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Xoxopixie rated it
Chongfei Manual
January 18, 2018
Status: c50
There are so many problems with this novel, I don't understand why it is as popular as it seems to be.

First of all I can't get over how creepy the ML is. I'm not even one to mind large age gaps, but she's far too young when he started his 'doting' on her.

... more>>

Seventeen year old guy with no obvious mental deficiencies flirting with a six year old. Orders bodyguards to stalk said 6 year old. Bullies other little kids for her. I dropped it.

Picked it up again because I kept hearing people recommend it.

13 years old, he's 22 or 23. Kept her in his mind for 2 years while he was away, still has bodyguards stalking her. Gets jealous over other guys around her.


And the author's notes don't reassure you. Like yeah, Zhao jie is supposed to be such a romantic hero hitting on a little kid. Like we're so missing him when he doesn't turn up for a few chapters

Song L is with all his hormonal thinking is more natural - at least he's closer to her in age.

And then there's all the descriptions of the FL's 'beauty'. Her servants get creepy about even her feet. The 'little' feet of a 13 year old girl.

Not to mention her actual character - she has a host of growing personality disorders.

Also, the only way she seems to mature as she grows up is in her body. She's growing up as a vain vindictive little brat that's obsessed with looking pretty. I understand she was only 16 when she died the first time but what the hell, the only thing she seems to brought with her is a vengeful nature.

And then there's her creepy twin brother who acts like her lover more than a brother.

There's just too much wrong here for me to be able to carry on. Everybody's just too creepy <<less
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The Lazy King
December 21, 2016
Status: c16
It was amazing. Honestly.

At first when I read the synopsis and saw that it only had 16 chapters, I had my doubts. It sounded fun, but I couldn't imagine much substance coming from something called the 'lazy king'. I mean, the cover image suggested one of those brainless harem novels lacking of plot but not of template girls for guys to masturbate to. I mean if that's your thing, so be it, but I for one was delighted to be wrong.

The novel is like an onion. Each chapter delves further... more>> into the various characters and the world surrounding them. Every character is splendidly developed. Each is a fascination with motives, desires and sins. Except perhaps our main character, but that's the issue in and of itself. His lack of drive. His sloth. His melancholy.

And his overwhelming power despite his lack of effort for it.

It is one of the better presentations of the seven deadly sins I've read about.

Author-san, please give us another volume. There's so much more to the demon world than you've already revealed. Iyo. <<less
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Xoxopixie rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
December 10, 2016
Status: c180
Hilarious with actual plot that seems like it will go somewhere. Translation quality is also top notch - doesn't make you feel that reading it will make the quality of your own English drop, nor are you constantly having to fix the grammar in your head. Or maybe I just have slight grammar OCD. Anyhow, it's one of the better chinese novels that I've read, in that it doesn't constantly bore you to death about cultivating from one level to another. When it happens it happens, but there is a... more>> surrounding plot that makes the cultivating explanations bearable. And did I mention the MC is hilarious? Her narrative makes even the most supposedly boring scenes interesting. There is also an actual point to the whole transmigration business - a reason why it's her and not any one else (and you can actually tell that the MC is a graduate in from the sciences as she sometimes uses her understanding of physics, chem and maths to make sense of things - she has a scientific logical mind), unlike many others where the MC may have transmigrated but we never find out why, her/his past in the modern world never actually makes a difference to the fantasy except make them maybe a bit more openminded - or others where protagnists somehow remember all kinds of scientific and technological processes that the average adult/teenager would most likely never have any idea about. She's definitely not a Mary Sue, but she's actually genuinely a really nice person though she might laugh at the idea. It's been a while since I've read/watched about a genuinely nice person that's relatable and not annoying or makes me want to strangle them for their naivety or foolishness.

The procession of the plot is quite unique as well (see: the various ____ she reincarnates into) and obvious tropes are hilariously lampshaded. And Master is adorable <3 <3 <3 <<less
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Xoxopixie rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
Character focused mystery with a whole load of nonsense (zaregoto). Has a great plot with many twists and surprises, often because of the unreliable narrator, i-chan, whose full name, now at the 6th volume, we still don't know.
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Xoxopixie rated it
LV999 Villager
April 10, 2016
Status: --
Translation is of a high level, so it’s readable. Plot progression focuses more on characters than mindless action (might be why it has so many bad reviews, the action that is there, actually serves a purpose). The plot starts from a point after the MC has become op and of level 999, saving us from having to read all those details of every level up that some of these web novels like to go through (it is explained but it doesn’t feel tiring having to read it to get to... more>> the good bits since the author doesn’t dwell too long on that) Also, so far, this is not a reincarnation novel. There have been no certainties whatsoever that the MC was reincarnated. This is more like a post apocalyptic world that’s become a game setting – that’s the reason behind pop culture references like game centers etc. Honestly, it’s the first time I’m not rolling my eyes at all the level and stats jargon – since it actually has a reason behind it in the plot instead of countless other mmorpg-realizations.

The plots great, the characters are, too. Especially the main, he’s a lazy money Grubber with a heart of gold. You just need to give it time for the story to progress to find out everything he's failed at and why he is the way he is. Also, the relationship between the demon lord daughter and him is adorable, like siblings and not romantic in nature - a really welcome change from all the loli love interests I keep seeing everywhere <<less
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