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Why Not Soar Your Majesty
October 1, 2017
Status: c10.2
This CN is full of laughs and shameless characters. Full of Love and Hate relationships mixed with loyalty and shameless characters in a good way (Wait I said shameless twice..*shurgs* who cares we have the most shamless MC that is dub Queen of Shameless that surpasses Nangong Yu's shameless character) that will leave you wanting more. Although there are characters whose names are all cringey since its in english and not in pinyin but they are all hilarious names that will make you go rolling on the floor laughing like... more>> your gonna die. (I.e Ah, soft, Ah, feels good, Ah, hard, Parting Song, Wind Blows Pants etc) But don't worry they are all just game ID and not their real life names hopefully

The plot is magically full of yellow minded people from the guilds of the two love interest who is pretty famous. One member for being a shameless, yellow minded, beautiful, strong and smooth talker male gamer who is our female lead that goes with the infamous name Tang Poem. She has a lot of enemies after playing within 1 year that had set her goal to kill, chase women and be shameless and disgust people until they come back for revenge. Although people wants to kill her they are all frightened since she is pretty strong and has a strong backer, her guild. Now, you might be thinking how lucky she is but dont assume that so easily. The guild has four mottos; No money, no morals, no loyalty and persisting in scamming team mates for three hundred years. So even though they are guild mates they also like to bully our shameless Tang Poem when she is down and until she dies over and over again. Totally hilarious.

As for the ml. He is famous member for being called a goddess in everyones heart and has a good connections with a lot legendary people. He is in a guild that is enemies with the fl's shameless guild and is often involve in having guild wars with them. The ML is in a body of a girl so the FL mistakenly mistook him for a vicious woman behind the screen after the ML forced the FL to marry her in the game since the the FL was the first one to propose but then ran away resulting in a mob of legendary people chasing after her to kill her for payback. It's pretty hilarious since the FL is in a guy's body and shamelessly proposed to the ML who is in a girls body in the middle of a guild war and even promised to give him a variety of noodles if he says yes. The FL who was originally planning to disgust the ML by forcing him to say no suddenly got her plans backfired resulting a world game shaking event where many players watched the drama speculate. Going back and forth where one of them changes their gender and the other follows, making you laugh non stop.

The plot so far is created in a easy to read way where readers can laugh and wonder about the romance and how the two will face each other after knowing their identities. The romance is neither too fluffy nor too light but just right for everyone to feel satisfied. All the mentioned characters from each guild all have a pretty unique and likeable traits that leaves you a big impression though its mostly about dirty minded things XD.

For the translation, I dont see anything wrong with it. Its pretty polished and easy to read for readers and the formatting isn't messy at all where many dialogs come up and start talking. Even though for someone like me who never even play MMORPG or somthing like that, still understand since they leave notes in the end.

I don't understand how come not a lot of people has not seen this novel yet since it is 100× more funnier than unruly pheonix Xiayao and 100× more shameless than King Of Hell and many novels. Aiya, such a gem yet only a few gets to enjoy it. Tsk tsk tsk. I recommend that you read this fast since I was able to sacrifice my sleep to read it. <<less
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This CN is another type of reincarnation story where a girl whose exceptionally talented died. But this is a bit different than the others as the main character Yue transmigrated to another body but instead of getting a disfigured and a waste body she possessed a body that was barely able to make her survive since it was just a month year old baby. She was left in the forest where her parents sacrificed their lives to protect her cuz of her unique and mesmerizing green eyes that seems different... more>> (wtf is wrong with different eyes yo? Oh well its in ancient times so they'll never understand tsk tsk) that led them to a helpless situation. (Stupid grandma)

After 14 years, Jing Yue grew up with a pack of wolves and can communicate but the wolves cannot talk so basically just taming? The unique thing is that it doesn't have any powers and magical stuff but just an ordinary type of era where the poor is below and the rich is above.

well except for the part where she can tame and make every animals obey because of her eyes. Thats half magical I guess. But since she herself aint aware of it (?) so its a secret.

It is a hilarious novel where it will make you smile and laugh non stop because of Jing Yue's way of thinking and her clumsy and adorable way of interacting with the male lead who seems to be feared by all. Both characters are well made and are easy to appreciate. Supporting characters and bishes are all good but the servants and especially the guards are so hilarious with their POV when seeing the mc's interact.

This review is my first time so whoever is hesitating to read should just go since I finished it in one night without stopping. Its a must read so hurry and read~~~ <<less
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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
October 17, 2017
Status: --
Warning: Read only if you like

  • Funny female lead who is dedicated on the people around her whether it'd be ghost or some random person.
  • Bickering roommate who is a tsun tsun as ML but it gets better
  • Ghost harem in her apartment where you can find a stalker handsome ghost
  • Has no care for her life at the first few chapters until she met ml
  • Careless, brainless but still gets through once she sets her mind on it, jobless woman
  • ML who is the rich type full of mysterious air with an awkward yet reasonable logic
  • Mysteries gosh d*mn it Grace I want spoilers my brain cant keep up with the guesses and more mind blowing discoveries as you get closer.
Dont read if you dont like:

  • Love interests as roommates with boundaries on their life
  • ML who always seems to try to put an aloof air but only ends up failing with his awkwardness around mc
  • MC not being too logical but being a bit reckless
  • Slow romace
  • Mysteries why are you even reading this if you dont like mystery?
  • Tsundere ML and an airhead but decent mc
[The story is about a girl who has the ability to see things others can't after she experience a car crash in her childhood days. Losing both her parents and gaining the strange ability she lived her hard life with no goals and care by just going with the flow. Until she met with a troublesome situation where she witness a murder occuring above the room in her apartment by accident. Yuxin's life changed as she learns things that her special ability can do many things and help them (ghost) get justice. People with the same ability to sense ghost will be able to meet up with her and become sworn sisters ]

Yunxin the FL is a pretty hilarious and adorable yet hardworking woman in her late 20's. She had no goal nor desire to live since there is nothing who cares for her and seems pretty darn fine since she long gave up. Her everyday life would constantly be ghosts popping out of nowhere making her look like a lunatic to other people making her become jobless. Whether she's at work or outside she'll be surrounded by ghost. Then when the day she witness a murder happening her world changed as she meets the tsundere Suyan who was 'killed' in the accident that occured. A handsome, smart and rich young master whose occupation is supposedly to be a famous author. The two became roommates for job purposes resulting a contract of an employee and a boss under the same roof and house.

Their interactions as love interest starts shallow since their personalities contrast one another where they always bicker in the end. A blunt, pokerface, handsome tsundere rich guy with a jobless, dedicated, adorable, hilarious woman. The 2 are a perfect match for each other as they work together, unknowingly saving each other's back and having sweet moments from time to time. But everything doesn't always go as plan leading the 2 to always have a wall around them preventing each other to not get too close in them. I infer that things will get better in the future and will have a satisfying romance full of mysteries.

The characters and plot is good. A very light read that will not bother wasting your time. Its pretty fast paced so get ready readers *salutes* Oh, the translation? Pretty good~ it's readable and neat. The words are able to reach readers like me with their feelings. A pretty good book with mysteries full of twists and turns. So, good job Grace! *Thumbs up* And thx for translating.
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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
August 23, 2017
Status: --
This is my first time reading a slife of life novel and was really reluctant to try it out. But to my surprise although the summary was a bit misleading that made one lose interest such as myself, fast; I was satisfied with it. It didn't occur to me that I can be so eager to stay up and read late at night. At the beginning I was really irritated by so many pinyin words and such by the translator but as they say, you have to learn. There's also... more>> a glossary that they made which helped a lot.

Now lets talk about the novel. Here we have the usual transmigration story of a young girl who is as gentle and timid girl who tolerated bullying for so long. Living a life full of hardships and later died in a fu as an unfavored wang fei due to being poisoned to death by a girl who had the favor of the wangye who still has not fallen for QQJ. Later when the poor MC died and was taken over by the QQJ of another era she didn't directly went and go f**k you, go to hell, revenge, kills everyone, goes on a journey while punishing everyone.

But instead started slow and changed her clothing to a more extravagant and eye catching with the aura of a dignified wang fei that caught the eye of the man she was married. Since both of them has never known love they started the act of a loving couple which turns to a legendary once in a thousand years love in their era. Which cause many jealousy and transpiracies of the people around them.

QQJ, takes advantage of the situations all the time and returns eye for an eye and never forgets to return kindness with kindeness. She is a woman who is seductive, lazy, unpredictable, smart, and loyal. She harbors grudge well and has a sharp tongue that kills people without blood. Due to the inexperience of being in love the characters are smooth sailing and is very supportive of each other but the main thing was that the trust they have to each other and the feelings they felt are things they cannot understand. It later led them to unconsciously seek the other person and get to know them more as the feelings deepen overtime with some spice and fluffy moments.

One thing I find really satisfying and really something that is rare and one of a kind is that QQJ, as a woman knows her boundaries and never overstep it. The enemies that tries to covet the main lead she teaches them a lesson. Not the lesson where it gets all unsightly and nasty but a life lesson they ought to carry on for their entire life. She is fair to those who never hinders her path and lives a fulfilling life through the end.

One of the funny thing is that all those servants. Yes the servants. Those loyal and hilarious servants that are so loyal till death they part. Would always be so protective when it gets to their masters. They control they emotions well and become a statue whenever the two couples flirt and pretend to be blind and have a the wood log face saying I-dont- know-anything-never-heard-anything which cracks me up all the time.

Theres also the side characters who played their duties well and got a satisying ending as well which made me happy. Although they didn't get the love of the wang ye or emperor they were married to, they know to not cross the mc's bottom line and was content to live in harmony and peace. I really recommend this novel to those who are hesitating to read it. ^^

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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
Stolen Love
November 13, 2017
Status: --
As for the moment the plot is pretty good and the translation is done well (Shout out to Fabled Forest for picking it up! *Hugs*) the MC though people thinks she's op and all but in actual fact she isn't. So far we are only shown that she has the reputation for being the 3rd best thief in the underworld and is the Queen of racing. She knows a bit of martial arts but she doesn't specialize in that. She isn't the oh-so-perfect-op-beautiful-MC you find in other novels mostly historical or something like *cough* Hidden Marriage *cough* Li Xin has guts and all but she is one who treasure her life and those she cares about which can only be counted by our hands. Her personality is funny and... more>> could be described as a glutton with a tinge of laziness.

As for the ml, meh he's fine so far. We have the usual oh-so-perfect-ice block-king of everyone-handsome face-ruthless with a 'special' case where he has insomnia (like that never appeared in any novels *sarcastic voice*) but all in all from what ive read in the spoilers he wouldn't be as bad as some other ML though he started as a bit ruthless.

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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
Ballad of Ten Thousand Gu
October 3, 2017
Status: Completed
All I can say is that this story is really heart wrenching. But not that much as like the others but it has enough bitterness in it that we can relate if we are so devoted in love. Although there are those usual clichés where someone that appears and makes everything worse it was alright.

This story is about the last surivor of a young girl from a general's residence that got her family massacred mysteriously in one night. After surviving such an ordeal, Su Bai was then given a home... more>> by a famous Gu master named Yue Chi in another country. She was taken as an apprentice and worked hard to become a Gu master like her shifu. Falling in love and enjoying her peaceful life like never before. Sadly, she was schemed by a woman who came as a princess of the kingdom she was in and met Ah Lai, who slowly took everything from her and even tricked her in participating in a war between her home country and the country her shifu is in.

Su Bai fought with the army of the country she is in to show that she is loyal but sadly she was only used to be a chess piece that can be discarded by the army leading to her start of death after she knew the reason of her families death by a young general loyal to her family. After learning of the events that happened Su Bai fought to survive against the 2 armies that was set on killing her and went back to her shifu only to be told by Ah Lai that she will be going to her home country to be exchanged by a powerful gu that her master needs and getting told that she wasn't needed anymore. Su Bai didn't believe her and chose to seek her master only to be told that she really is going to her home country with him to get the powerful gu named Jue Sha. Su Bai felt betrayed and ran away sacrificing herself to become a gu much powerful than Jue Sha and jumped into a pond of gu to turn herself into a new Jue Sha and succeeded. She became someone who stayed by her master's side never leaving his side ever again.

I really liked the plot so I gave it a 5 for getting straight into action without wasting so much time on things that's not even worth talking about. As for the characters, it have some realistic traits in them on how devoted they are to one another that left me feeling bitter sweet in my heart. Although it was only 3 chapters and with an epilogue it was done quite well by how the conflict was smoothly resolved and got a happy ending at the end. Everything really is well done half way and it was quite good. That is, except the ending. It left me feeling like when I read a book where it was all good in the beginning making you feel so excited then suddenly BOOM! You got a shallow ending.


I don't know to others but the ending got me really unsatisfied. After Yue Chi knew what happened to Su Bai after 3 years by going to a Dream Master that Su Bai met before she died, it got really good in the beginning as to how he slowly felt regret and realization on the truth on why she suddenly disappeared on the night after she came home from the war. How she freaking kneeled in front of his room asking for answers if they really were going to go back to her home country. Yue Chi repled yes but I don't know if there was anything wrong with his brain or probably this was just something that happens often which in my opinion is a big fat no and casually go to bed after he answered her and still let her kneel there even though its raining for a realllllyyyy long time. What's more she was crying her lungs out outside his room while getting soaked in the rain. Like wtf bro why didn't you notice something was wrong when she kneeled for so long and even cried until her voice turned hoarse then you just start regretting everything. After she finally accepted reality she decided to stay by her master's side and become someone useful to him no mater what and thus she jumped into a pond of gu and became the most powerful gu. The price though, was that she will forget everything about her past in order to fully become a gu with no feelings.

After everything had come to light Yue Chi laughed so hard from the regret and fell unconscious after coughing blood and once he woke up he looked for Su Bai who now has turned into a gu and left together with her as he smiled so sweetly. Then the end. Like, thats it? Really thats it? The story didn't progress further not telling us on what happened to Ah Lai and if Yue Chi obtained the other Jue Sha from Su Bai's enemy who killed her family and got revenge for her. Although I think there might be more chapters but for now im so unsatisfied since it left readers with a lot of questions still yet to be answered.


Although there some holes that we could pick on but this story is still something that everyone should try reading. If your someone who just wants to cry for no reason then read this novel and let you feel the feels. The translator did a really good job in translating it since we could really feel that each word was pasted with guilt all over it from the male lead's perspective. While the female lead left us feeling that love is something that can save us but can also be the reason it kill us. Its a must read still so go for it! <<less
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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
Flower Demon’s Inn
September 17, 2017
Status: --
Ahhh another light hearted story that made me enjoy this a lot~!

This story is a amusing with its characters where a flower demon, Shao Zi, the protagonist of the story, tries to chase away the new inn keeper that will take over the inn she lives in. The new innkeeper appears to be a refined scholar but looks like as if he will be swept away by the wind at any moment and vanish. Shao Zi and her demon peers who call her boss with her 700+ cultivation, ... more>> were very dissatisfied with this person who will replace the old grandpa which is the original innkeeper of the inn. Neither do they all know that this refined and fragile looing scholar is but a mere black belly in sheeps clothing with unknown ulterior motives throughout the story with a mysterious background and power. Thus the story takes on a route where the boss, Shao Zi and company tries their best to chase away this innkeeper who always bully them whenever its noon since they're all flower demons who needs water to water these poor and adorable while slightly naive demons. After all this, the innkeeper who still has not been given any name in the story yet, was given a nickname of an incompetent and weak innkeeper with no care for the fair s*x. Hahaha imaginings all those scenes where they all failed miserably and got scared by him... pffft!

The translation is not that clear with grammars but it is still very readable unlike some novels where who knows what they are talking about. Although with the slow translation due to some circumstances, this novel is worth reading. Its somehow like the Unruly Pheonix Xiayao a bit but less funny as the female lead here seems pure minded but is still pretty smart.

All characters are pretty likeable so far in the story as well and seems like no big antoganist has appeared yet. My favorites are those parts where the flower demons all screams for help with their miserable cries everytime the scholar waters them in the wrong time of the day and seek vengeance but fails. They are also pretty loyal and listens to Shao Zi and all act childish which is really cute~ I look forward to more romance in the future about this >_< <<less
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Imagine how hard it is to help someone who has forgotten you and suffer by them hating you. Our characters here are a good example of an idiom saying there's no free lunch in this world. In order to save someone you must dirty your hands. Suffer from the trials in order to see that person you love become happy but in return get your soul disperse from the hands of that person you love. Ai, really tragic.
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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
Accompanying the Phoenix
August 20, 2017
Status: --

First time reading I couldn't stop laughing when the MC came to the mortal world in that form of hers. The characters are fantastic and I need more chapters. Shen Li as a featherless chicken while interacting with the gentle, calm, mysterious and sickly Xing Yun who is a total oddball. First part may be confusing for you all but its actually pretty easy to go with the flow. Its a must read for all!~
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Can only be describe as AMAZING

The characters are actually well done but sometimes I find it kind of irritating that Chu Kong just can't say the words 'I like you' too as well since the female lead has been giving him hints. But letting XXZ say it was actually kind of funny. I read it one night and never stopped laughing cuz of XXZ. Most favorite arc would probably be 2nd arc but...1st arc is so freaking cute as well!!! I cant choose since both arc is where... more>> each of the 2 MC showed their cute and innocent side. Side characters and villains are also appointed with great backgrounds and deep past. They are all pretty likeable especially that dude in the netherworld... heheh

The plot is written well as this was a love-hate relationship where they both fell for the scheme of the emperor Lee I wont call him heavenly cuz im gonna rebel and shared a lifetime of 7 different lives where all ended somewhat tragic. Which in turn made the Love intetrest much more awarenof how much they changed and got more attracted to each other. It kinda shows at some of the parts where it will burn the image of reality in your mind. Yet at the same time makes you feel like in a fantasy world. It makes you feel all different kinds of emotion.

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Mood: 5/5

I love stories like this but I just feel a bit dissatisfied with the ending. Its like the author wanted to make a big impact but ends up failing by leaving a cliffhanger although it was quite hilarious when CK reacted but I felt that it was kind of shallow and didnt leave me satisfied which I dont like. But overall its a good novel which is just the right amount of sweetness and comedy not so sure about comedy cuz its too good for everyone~ <<less
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