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Xiaron rated it
Soaring the Heavens
October 29, 2017
Status: c200
As of reading the story so far I was engrossed for the majority of half a day not leaving it down until I realised my well-being.

I know someone said if one enjoys ErGen's stories they should read this however I would say although they do share similarities to some extent; in my opinion this story does more. To some extent, even the story shows well divided focus on most of it characters. It also explains cultivation well enough for one to know the power hierarchy and how individuals govern one... more>> another as well as how they manipulate amongst themselves. So far, I gave it an average rating since there the story is still in its first stages however if does not disappoint then it will probably get an increase on its rating. Though that would mean I need to wait another month for the chapters to increase to give a better verdict. <<less
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