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Xye86 rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
December 9, 2017
Status: c123
Just done reading this novel and I can say that this is really Gem...a treasure novel. Real Fairy Tale in a more realistic plot.

Been doubting reading this novel at first. I, myself, doesn't like male MC behave as a Lothario but the Male MC here proves me wrong... He is hopelessly devoted to the female MC. I bow to this faithfulness.

I love the tenacity and coolness of the female MC. Wish I could be like that.

Overall this web novel is something I would love to keep and re-read it again... more>> sometime soon.

I intensely Recommend this to readers who loves a realistic Fairy Tale (with some twist). <<less
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Xye86 rated it
Love Me Again
January 4, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the best short story I've read... Love how the ML proves himself to the MC... Wish I could always find this kind of story... This is my kind of genre. Read this every now & then.

The ML is a dream guy to most of ladies (except, on my part, his younger age, but in the story its perfect!).

The MC's character is understandable to me, I would be like that if adults around me do things that really confusing (at least, to the mind of a daughter like her,... more>> who is constantly with her mom while she's growing).

All in all, the story is the right blend of genre I've been looking for (plus the nice touch of their hot scenes). <<less
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Xye86 rated it
Midnight Offering: Hades’s Little Pet
March 10, 2018
Status: c37
I find this novel fascinating and interesting... others may find this novel boring but for me its not, this kind of genre is interesting to those who has the patience to read this kind of mystery-horror-romance-supernatural-fantasy.

I only wish that the translators of this novel won't stop or gives up on this gem. And I pray that they release it regularly.

Hope some readers have some patience & find this genre fascinating & interesting as I. This kind of plot of the story is something else that depends on the mood of... more>> the reader. In my regular days, maybe I won't take notice on this genre/plot but as my mood of boredom strike & its also midnight..I find this plot suitable on my mood & its perfect for me! <<less
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Xye86 rated it
Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away
December 15, 2017
Status: css2 part2
At first, I find it boring but as I patiently continuously read this novel, I slowly found a gem.

The story captivates me most especially men who slowly falls for the MC. This parts keeps me going. And I find myself wanting to know more about the MC.

For those who read only 'prologue' until 'chapter 15' and then stops reading it? You missed a lot of great scenes.

this novel is a great example of "never judge a book by its cover".
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Xye86 rated it
Stolen Love
March 17, 2019
Status: c56 part2
I'm loving this novel BUT translators keep on dropping this... hope somebody can send me link for the raws of this novel, I might find a way to ask someone to translate it in english.

The MC is my type of protagonist. She's cool headed & have a lot of knowledge to some tricks (tricks that normal/regular people don't have any idea, in short, she's COOL!)

The ML is cold, brutal (but caring, in his own way, to the MC)... He's the type of character that can be a protagonist but... more>> can also be a villain in his own way :) BUT I don't know why, I find him quite adorable when he's interacting with the MC...

Again, I do hope somebody will send me the link to the raws of this novel... I've been searching for it actually and I found quite a few links but sadly its not the exact link... <<less
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Xye86 rated it
Bone Painting Coroner
February 18, 2018
Status: c157
This is my type of genre. The MC is thoroughly observant and really intelligent. The MC and ML can really compliment each others character---I mean they are so equal.

The way the MC solve the cases really impress me. I'm a girl but the MC makes me want to fall for her intelligence with her keen observation.

I thoroughly recommend this if your into solving murder cases-slight romance-politics (royalty). Some cases makes me sooooo sad & it makes me feel the injustices of ancient times. But overall I love this web novel,... more>> hope the translator won't be lenient or giving up on translating this till the very end of the chapter. <<less
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