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Overlord (LN)
September 4, 2018
Status: --
From the very beggining I enticed the direction of the series, I had a serious question of myself, do I hate the guild and Ainz associated, the incredibly overpowered but extremely hipocrite lord, who crossed the pass selfiness of life at the cost of innocents. Now I am answering
I consider this a show, a show is a dramatic theatre reflecting the accounting from the real life.
When you kill someone in a game you don't really pay attention of the thing in front, there is no major deepness in... more>> what is seen, no major story, no somethimg you can assimilate your symphaty, just because you know it is simple a data created for someone to kill it, for entertaining, you can as simple see your surrounding to make the difference from what it is fake and what it is real.

But another sucess comes if a story succeding the game you become one with the character you see, the bitter you share, the symphathy you feel when the incoming become thetral, becoming a dramtic in represetation from the reality, this simply put the ilution from the surreal becoming real, but it is effective to the point you enjoy it, and they do it because they know what we want seeing a good show.

The same can be said for Overlord, but you can't said it at the same grade with a game,
It is a novel, a good one by the side, however
i detest it. I really hate when it comes the trial time of taking a choice, if like a game log it can use to display, Dungeon defence can be the example. In all the decision Ainz took for the glory of the guild, what follows next is the sanguinaire sacrifice by the moral side of the humanity the once left over conciousness of his human side.

Looking into the emotions of the characters, the lizards, the humans, elfs, even the subordinate of ains. They are maximized into the seversl point of view including, the despair of the innocents, villains, the extreme thirst for love of the certain yandere character, the severe conflict between serving the lord or killing his protected, really inducing the interaction of completely different kinds, even the type of completely obvlivious with the MC, Ainz.

Showing in the novel, the series, it is not one sided tales of the overpower MC, I also remember Ainz said it once in the series 'i don' t think the world is centered for the preference of people', precisely the phrase unveil the theme of this masterpiece series, detailing and makimg enphazis in the suffering of people, the reaction befote the total despair.
¿Why Ainz showed his outnumbered army just forzing the small scale lizard man?,
¿Why when the blonde girl died, they showed the happy but bitter scenes of her sisters unawared of her fate?
It is cruelty and he purposely showed it off.

I enjoyed the completely defiling ark of the lizardman the previous as well,
but just as I kept advancing, slowly I realized the true convenion of the series, which I said before, the true heart of the series, the center of the series, the reason the people like it, the reason people hate it.

It is the displaying of the emotions, interaction, and the person in question here who made it all possible, Ainz. Making the story advance at the same time attenting your moral state making you truely shift the perpective of thinking feeling all adversity and so.
Let me tell, you are totally bewitched, this is no longer you like or dislike but the crux is the author already accomplished in his/her job, so if you sneered instead of feelimg symphathy, and criticism when the guild is making a counter probably you didn't really enjoy or catch the real proggessive of the reasoning the novel is made a sucess.

I said I hate it but my criteria shall be respond by now, this is a show, it may be a imitation but surfice complex to become a alternate reality, in my thinking my moral self really discard the way of his doing and become ever disgust in more of his various followers, what if I was the one who is the characters places dyng like I dog? This is my personal personal opinion, however I have truely have to praise the author in leading such a masterpiece. The stake of the novel in running the risk of being criticism, is the same heart of the series ppl say it is totally a sht and so, as well the core of the author ingenious work and creativity, so if asked to make a rating I will put it a high one, however adding it an asterisk (*) and herd over my previous talk. <<less
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Xen rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: v7c4
For those who currently expect a nice developing in this story, op protagonist, and epic battles, this S*hit you must avoid it at all cost, this is just a cheap copy of the plot of "The legendary moonlight sculptor", is similar but not the same, at least no in the good way, a "protagonist in seek for money to save her mother" nice concept, but what you find is a "average person" or at least that is what is described on the first chapters but then boom in... more>> the later chapter he turns out to have "talent" which is gained through hardworking I dont say this is not possible but the way the story leads the way really really piss me out, example things like business that often needs countless experience to success, but the protagonist just because is scammed once became later the world greatest merchant *sarcasm* just through hardworking, but that is not what I would hate if not for the protagonist that just happened to be lucky then cause hacock to the world... I just dont wanna idiots like him success.

Simply said the protagonist lacks principle, he often says this reminds me the love between parents in the Virtual reality and then with just some words, and miracle the person who supposes to have a mortal disease is healed, this just not happen once to the point that if not present the story might me good, no it wouldn't, ok that is not the point, the protagonist might feel touched to the point that he says some random words can create miracle, but the action he does and says later is just like the oppose he said, example of points I hate:

"Friends that helped him actually have some money left so he sceme against them to get the money they have. "

" A friend got a super dupper magical item, when heard the price start looking a way to get it from him"

" I saved a bunch of npcs when I was so touched to the point to do a miracle healing, I did it over profits *the story HIGH LIGHT this part*, later on I dont care about them even if they died the only reason I play this game is to make MONEY"

"My pet sacrificed for me now that is is dead I know how lonely I feel without them, *when revived the pet he still treat them the same, No! even worse*"

"The pet got 50 gold coin and asked him 5 coppers to buy food because the food they gave them are practically poison, he scold the pet then thinks for himself a way to discipline the pet"

"My friend got a magical horse and doesnt know that some parts can grow up to make money, then i, that had heard of it, knows that the horse will not give him poilitely so I am gonna sweet talk him if not torture him"

"When he finds a girl he knows with other guys (no dating or whatever you think, JUST WITH) he instantly feels betrayed and take it against the other guy (it is not that I like the other guy either), and then comes out a lot of excuses that makes him look righteous"

"A guy bothered the protagonist, so he took revenge and killed him multiple times, then complaining how the other guy messep up with him so many times (actually I dont totally disagree with the protagonist because the other guy caused the protagonist die at the beginning, but do you have to complain even after you killed him so many times? then why you brag yourself of hardworking so much I assume you have to have a little patience) "

" A super boss appeared (lvl much higher than the protagonist) some minutes passed boss defeated... "

Actually those are few of the examples that happened with the protagonist, apart from the problem with this as*hole the story feels so much favourable to his friends. example when facing high lvls monsters their friend even though are low lvl they managed to defeat him, further each of them get exclusive skills that doesn't make senses at all including the main character, further the description of those skills doesn't match on how they train them, sometimes I wonder how can I keep continuing watching so much retarded nonsense[/spoiler] <<less
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Xen rated it
The Novel’s Extra
October 7, 2018
Status: c126
What I like of this novel is the effort they put into the details is simply beffiting, not damaging the reader brain with low IQ plot logic, the focus of the indidually MC, the dosis of every each is just very suitable: introduction of character (place, skill..), presentation, action, share moments that complete a balance of what we want to see, what they want us to see. And perfectly not envolving and keep revolving the reader around in a torrent tide of a setup that is made artificially, and constantly... more>> hittimg the center of the plot which made allution to a fantasy.

Resolving with discretion making the viewer momentally forget of the story, forgetting the plot which is only can be true if there is a sketch, each words, adjetive, line up in perfect harmony immersing you into the surreal fantasy that can only be adhered to if you slide past the reminder that will tediously ring every time the author decide to appeal with the plot.

Besides, there may be some slips, slips that others say to see, but I didn't. What is visible to me is a well planned foreseeing of events.

To not inccur deus machina and getting stagnate the story, all sucess happens very swiftly, as I said previously very suited but also very pragmatic, the design of the future as the person I am reffering is Chae nayun's brother enter to this category. The theme that is elapsed from a very beggining about this person is planation no improvisation, the advancement of the feeling that makes reference in the story proggresion is planation as well. Deus machina cannot accomplish this sense of continuation, because it will always lastly ressort in the fantasy element which once enter it will trap you into the vicious circle of a no emotional reading, unlike the threshold that distinguish this master piece in the component of being swift as well pragmatic.

For all those elements I mentioned, for maybe a long if not first time I saw such a beutiful embedment that trace the elegance of joy, fun, sad, bitterness into a single piece, I clap for the unique planification, and for no anymore delay this is the very first piece I consider a piece deserve a full 5/5, not just any rounding that ends up being 5.

However I changed my mind, the previous paragraph is all about more in the midterms chapters in the cube arc, and the concept of the story totally changed when the author introduce, the new arc tower of wishes. For exact reason I praise the work is for its consistency for being a solid novel and also its detailment and focus on its characters, as for the new arc, the sides characters are so much that some of them feels like talking the same person in various ocasion, the plot loosen a lot of it, which it is replaced by pure convenience for only hajin development, and a lot tendency and specs with highlighting very surreal skills that keeps popping in a game format which is a game format different from before, that worse is actually it can be turned to real, also it can be seen that the slave pets and summoning items are seemly as sample gold by the author, because first was fenrir, next the goblin tablet (maybe the start of decadence), and now a newborn baby who was given birth was apraised by also a text that says:[****is born and it recognize you as its master] ¿Master? ¿No father, mother but master?

The story is still interestimg but totally loose the grace I praised for, so it is no longer 5/5 for me

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I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?
October 20, 2018
Status: --
As far as I have read, the story is really questionable. The reincarnation takes place in the future almost 100 years later from present, besides, another dimension. The nobody who takes the body in the future is from an age which all technology is stangnate but clearly capable of creating body suits, and the MC still can reach hands in all campus drugs, military, science?

Just where the heck did he know how or rather where to learn sort of knowledge like concocting drugs no humanity knows?

And he did this... more>> and more, calling the deviation for global science, military, evolution, being known as the demon child, but wait! ¿How did this child with his century past knowledge did to learn all this?

But not just the world is flawed, also the characters, getting to the stage of politic affairs, politician leader nations in front of minor crisis the demeanor they behaves All, is shivering in fear, tembling the legs, adverting eyes...¿Just what happened?, They met MC mother...

Not telling the action what should they act, but clearly this kind of behavior isn't natural, sweating may be another thing through, and composing, hiding is a basic facade for this stage of hiding schemes, secret arrangement, acting fitting the claim of the giving scope where manipulation and deception is just natural this is my complaint

What in my opinion the action of author deed is likely creeeping the story, creeping the characters, and couple with the poor narration that gives signature of this grave humoristic, only amplify the lack of seriousness that makes me hard to focus.

I share the same opinion with the commentary below me, this story is overrated, regarding plot, character, writing is all making just a perfect sense for my joke of how funny it is ---->1/5 <<less
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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
August 12, 2018
Status: --
The story as far I have read is Interesting, the description often makes you remind the connection with some cultivation novel, this novel is written by the same author of The tales of demons and gods, and as a genre belonging for Xianxia/wuxia/xuanhuan category I can pretty much feel interest in the elements of the story, but not here, as the premise of the vrmmorpg the scripts can seem related to the lore of the game, however no matter how hard it tries to overlap with the reasonong of... more>> game scripts the latter has so much mistakes that show how unknowleadgeable the author is respecting this topic that by no means is small ¿Perfume in vr, nuding in vr? kick that sh1t. Messing up the different kinds of meausurement and mixing in a single innovative way to represent the novel perhaps is what author tries to accomplish but sadly I don't appreciate his efforts in doing so, for what I'm talking is the game system on how they rank up the differents equipments, chests from white to copper, to silver... of course there is more points to pin up but this is as far I can remember by the moment. Even so the game play is far being simple, for example in the novel thombs raiding can be placed in just 2 parts luring and looting legendary equipments then can be redeemed, this easy, they say each part is useless by their own, when finally they obtained them the author slap the lectors face with the glistering attributes of each pieces, clearly the author is fall mental ill and is in urgency to visit a doctor or the alternative is that he is just born like this pity is the most I can give in case of the latter escenario.

The math and common sense in this subject is also involved in significant means, from perspective when looking for game balancing there is still left with some improvement into, like the way the skills is involved, the diffent classes, the different bunch of game stats which makes them feel uneccesary because of this more of less restricted virtual world, of course this part is just my opinion, but the center of the previous subject is more directed on the background of the story, for example: the humans iq average is 160 and even reaching 270+ on the peak, when this kind of subplot is mentioned you must at least expect some kind of fancy stuffs to prove evidence in this kind of pretentious affirmation not just put some random sci-fi elements, ¿So isn't interacting suppose to be more a way to display the mentioned?, then why I keep feeling they are not very special in anyways, instead I have the hunch of how idiotic this MC is in how his eggo can prove it, he keeps saying things of future revealing with no second thought of it, then when stopping it meets with the condition to showcast the misterious way of a nameless expert , then for last he says another bunch of words that disregarded of he said revealing previously it was all false conmmotion shattering his dignity, and worse revealing the fact that this may slip fundamental information of his future plans, his identity, and his lie, but anyone can't see this, instead thry nod eith approvation, they both share mutual connection, and it is that they are the same idiotic as the reasoning of this novel. The MC eggo plays big role in this, unnececaries informations, unnececaries showcasts, unnececaries retorics are reveealed all for the sake to prove how great his achievements are, from the simple action to show off his actions to his friends when is still facing a crisis, and making interval reports of how is the proggressing when no one asked for is simply pathetic, at least so far I didn't read any other mmorpg similar to this, for the reaction what the fellow follows is what you may expected, inncessant flateries thats continue to pave the great aura of this guy. No, in fact there is also the divine intervertion, the world itself is by his side, from how great his luck is I may swear he had the luck to hit the hot price of lottery at least twice, from a simple strock of luck he could rip various objects of the same category if not better luck from the same source as it is some kind of chain divine guidance, and equipments which makes no sense and with some stupid functions keep popping up in need to aid the MC demands[pandora box: mix 3 equipments to create an better one, really and very stupid function, even the original remanent of this object is nowhere to be seen, further if metal scraps can be mixed like some sort of fruit in a shredder, why bother even creating the history of each equipment, the efforts to blacksmith them, I'm not complaining on how overpower this object potentially can become, it is just that this object is so dumb (of course not the only one) left me with no words, instead I feel loath of this and I can't help comparate this setting with all the goods mmorpg novels I have read ], so by the end equipments for him, for his friends, and for his luxury is all already fixed to the path of the glory.

Another thing I grown tired of is the single and very but very teadious and heavy monologue, almost every chapter will appear something like: "If I can't do this with my all years experience I can't call myself expert", "Perhaps he is an expert (secondary character POV) [2]" "with all my years experience" "I am the once called the great thief", "These instincts long permead his bones" "did I make the wromg choice? " etc...................., just why why it keeps popping out lines like this every chapter????!!!, up to ch 5 I rolled my eye, but up to ch 50 I'm nearing enter psychosis state, but what is worse there is even a secondary character stupid enough to repeat the [2] line at least twice and others who also repeated the same line, like reciting the grimory of some sort satanic cult just why?!!! , I know they are idiots, but still why ?????!!!!

For last, the interactions feel surreal, like all the characters are simply NPC with assigned roles, the second grade guilds (gaming organization, unhindered guild) are basically kamikaze seekers and muddlehead allies (withered leafs), they are described with flawless word so for latter the flawless thing mess up with an intentional dumb plot prepared by the author with the ultimate goal of asss licking the MC, like this the author can procure the three thing he wanted a common enemy an undisputable loyal dog like all members close to him, and more non coherence story which striked out of nowhere when his little brain can't come with anything else (so much that author even forgot the background, attributs of many things, lore and other important aspects in the novel) , the story simply has no suspense always when the MC say¿ is it really no way to make progresse? he will always come by the solution that by no means require iq of 160 to figured out, but he kept pondering the task like some kind harvard entry test, to latter with some final spicing add few lines like" this is the true meaning of having special artifacts and great intelligent, perhaps I am the only one in the world who could figured out something like this", openly saying that the entire world is more stupid than him, which is very true but you must first remember the B-A-C-K-G-R-O-U-N-D of the story, there is also not the fine line that separete the good from bad, that line doesn't exist and the gray color is never to be seen, is it good person or bad person, in another words be it the team MC or the opposite, and that doesn't neccesary mean the latter are always in the wrong, the MC sometimes is just a bastard that cleanse all his miss doing by the pretext the other party showed any aggresion to him not bothering if he is the starter condducted by a selfish motive, the maturity he attained in his 28 of life just can summ up being more ruthless, selfish, arrogant. All I can see in his actions are extremely childries motives in behind, very picky manners, and clearly I can't see any hint of the maturity the author reffers to (you can take 2/5 of Joffrey Baratheon as refference) .

Don't get me wrong it is certainly interesting the novel or else I wouldn't read so far, but the urge to smash this entire series is much more severe than any good points it has, in my words an utterly trash novel, the review summ up all the points I pinned is around 1.2 and in my opinion people giving an evaluation of 2 is still giving too much face to the author. <<less
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Xen rated it
The Human Emperor
July 20, 2018
Status: --
This novel really failed my expectation.

The characters are fine, at least it doesn't generate the disscomfort at the beggining of history, is it later that the importance of which will never show importance, such like the apparison of a X general, the certain family he regards the one of the utmost regrets in his live. No, tecnically all characters that keeps pour out of nowhere, serves by the only purpose of showing his or her admire to the center character then get burried during the entire history.

It is a... more>> fail in the construction of the characters, but when you read up to ch100+ you will have a look at first hand what it is the true definition of cancer, dumb loopholes will keep revealing, but what makes it unfforgiveable is that it is used to strengh that dumb center character, and extending the story shamelessly, no misstakes would be worse at all than this, I can account the misstake in the timelapse that supposes to need in cultivation, the failure in explanation and dumb logic regarding sword qi, the abrupt change in the matter regarding the explanation in the cultivation origin 9, the unexplainable discovery by the other party regarding spirit vein that supposes to be found 30 years later. But the most infuriating of all is the constant changing in that cheat ability bane of battlefield, the author keeps changing and changing the function of this idiotic ability, with this regard the matters of the increase of origin later will not see, the others are allowed to contribute with the increase of this with just a token no relation with the the initial logic of this ability, later even this token can disregard making the story sunk even more cancinogenic.

If I said that the presence of the characters are faint in the first chapters, later in the story you can take them as dumbs, the ferocious and the wise like center character will take the rol of making thrm like that, like I said they will keep rolling at his feets, but when you really take a look how the lines of they talks are, the first will always display ¿! What?!, ¡!!! Imposible!!!, and so even if the matter whether scheme, or strategy is more clean and simple, further the story will make him look always caring, if you pay attention to it the outlines they use to describe him always match the circunstances he is, like the care he has for the soldiers, family, decoring his suppose goodwill, and magnanimous being, but if not for the prasing rol the side characters adquire, they will fade very quickly like the eastern japanese, and the number 1 blacksmith of tang. Worse when they are mentioned after a long time, actions is just to again displaying admiration for this dumb center character.

I say he is dumb, but a more correctly term reffering him is common, the author just wants to flatter this completely and common guy with just talk, and the surrounding dumbs characters, but as he tries to conceal this fact, less is the quality of this novel, the grand achievements of his can be showed with highlights, but the process to achieve it really makes you wonder if that's all and at the end it not really makes you think "oh this is a genius", often the author describes how he used modern strategy to retaliate, but at the current moment I see none. <<less
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Xen rated it
I Favor the Villainess
November 3, 2018
Status: --
As it is clearly stated in the title, it is about a MC who merries on the known well tsundere type syndrome person.

The plot and the sketches of story is very simple, almost like fitting the slice life tag, because there is not much plot development, much universe detailing focus, instead it is cleanly centered in the daily imteraction of a very limited amount of characters incluiding the female gender bender protagonist and her /his crush.

As the problem comes from, the declaration stated in the title is bluntly fast, but... more>> the problem itself remains aftermath, it is very shallow and repeatitive, ocasionally fixing the MC as a merely puppet of love. He can think, but only according the priorities, after his admiration for his crush. And this admiration is the problem because in turnways author started trying to fix a rational thinking on him but latter regards more importance making him belittle and instead make a clearly contrast of the work of his, and by this reasoning it is easy to predict the story.

For those who have already been reading, ¿Where do you think the slime appeared in out town or innertown?, the answer is neither facts matter, the demon invasion popped out of nowhere detailing any fundamental previous spacial location about whether it is the logical of the situation, be it plausible or not, in contrast the continuation dialogue between characters of the baby slime and monologue of the MC just feels artificially, all in way to fit the story maybe to detail the rational thinking of him and latter losing it into blind devotion. <<less
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Xen rated it
Absolute Choice
August 23, 2018
Status: --
Two words to describe this novel is no doubt a Roller couster, there is so many high and downs to begin with, while so much poor logics and as well brilliants ideas, I can understand why ppl do not think highly of this novel, I won't say those ppl are in the wrong, because with the focus of this novel it is redeemed to become hated I am included.

The beggining of the story, and the middle around chapter 150± can well considered to be differents kind of story and plot,... more>> it is remarkable that the story begins as a superhero plot and the state of world is in face of world calamities, there is points inthe story that highlight this, like the heroes organization, the ranks of super heroes, semi future machinization, much all this elements can let you think of the world construction in this novel, a pure cliche may be sound but the purest the idea the novel entangles to its principle may be for better, as for what happened the contionuation is in my prrsonal opinion a total abomination formed by the synthesis of the former and the latter is...., Cultivation novel, the idea in a single thought you may said what is the problem with, and innocent is just like this laberred without a second of hesitation, but this is just a huge misstake, the beggining of the early synthoms of mind deterioring.

In a very stealth way the integrating characters will come to the stage, news backgrounds, new powers, new stages, the so called teachers is the prime example of this, as I am gonna talk the characters performance latter, this doesn't mean it can be let out of the formula, the sh*t talk as from this moment will pass to the usually smack face stick, brilliant because some dialogues can indead be clasify using this word, brilliant because the humor is original in its class, to the pace of the slow story but funny moments that filled most of the story perhaps you will then forget the main background of the almost apocaliptic world, the so called teachers as first introducted in the early stage of the story that serves to the purpose of nuturring superheroes will mostly become a distraction and catalyst to summon the most inhumane way of synthesis background, if you take account of the progress, the world filled with endless way to train the rookies to become super heroes but all the beneffited can just summ up to the MC and the few companies of his, the teachers are just basically used as task manager in the important role of giving quests to the MC, as in any time in the story they say anything to teach except introducting some possibles powers that the MC will use, so the question is are they really preparing the rookies in face of world calamities or just babysitting the MC?, Organizations such as Gaia, Zeus are heroes convenions, they have the task to protect the world from calamities, but that is just in name as the logic behind is the same with the teachers, the VR battlesystem, and the true roles of them is just keep opening path to the MC, ¿ opening path to what?. With the supply of some superpowers that sometimes made sense and sometimes no to create a fable of fancy battles theatre, that looks epic but from another perspective all techniques seems to come from a kid imagination, surreal to the point of even crossing the bound of the max fantasy logic permitted, with this link that connected the initial development of the story with this kind of battle royale they succed in the integration of the cultivation realm with the superheroes plot, and so come what I said poor logic, because in this branch of events is derivered the powers up tecniques, powers system that is all extremely enfuriating stupid:

Filthy turtle divine technique: a much lower realm can ignore the burden of stamina reaching by hundreads the margin from the another superior realm, plus side effects are not included in overiding your body and infinity amount of restoration is given on top of that seemly there is no energy cost effect

Massage technique of god:Reducing the fatness of a women with big belly and domplings face to a slender beutiful women, revitaling the muscles in giving more energy in a single back pading, making one cry by activating the crying musxle in the shoulder as well laughing, makimg one diarrea by touching an unknown muscle

And so the organizations true meaning for first time outcast the true contrast of their objective and the calamity of world, this pseudo point, is the turning that makes clear the contrast from thr first meaning background to the latter plus 150 ch when they introducted the what I so called cultivation realm, the martial tower (portal to a place with heveanly cultivation techniques, medicinal plants, divine heritage with realm restriction), this is no just poor logic, the in name teachers, the in name organizations are something, but this tower is something doesn't suppose to exist here, this changed from the original plot to some damn cultivation novel, the inspiration they first made you delight will now die down to a entire parody, dull, idiotic, and to some point repetitive, thus becoming a boring, veeeery boring reading.

I admit I was charmed by the first 30 ch because the dialogue are worthy to see, but while the characters can't be said idiots they are some kind of Dora la exploradora IQ when it comes to missunderstanding, child intelligence provided by system is the silly kind of high and ups when I reffered at first, this is my first time seeing such a rare contrast behind a genius work but with idiotics elements, probably there is some things the author just put in the story out whim, but there is no concrete evaluation to affirm this, neither there is some stupid dumb loophole in order to achieve the usually power ups in the MC which I'm very sastify. I hate some elements, but I admit this is a greatwork, that is why I disagree with some ppl who gave evaluation of 1 star, but they are not wrong after all that is just their perssonal evaluation not something right or wrong, I'm giving a 3 star because I found it desserving at least this much, 2 star is just a humble way to say a novel is trash, while 1 star is just a utter sh*t so I think this is very fair for considering all the criteria I mentioned, of course this is my personal opinion and is your consideration to support or not <<less
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One Man Army
August 2, 2018
Status: c7
It makes no sense the premise of the story, the background of the protagonist states that the path (card master) he had choosen is not bound by limits and all kinds of trial, errors, possibilities are all in stake so that the chances to converge into the same path, same way with another charscters is close to none and the chances of failute or death risk was present at the same time the person choose to follow this path.

¿What is this?, obviously the path filled with potential and glory... more>> if get reached to the cone of the hill, then why he is the only left and the single pioneer in this field, just because it is hard to come by, ¿it is the reason?, who said he has to be the only person in the world who strives hard to earn a hard roadand no tries hard as well, it is said that he was focued on this project and dedicated 7 years of research on it, but what, ¿do you pretend to be some kind of major to get the pity of other?, this is literally imposible to become the single one, this is not how reality supposes to work.

Let's put down aside this for a momemnt and let's say this comes to be posible, the product you try to sell *author* must be the least credible even if this is your fantasy. 1 single pattern and no one in the world figured out the recipy of the said to thing that is worth of all the research by the protagonism, it is a single card out of deck, but the result of this hardship recipy is a pebble, sulfur, and 2 other components that acts like gunpowder and fire core, all with the ultimate goal to get a miserable fire stone, but ¿ no one else ever tried this pattern as well?

Not yet over, the said path you choose also by coincidencely entangles with another path, these path the story reffers to as knowledge of anciemt, it acts the same way the jobs or classes the usual mmorpg does, not mencioning the story, in other games when the multiple classes selection is possible, the golden rule of it is the research on the strategy to overlap the best job combination is ever possible the story is not the exception, even if the author is magnanimous to offer thousands of path (job) just like this in his own imaginary game, so this way players can set free and play to heart content, not saying that it is not insanely hard to come to a same option and the same researches, just happens that the protagonist come by another cheaty selection with the same path I mentioned above, and again when thousands of path are supposes to exist but yet to be discoverd, why it happens that no one ever pay attention to that cheaty path (card master) specially if this is in one of the choices inthe early game when everyone is bound to be curious and explore possibilies of class selection?!, ¿resign and just dropped a character because they didnt ever yet to begin researching? The author is again letting his imagination fly beyond the novel, if you still don't know the end of the path it is not possible that the entire world gives path to only the protagonist, specially the people who just happened to come with this selection.

Down here is my previous review, it tells the rest of the details concerning the story, just make sure to ignore all praises I did before because I'm now dissapointed

When say of a MMORPG, the elements of the virtual story is important to have a coherence plus having explanation that explains the function of each new elements you keep poping with no background of gming terminology, otherwise no one else will understand.

What lacks this novel is in this aspect, the story is Interesting, and I am truely motivated to look until the end, but be it grammar, story, game elements, all is full of misstakes!, putting examples of this, The dates of the calendary: The author keeps making wrong in dating of calendary not mentioning days but months!, he says from 9 on something will happen, later a speech, and it is 8 month, and next chapter not time skip incluiding 7 month....

From the gaming point of view this is even more frustrating, inside the story there is something call the soul stamp, it is kind a potential in the growth experience, supposely it has no limits in the growth and restriction is proporcional more one posses, the description keeps pouring out, but no explanation is giving, it is really frustrating coming to this point, I already read 7 chapters but I had to bring back and forth to keep making my own guesses and correction of the graammar, or misstakes, not counting later on this same element is changed by another more confussing name one soul, double soul etc...

In my opinion until now this novel deserves to be rated no more than 2.5, and my exact rating for this is 2.2, it never ever had come to my mind giving this review, because this is more of a complain than anything else nearing my bottom limit to drop it straight, I don't say it is not worthy but I neither recommend. <<less
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Xen rated it
Trafford’s Trading Club
July 7, 2018
Status: c133
Beautiful, the life is mistery, not always good things happen, bad things and disgrace forms also part of this life. When you let down your guard the world you be will turn off a change you never expected, the disgrace will strike you or the fortune will bless you, but a strong emotion that leads you in a path to the shop also means you are not sastify with something present in your life. This experience is a opportunity, whether it is for good or bad it depends on... more>> you.

Like this the story shows you the lifestyle and the possibility and the grace the life grants, at the same time together with the source of sorrow, bitter and all kind of things itself companies. It will remind you the cruel facts this world exist, far from a fairy tale, far from the mentality of a child, reminiscence and comprehension is obtained uppon the true definition in the path of the hardworking full of obstacles, and sweat has actually a little space for smile and enjoyment like life, like the story in the eyes of the neutral character yet the center who can witness with him in the different persons, different circumstances, but in common the tiring and the arduos path waited for them. Like the circle of it all life form deserves the respect along, like they have the same fate, like they have feelings, and emotions that enable them to make decision, you may not feel it because you think the world circles around you, but this novel made me watch, feel, and enjoy the moments of each of the characters, they are all unique, each of one has the potential to become valued, that is reflected from the 'soul' the origin of all essence.

The life doesn't finish just because the will of some words, same with the chracter, it is a eternal circle of doings and making. I am delighted to see this class of writing, it rescues the beauty of each of the characters in the history, but it also shows you a wonderful move of connecting the life of the characters in a way they preserve, moving along the eternal circle of life surprisingly the story accomplised this, it is not just recycle of some character the author didn't mention a certain time, or maybe it is but it gave the feeling that all characters move together and constructed a very solid plot and logic, no leaving any bit of cliche scenarios.

I'm very sastify with the existence of the shop, that keep reminding you the smilarity of it with demons, that will grant you any wishes, only with the condition you can pay back, they do not show in a way they represent all evil and disfortune for the world, in a certain way they are very fairy with the things they manage, reffering all the trades they made. They also have emotions, things they like and dislike, the tenth rule of the club, is an arbitrary component that take account the sentiment as the privilege of the owner, that at the same time doesn't show much of it, but is certain inside him. He had to deal with all kinds of people, granting by the club the benifit, in exchange the doing the duty of a saleman, so negligence means destruction of himself, that is the reason he can't be God in the story, along with the bad and good experiences he has to deal with it all together, with bitterness he has to meet people he is close with, but in rate with that he can also made their wishes come true. <<less
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Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
August 20, 2018
Status: c4
The time I used to find this novel can say to be as fast as the time I am dropping this, actually the time I used to read and learn the sypnosis of differents novels can be much more productive and worth it, maybe I can find out something a jewel under dirt, and for my trip this time I'm just pretty unlucky.

There is no much criteria why I abandoned this novel, it is just one reason I did what I did, the MC is so arrogant, to the... more>> extent almost all I have seen can't compete with this except for a few priviledged spots, when you put a transmigator who enjoyed a life of royal court lifestyle back to his own world guess what happens, despite knowing the disadvantages and his possition, he still treats everyone like slaves like back is in his previous world, no apologize is given when suddenly appears naked under a naked girl, instead he demands apologize from the girl instead because he no lomger has the mighty power of the cultivation he previously had to force her to use force (pathetic) . The arrogance is a disgrace that is accompany of all defects, the criteria now became a little more complex because there is sub branches from.

He came back to his own world and all he can see is the most optimal and ideal illusion to sastify him, ambushes, people waiting outiside to kill him, the possibility of the girl who is suppose to be classmate transported to the same world, but...¿where he is?, the description did'nt specific but just the conversation from the girl and her mother, they talked about a key to open the door, ¿ what door in the cultivation world needs lock? maybe there is, and if not convincing, ¿ why don't just take a look of the door it is clearly in front him? that can clear a lot of things if he did so, seeing the unique technology of modern world. But no, during this long time all he could muster from his brain is complaining about how should the girl treat him.

After finally getting clear of his situation and losing his power he still challenged the opposite with a bet of freezing water tea, he just live from his delusion of his past, self tricking by his excesive pride, as for even considering apologize after coming to realization all happened isnt a the scheme he thought of didn't even come to his mind, instead his mindset changed from how those lowly lifes must be grateful for how he decided let this pass.

I am very clear that this is the way the author novel direction wants it going, mainly comedy, else I am pretty sure the center character would reataliate even losing his power, I can simpatize this, but this novel just doesn't suit my taste, and viewing the reviews I saw ppl saying this man is humble, I completely disagree after watching his little performance, so you can take my note present, I also know from the tags the latter novel will have a romance so maybe what I am saying now is just premature opinion, however considering the arrogant display so much, I can't see a descent relation in the future and themost what I foresee is a master-maid relation. Just take it in mind before reading, 4 ch may be nothing, but I am still your senpai (???) somehow <<less
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Xen rated it
I am the Monarch
July 1, 2018
Status: c203
For my taste, it is not totally what I imagined of a herarchy adapted novel, but I quiet like this central guy. His ideology is one of the reason I didn't drop the novel, he is not mad, he is friendly, and he is amiable, but the thing is that at the same time it is what you don't wanna see at all, the scenes unfold very smoothly or atleast, that is what I think of it, all buddy is friend and so, it is not I... more>> don't like but it creepies methat all men he met is a super genius and uncondicionally loyal, even enemies look like puppies that barks but don't bite, I want to watch war followed by a real peace, I want to see real action followed by a true sense of belonging, no a peace born from surrealistic, because just that makes all the sense of story really predictable and meanless, or that is what I thought, I admit I was wrong with this point, the reason I felt this is because at first sight it is all sort of things that is all turned around the central character, of all this smooth sailing makes you only see the action of what he is doing, and is sort of obvious what follows next, and I didn't like that, but in reality it is a tale that will eventually introducct you in the scenario that I firsty was expecting when I enter contact with this kindd of novel. The good guys (a relative term) , I thought they are all happy mud heads, but actually they contrast from the bad guys that will appear slowly, and the schemes, and the various strategies will appear, I mean the interesting ones, not brute force, although they not be genious from our point of view I have memories of similar records with real histories which were rather effective, the competition will beigin and all the elements that I previously said was boring, will also slowly makes the foundation path of central character, not to the point of absurd, but neither expect to be very realistic though, it remained so so until the drama unfold satrting from chap 160- up, I don't remember well, but form this point is when the real novel begins, and all the previous chapters are like side like stories that unleash stories that slowly group up to the born of the nation <<less
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Xen rated it
He’s the Legendary Guard, Isn’t He?
October 7, 2018
Status: c25
Just overrated. The sequence is just very selfcentered in a plot that is not even fun. In a moment it is a very long introduction of a detail that is not important, and by another a week, month, days has passed, worse is you vaguely or completely can't catch the time sequence it is in, whether one day has passed or not and by the end after 5+ chapter you just realize the total time he overcome is how just that many days.

What I see it can even be... more>> hard try to put a fitting genre on the story, ¿slice of life?, ¿action?, it is as simple as saying it is leading to nowhere.

About the tag "game element" it makes all again worse, generaly this tag supposes to be a catalystic unyfing the story into the genre the writer preference, either one case slife of life or action, or maybe both, but in case nothing is fitted, only pressume of the leftover poor game logic, the guard whose role became a legend and ¿why? Because author logic, the story can be better read it blindfolded <<less
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Big Life
September 27, 2018
Status: c28
The story have its good points and bad performance, for not saying it is a surging tide of plot holes, but just small consideration.

The story starting was pretty interesting, a man who fought back way out of the desesperation, a humble guy at least the description is the consideration what it is given. The developing of romance seems to also respecting its respective course, not being impulsive, but neither a very impressive progression, depending on who views it, the detail could be count as good or bad.

Letting aside this miniscule... more>> detail, the pros is what I previously mencioned. Not commiting misstakes, intentionally or accidentally loopholes, a solid flow reading, that is it. However, the impression it gave by also go for the same cons I consider as it fail.

The man find the power of the fallen reader, and one day he found his experienced greatly enriched, the summary kept emphatizing the facts he changed, he wrote faster and others hidden artifacts, however just it, after the first roll of introduction, the first enrolment of the story pregression, any firther it stopped being anymore impressive, instead it got every time worse. Like when the author decided the first insight into the different artifacts, when they unveil the power of tapping 10000 words is not a skill assimilation, instead it was from a tool, I felt I was cheated, the next moment I throught maybe even the skill heritage of the falllen reader was also a tool?, for good or bad it turns out to be neither of both, at the begginimg it turns out to be his own skill, but to later it was a collective experience of a concious that limgers his mind when the narration shows how they can even kept a dialogue inside his mind, so.... Basically what is the point of looking a person who can only sustain with tool?, even his high steel comfidence is remained without a ounce of persistence like the power is inert, his own power that not even is a skill asimilation, turning into anology, which person would enjoy watching a hero with a heveanly sword, but its power remained stagnant, and kept always high spirited because he posses the heveanly sword?

Maybe for his introvert presonality, maybe he is just too humble to realize those petty detail, or even maybe the author is fully accord of this decision, just anycase it is just a great change of personality that irradiated from the almost all devasted kind of pulverty life. Do not say it is any kind of plothole or anything, but maybe just inexperience. For amount of day he changed, sutile with some kind of missing sensation in where the cahnge is acceptable and possible, but the temporary track unlock like copy pasting different person into, I was asking where is the conflict in his mind of a change?, how is he before? It is just said he changed, all is left with explanation and just acted like any other day, just tonight thing is yesterday today I am who I am, and directed jumped to I am humble, and enffatize not an arrogant being, like the intention is all behind the words, and inncesary and dramatic words to express this stance, purpose, under this assumption. <<less
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Xen rated it
Age of Adepts
July 26, 2018
Status: c63
I really took a like to this novel, the creepy plot which conducts to a scenario similar to dark middle age, the misterious and eerie feelings which lingers made you taste the gravity of being surrounded in a dangerous enviroment. I like the unknown yet creatures like fairy tales, but unlikely not everything is Deus exmachina, and with the mix of the cruel reality and fantasy makes the story looks dark yet envelop you in a great amussement, but if you take out all this, the story will pass from... more>> a fantasy development to a classical cultivation downfall, this is exactly what happened in this case. The center character was the example and the center of this distortion, the author transformed from the man who respects the path of unknown to the arrogant, fearless, dominant asshole of the classical stereotype cultivation novel.

The story is bound to adquire this path when he obtained the cheat skill of his, I expected more of less this outcome, in certain degree you can accept this with great resistance, but coming to a point when the outcome of this is fully changed from one to another chapter without any previous stimulation really made the final sentence of the next path the story will adquire, and I know from this point the story will make all possible and the impossible to power boost the center character. The story of this in itself shown signs of this, when from one point to another the same and the same skill keeps popping out new features with no mercy disregarding the logic behind it, tthis novel is conducted in a fantasy world so with this explanantion they can explain all income from the things that happens in it, of course only the center character and the selected companies of him enjoy this vip treatment ¿shameless right?, But if this not enough, it really hit the buttom of my limit when in the disposition of the surrounding characters the author made a declaration they being ignorant to something, but next time when really needed by another purpose the author completely trashed up all that declaration and kept going the story without caring, and by purpose I mean changing the surrounding in favour to the center character and company (reference to 61-62).

I don't recommend this to people who is risking their time when time is limited and is still looking for something good to enjoy, rather I don't recommend at all, but if you don't care the point the center character has potential arrogant developement, inecessary power up, strong and lesser story loopholes this is you choice. <<less
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