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ZUN rated it
Sage Monarch
May 1, 2019
Status: c96
TL;DR -Terrible generic novel with little to nothing redeemable about it.


Does the following sound familiar?

... more>> The MC is a cripple/untalented young guy with no personality to them except for being ""righteous" and has a parent or parents with a mysterious background who's origins he needs to uncover?

He receives a ridiculously powerful cultivation technique that allows him to be stronger than anyone else, able to control every element, makes him immune to all poison, allows him to absorb any type of energy AND acts as the plot armour vehicle for him to do anything the story needs?

The entire novel is limbo of him perpetually insulting someone of status only to kill them, thus insulting someone else in a domino like effect?


You have read this novel before!You have most likely read it 10 to 15 times if you are into this genre.

Its the same boring uninspired garbage written by someone who supposedly never spoke to a living person long enough to figure out how dialogue functions, but when you see what they actually write in their novels you are not surprised normal people are keeping safe distance.

There is nothing interesting about the novel and its generic enough that it makes me wonder why it exists every time I read a paragraph.

The story is uninteresting from a narrative standpoint and a wider perspective, the writer never makes you invested in anything nor does he pique your interests with a fleshed out world.

The writing style is something that would get you kicked out of a writing class and the dialogue just makes me cringe because its always between these onedimensional stereotypical characters that seem like they were programmed NPC's that got half of their lines cut due to file corruption.

Honestly there is nothing redeeming about this novel and as I have read these 90+ chapters out of respect for Deathblade, 80 of them felt like a chore I had to force myself trough.

People at this point say this is something you read when there is nothing else to read because at least its not PMG but at just chapter 90 I can already see plotholes and consistency bursting at the seams to the point where I am not comfortable doing so.

Save yourself the time and do not read this, because chances are that you already have... <<less
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ZUN rated it
Chaotic Sword God
December 20, 2018
Status: c1010
I am not someone who is often compelled to write reviews but the ineptitude of this novel left me with an itching need to bash it.

This novel is inept in its Narrative, it is inept in its characters and its is inept on a structural and conceptual level concerning its XuanHuan genre.


... more>>

All characters including the MC are shallow and one dimensional beyond belief, the Author chooses 1 to 3 traits for them and considers this amount of work as a job done for the rest of the novel, there is no depth or complexity to absolutely anyone in these 1000 + chapters that I have read.

The Main Character is the almost painful generic ''I do not care who I offend for the sake of righteousness'' type.

But he is not really righteous.

His motivations and thought process is completely undeveloped, he has no wants or needs or personality traits, he is just a vessel to move the story from location A to location B when its needed and often he does things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. (Like going to kill someone in enemy territory publically while he knows he is being watched by and chased by 3 supreme beings that want to kill him, without any means of fighting or escaping them or any plan to do so)

All the supporting cast have less care put into them than NPC's in a lackluster B grade game.

The concerned mother is never anything more than that, every line of dialogue and action could be summarized into *Mother shows concern*

Same with the father showing pride, best friend showing support and the young lord of a big clan showing arrogance.

They never step out of these rolls or is it ever fleshed out why they are in those rolls and what motivates them to do so.

Thus almost all the dialogue in this novel is superfluous and borderline brain numbing.




The Story of this novel is just bad to the point its frustrating, the author obviously only thinks maybe 50 to 100 chapters ahead and very often writes himself into a corner where he needs to either completely retcon the story or do a massive unsatisfying asspull

This could be seen in the writer completely re-imagining the power levels of the setting midway trough because he realized that the scale of the land does not match the growth of the character, completely retconing how Ruler/King Arnaments are used, Writing in clans, kingdoms and entire continents

Characters doing the most inexplicable sh*t because the Author realized that his plot just stopped developing if something did not occur, and he has to do it like that because everyone including the MC have no personality so all their actions are reactive as opposed to active.


The MC has to run away because something happens, he is told where to go by Someone else, he goes there and is protected because someone else magically wants to protect him, he goes to a city because someone told him to, he goes to the auction because someone told him to, he acquires an item because someone told him to, he goes to the spot that item opens because someone told him to, he defends himself by a soul possessed treasure because it attacked him, he then literally needs to be told to take the treasure before he does it.

And all of this is because even the MC has no drive or personality and even the author is uncomfortable with him doing things of his own volition or creating a setting where he could do so


And all of that lazyness to deliver you a story so generic and lackluster that there is not really even a level of intrigue where you are curious what happens next or do you feel any compulsion to uncover some mysterious detail of the past.


My biggest problem with this novel the Concept of it as a cultivation novel


This Author has read a few xuanhuan, liked ideas in them and just shoved them into his own novel, which is sometimes a recipe for success but in this instance it resulted in an even bigger disaster than microwaving a small baby kitten.

Has the Demonic beast race and then also has the Sea race, does not really explain the difference between them just has you accept that they are fundamentally different.

So remember kids if you see a dragon kill it for its monster core, but if you see a sea dragon and try to do the same you are a ****ing idiot.

Puts in fast travel gates and communication jades and formations out of convenience in a world where there is not treasure making technology whatsover LOL.

Same with spells and soul marks and similar things, you do not see these things existing or being taught until l the moment they are needed to advance the plot

Also blood oath in a cultivation system that so far has not established the Dao philosophy that is supposed to bind people to such things.

the examples are endless and they all stem from lazy writing.

The author developed a very crude and basic cultivation system which is fine.

Reverend Insanity a fantastic novel also has a crude cultivation system, but from it it sees it as a limitation where the author puts in work and imagination to create interesting solutions to these problems.

Here the author just shoves it in because he needs the MC to suddenly know when something happens or teleport there, or ensure someones loyalty etc.. And he uses stuff he knows people recognise from other novels so he does not need to explain or develop it himself

Examples of this just keep happening again and again


In Conclusion this is an extremely badly written and lazy novel that tells an uninteresting story with uninteresting characters. <<less
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ZUN rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
April 11, 2019
Status: --
Bellow average story with little to no interesting worldbuilding that constantly repeats itself over and over and over.


The kind of novel you have in your reading list as something to pass the time when your other novels are not up yet.

... more>> But even then I had to drop this novel because just the dialogue of this novel makes it unreadable.

Almost all the characters talk in this cringey obnoxious arrogant way, that honestly sounds extremely dumb and juvenile.

When the start if every sentence by every main character Starts with "Your Daddy..." and every characters reply and conversation in tandem starts with"No!YOUR Daddy...." it honestly makes me embarrassed to even keep reading it.

And considering that there is nothing interesting about the plot or the world I won't be reading it. <<less
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
August 17, 2019
Status: c900
Starts off well with interesting premise.

An assassin using his knowledge of human psyche, stealth and effective one hit killing to get his once slowly decaying military family out of their path of extinction.

Its pretty interesting since the story is not someone who can do it all like a lot of other generic novels, he has to use his limited tool kit.

... more>> But very soon that stops being the case, he gets a godly ability that makes all his knowledge of being an assassin unnecessary.

He suddenly is able to conncoct pills thay can do basically everything.

And to top it all off he is suddenly even able to control the 5 elements in a world setting where no one else can.

This novel starts well but very quickly becomes very generic with a marry sue lead that can do everything the plot requires off him.

Read to pass the time, but skip if you are looking for something interesting. <<less
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ZUN rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c1
When I first saw this novel on the site I was intrigued.

Partly because of the premise and partly because of the high score.

Which after 300 chapters I believe to be completely undeserving.

... more>> The writing is repetitive and shallow in the story aspect and in character development.

Biggest problem the novel suffers is that it has several premises in one novel. Any one of these could have been taken as a novel premise of it own.

Jade Court Executioner Premise.

Golden immortal reincarnates with memories premise.

Protagonist repeats his life from the start premise.

But instead of picking one the Author picked all at the same time and created a character that is the complete and utter definition of a Mary Sue.

He knows every cultivation technique, he knows every secret in the world, he knows everything that will happen in the future and thanks to the killing intent he is pretty much invincible in the mortal world.

So from its early stages the novel becomes boring, there is no sense of discovery trepidation or conjecture of the future.

Pretty much pointless to read in my opinion like many of the brain dead power fantasy novels that plague this genre. <<less
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