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Wytchlord rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
May 7, 2016
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This novel is about a dungeon core that summons a boy from japan who accidently names her and becomes the dungeon master. The problem, he is super lazy and all he wants is to sleep. To be able to do that comfortably he uses his rather smart brain to quickly gain a lot of dungeon points to enhance the dungeon, get lots of foods and even starts out as an adventurer, even though he mostly does odd jobs like cleaning a bathroom with magic in the beginning, but his "adventures"... more>> will get much more interesting the more the story progresses. This novel is a rather lighthearted novel with a few dark points, one of the darkest being the rape of an under age slave beast girl, but it is done in a well written way. (Not every written world has to be a happy go lucky world)

I really recommend this story to everyone who likes to be lazy himself (kind of a paradox?), who wants something light to read with lots of funny things inbetween and who loves food. Srsly. PS: There is a loli hug pillow. Just saying. <<less
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