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Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
March 10, 2019
Status: c504
A waste of time. For a slice of life novel, characters were too annoying to be enjoyable.

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Main female lead is plain unlikable. Even her mother said that if she was the MC she would have prefered the seconf female lead.


"Zhao Hongyu thought to herself that if she were Hao Ren, she would like Xie Yujia more."


She haven't said or done anything good to the MC FOR 500 CHAPTERS. I don't understand why the author didn't changed her personality already.

Second female lead was a normal student but she became a disciple of an op human cultivator (old grandma) who was in seclusion because of her kindness. She is not talented but much more diligent than MC and FFL even though she didn't have a life and death crisis unlike them. Ahe even though FFL human cultivation despite her attitude. All in all an enjoyable character.

Lu sisters and Su Han were the only reason I tolerated this novel. Although they don't appear often, they are fun. Especially Su Han. Zhe admits that she is using MC but she treats him better than his supposed in-laws.

Every other character is a hypocrite.

His in-laws appear to be kind but they have ulterior motives. For example, at the start of the novel MC swallowed FFLs Dragon Core which allowes their users to cultivate as dragons (her fault). They said that they didn't want to harm him so they made him FFLs fiance so he can return the core when he reaches zhen level (a cultivation level for dragons. Its easy to reach wuth the help of the Dragon Core) but it turns out that they made him her fiance so they can refuse another clan's wedding proposal. They pitted him against the said clan but when the war erupt they didn't even tried to protect him. If not for SFL's master, MC would have died twice in this arc. She even cripples most of the high level members of the said clan so that MC's in-laws can win the war. They sent MC to a ingeritance ground and he founds 50 pills and every single one of them worth a top tier weapon. They took 45 of them and left him only 5. They told him to cultivate diligently but they made him tutor their daughter for hours every week. When their guest who had an op master ransacked their rival clan they almost cut all ties with MC just to please other clans who felt threatened. When a cultivator breakthroughs to a hogher realm they shouldn't take pills to dim the pain because ot damages their potential but they didnt told him these and repeatedly tired to make him consume those pills because all they need him to reach was zhen level (a relatively low level). If Su Han didn't warn him beforehand he would have ate those pills.

And the most annoying of them all is the third uncle Zhao Kun. Formal strongest cultivator of MC's in-laws' clan. Threatened MC at their every meeting. When he failed his tribulation due to not knowing how to keep hos mouth shut, MC when to a cave filled with extremely strong demonic beasts to get the necessary herbs to save his life. After that the third uncle starts cultivating from scratch with MC's technique (a decision he shouldn't make with his experience) which he failed to cultivate before MC showed him how he was supposed to use the technique. Then he disappeared for 200 chapters, doesn't appear when his clan is in a war. When he appeared once again in the next arc he refused to talk to anyone in his family and didn't care about his clan's outcome and the well-being of his savior. He forces MC to use a trump card that damages his body and leaves behind injuries and SFL's master had to use a use a god tier pill to cure MC.

Also in this arc we learn about why it was a stupid decion to cultivate MC's technique. Unlike normal dragon techniques which uses 1 or 2 elements depending on what kind of dragon they are, MC's technique uses all 5 elements. It is slow to cultivate but really powerful. But why is it dumb to cultivate this technique? Because cultivators need a treasure called mystic crystal of matching element to continue their cultivation and 5 element ones are extremely rare. Only 2 were known until chapter 504 where I dropped the novel. One of them is the most precious treasure of a extremely powerful sect in a land that bans dragon cultivators from entering and the second one is even more precious than the first. It is the perfect treasure for MC's cultivation technique and it is one of a kind but this too is in the hands of a extremely powerful sect and Zhao Kun admits that he didn't know this treasure existed. So an experienced cultivator shouldn't have chosen it.

In this arc MC defeats some of the most talented members of the dragon cultivators despite having lower cultivation base, faces Zhao Kun who had a higher cultivation base and main examiner who was more than 2 whole level above his own one after another and wins. As a reward he asks for the one of a kind, extremely precious, much needed mystic treasure. And immediately gives it to Zhao Kun saying that he had higher hopes of ascending against the tribulation. And he takes it without batting an eyelash. Only the Lu sisters who told MC about the treasure found it absurd but since the MC was determined to ruin his future they couldn't change his mind. And after Zhao Kuo used the treasure he acted like he was doing MC good.


Zhao Kuo felt like he owed Hao Ren a favor for taking the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus which Hao Ren could also use. However, his usage of the mystic crystal was, in fact, opening a way for Hao Ren in the future, and he wondered if there was another Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus in the world.


He literally says "since we have to cross a river let me take the only boat across so that you can have my experience on how to operate a boat"

Not to forget that MC almost died seaching for another mystic cyristal in a forbidden land. If the SFL wasn't with him, he was about to get smacked like a fly.

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