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Not fun at all. First, It's really quite irritating how the MC wants to stay "low-key" in fear that people might discover his "OP-ness" to the point that he let people die, even if he has the power to help just so no one would know the extent of his powers. Second, despite his powers and cheats he has a hard time dealing with a lvl 41 geezer despite him being lvl 310. *Sigh* I don't even know what happened next and I don't even care anymore I just dropped... more>> it. <<less
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Yoruno rated it
Martial God Asura
May 6, 2016
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This is one messed up novel. ... more>>

first of all, the MC is too proud and arrogant and an idiot who kills anyone that offends him without thinking about the consequences which leads to enemy hurting those people important to him which again leads to him killing more of them. Thus the cycle begins. This is pretty much how the story goes, maybe even till the end.
And second, he rapes women and thinks it’s only reasonable because they tried to kill him and the people close to him. *Sigh* maybe the author has a fetish for rape or something. Isn’t it enough that he kill them instead?

*sigh* in short, this novel is about an MC who is pretty much the same as other trash villains in the story, the only difference is he won’t die like the others or get punished for his crimes whatsoever because he’s the f*cking MC and everything he does is justifiable. *Cough* *cough* <<less
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Yoruno rated it
King of Gods
February 19, 2017
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A lot of reviews say that this novel is generic or common bla bla bla and I agree... for the most part. What I find awesome in this novel is the "eye" which is kind of different, some say it has the same uses as other cheat items from other novels but that's just some of the various abilities it has. Whats really cool is how it changes the MC's bloodline and talent which is quite different, another thing is the bow and arrow as the MC's main weapon ... more>> (unlike Ji Ning or Yi Yun etc. which is just their secondary weapon) as it is very compatible with his eye which is quite unique. He can also copy other people's moves or skills, albeit he needs to study it a lot of times.

Although the first few chapters are like every other xianxia it gets better as the story goes. Story is neither fast nor slow and storytelling is pretty easy to understand. <<less
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