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The Great Ruler
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
Most reviews of this novel don't do it justice, mostly because they haven't read all of it. So I thought to give it a try. I wont spoil anything specific that happens because if you guys really want to find out then the other reviews can do that.

Firstly before you even touch this novel you need to read BTTH AND WDQK (Both of which are great novels). Its a trilogy. Towards the later half of the novel characters from the other 2 novels appear.

This book, like most novels, is cliche... more>> in many ways (you know the main guy is awesome) and if you like xuanhuan I think you should just expect it. So I ignore any complaints along these lines.


  • MC who has a purpose and goal. He isn't getting stronger just because he feels like it. You can feel his emotions and drive and that is great.
  • Interesting cultivation methods and techniques. Not just normal one on one but all building spiritual arrays and setting up battle arrays. Mini mini spoiler but................... at the beginning ingesting soul essences of beasts and later on the sovereign body skills.
  • Diverse world. He meets all kinds of different beasts and people. anyone who has read the other 2 books will be hype when they find out how strong their (other 2 MC) territories are. They do meet and lets just say he makes an impression.
  • Satisfying moments just before the final arc when he achieves the goals he set for himself.

  • Long academy arc which some people dislike. ok I can understand why you may be annoyed since you want him to go out into the world, but in all honesty it emphasises how strong the world really is. AND after that arc everything gets better.
  • There are others asides from luck (he's the MC, come on) and I could go on and on about how so many people have different opinions about this
  • Slow translation. ive read to the end by machine translations lnmtl so yeah. its subpar and takes some getting used to. it gets better and better once you reach the 600's and we are years away at this rate so better to machine translate it. I loved BTTH and WDQK so I didn't care. Also after a while my mind figures out what's happening and even if the translation grammar is terrible I can still figure it out (Only took me an hour to get used to it).

If you liked BTTH or WDQK you'll also like this. I love cliche MCs who are up against the world and who need to save people they love by suffering and getting stronger. Also I love the great pagoda art, best cultivation method ever. And the end was pretty cool. If you want to enjoy this you need to read to THE END and so need to MACHINE TRANSLATE otherwise it will take a few years minimum for it to get good. Hope it helps, in the end its up to you. <<less
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