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January 12, 2018
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Hey, I'm the translator for this novel. Of course, I'm going to give the novel I'm working on a five-star rating, but let me get into the specifics.

This is a slow-paced novel in the beginning. Things heat up, but then fall into lull again. There weren't many solid/well-known modern day cultivation novels out there, so I decided to work on this.

I think the author does a fairly decent job in reminding you that while this is a cultivation novel, it is in a modern day setting. When I read these... more>> chapters, I look forward primarily to the world building. Some might say this novel is on the boring side, but I think it's really because the author is initially just taking his time to build everything up.

How slow is this novel exactly?

For mild cultivation spoilers read below


Highest realm seen so far in this novel is Core Formation (from what I have read). If you've read other novels, you know this isn't anything special. In this novel though, even Nascent Soul is considered a mythical realm. I am not exaggerating when I say it takes the MC HUNDREDS of chapters to get to the next level. Action takes more of a spot light in this novel vs just constant power-ups to try to build up a story


Regarding the translation quality:

I think I do a decent job. If you look at the raws, though, it's pretty obvious I take some liberties, otherwise if I just straight up translated it, the novel would be rather confusing/lacking context.

If you're familiar with my past project Full-Time Anomaly, I can say that difference between text is pretty huge. I spend a decent amount of time on certain Archfiend chapters just for historical checking/research on poems.

NU doesn't give an in between rating option, but in my opinion, this novel sits around a 4.4-4.6 for me.

The MC himself really hasn't shown himself to be anything special in terms of attitude. He's really quite icy. But what keeps me vested in this novel is the interaction of cultivation elements and the modern world. The integration of real world Daoist terms/figures/concepts makes this novel (in my opinion) perhaps one of the more authentic fantasy-based Chinese novels. I say give this novel a try. You just might like it. To date, this novel has 59 actual chapters as I translate this. In general, I try to get out one chapter a day.

As for the person who left a 2-star review, I'm not sure what you expected, man. You left a review only after 3 chapters LOL <<less
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