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I expected more of the story, not just a harem of women with huge breasts feeding a baby and falling in love with him for the skill "charm".

The description sounded more interesting, but as far as I read the story is poor and everything is a Harem with huge breasts breastsfeeding a baby... Too slow the story and without content really.
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very funny.

I like the MC its not the typical good boy, also all indicate he Is a fool... I wait and see how he evolves. Well its very fuuny...

The familiar and MC combination form a good environment :3

I like the story and hope for More releases :3
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YeYueLiang rated it
Dragon Order of Flame
May 8, 2018
Status: v2c6 part12
Well I had the fortune of read this story, I think it's very interesting... I think the MC it's very funny although he knows when to be serious....

But for what I see the group that translate it it's dead, so sad.... some group of translators think of take or continue the traduction of this story someday?
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