants to and afterall, it's also better for the MC to think logically than thinking using his lower body like some other pervert MCs which are annoying. Besides, it seems pointless for some people to even point this out to talk down a good series.

Well the novel may not be a master piece for some people. But it story is a great literature that is the most descriptive, well developed, highly rated and one of the higher quality light novel out there that is highly encouraged by many people to read it to understand their world even more. That is the novel's purpose, as there are many people who enjoyed the novel are there for the literature story in the first place.

Also, there are points which mainly show how different it is from some more commonly known similar series stories settings.

Firstly, unlike the typical hero fantasy stories that are a dime of dozen out there already with almost Similar and Familiar stories and settings. Of course a story from a villain's perspective would perk people's interest than the typical power from friendship troupes, where you always would expect a certain people to survive in the end or just simply no one dying at all. With many things that are being quite common these days, this actually make this novel more unique and stands out.

Secondly, in this world where pretty much everything was cliche, a different, darker virtual gaming world to another world story is actually more new and interesting to people comparing to the typical virtual game or reality to fantasy stories that are quite common out there like no game no life, log horizon, SAO, problem children, etc with similar familiar overlapping fantasy settings or even other different typical stories with a shiny hero or a dense innocent kind mcs, instead a setting different from the typical familiar ones would be fresher one to see.

Finally, if people Do want to immense themselves in settings, atmosphere, plots and details of the story other than just immediate mindless action stories that are dozens out there, they would definitely welcome this novel. Given how much of a potential this novel's story have, even till the latest volume I had read so far.

Overall: 5
Overall, the novel is quite an interesting and addicting read for a story, if the further story's volume continues to be just as interesting to read, it will still easily continued to be rated 5 by me. <<less
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Zack rated it
Risou no Himo Seikatsu
April 27, 2017
Status: v3
Good Story Setting and Premise.

Boring MC with little to no character development as a story. Who is either too wimpy, passive and

presence less. There is no problem being a non ambition MC, it is even welcoming too, if the MC is smart and useful. But he is no different than a puppet doll or tamed pet in this story.

... more>> Take Ainz from Overlord as a example, he does not have desires or ambition, yet the story is done really well and smart too. Where he leads and conduct properly.

On other hand, female lead is instead power hungry, who always wanted her power to the point of not even delegating it to a prime ministers or a marshal, even when she was pregnant. Which defeats the purpose of what she intending to do at the start. She would also have her retainers constantly on the lookout for MC when he was out and even put in counter measures to smoother it if he ever have a slight ambition or an interest to do something big.

Her goals constantly clashes with each other, yet she does not want to let go of either of them, being the sole ruler or being a mother. Thus can be irritating to read at times.

In the end, all this make for a bland and boring story.

Setting is good? Yes

MC successful? Yes

Slice of life? Yes

Progress? Little

Development? Little <<less
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Zack rated it
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (WN)
January 6, 2016
Status: --
One of the best MCs I have seen in this story. Serious, strong, do a lot of thinking and not the generic perverted types. Another example I can give being similar to him would be Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord.

The story itself is good to read too. And anyone who dislike the MC must have been goofy people who likes perverted or idiotic characters.
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Zack rated it
Monster no Goshujin-sama
January 6, 2016
Status: --
The only thing I don't like about this novel is that any other than the MC, the other males was portrayed to be very stupid, selfish, and lack the ability to even read the situation properly and talks like an idiot. Otherwise, this novel would be quite grim, serious and mostly focus on survival. The MC is not overpowered, but growing in power very slowly.
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