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WordsOfWisdom rated it
Peerless Martial God 2
June 2, 2019
Status: c161
If you guys are already read the PMG 1, then you guys know Who is Lin Feng and how his personality or character, also as how his the story goes.

In this PMG 2, you will find a most ridiculous character of Lin Feng and also the other support Character. To the point of you might wondering it is really a Peerless Martial God 2 novel or is it just some joke novel made by fans.

To put it simple

... more>> PMG1: -Lin Feng is Aggressive and Merciless.

PMG2: -Lin Feng is Weakling and pu**y.

It is just the Character Personality. Not to mention how bad the Story line is.

To all readers out there, who has already read the PMG1 and want to read PMG 2. I suggest you should think again to read this PMG2, I didn't recommended to read this Novel. Let just us who suffer to give you the review.

Save your precious feeling that you got from PMG1. Because PMG2 will ruin your mood and feel totally disappointed. <<less
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WordsOfWisdom rated it
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
June 7, 2019
Status: c1442


Leylin before he Reincarnated is level 250 tier 3.

And right now the current Leylin is level 50+ tier 2.

What I tried to say is, NOVEL IS ALREADY IN CHAPTER 1442 AND HE STILL LEVEL 50+!!.

this is chapter that already reach 1K!!

And he still lvl 50+!!,

just with this you guys will know what happens in Novel sh*t story and progress.


Actually, at first I thought I will put the detail why this Novel is trash and a Lazy writing story. But when I see that many new 1* (one star) reviews has been says almost all the words I need to say. So I thank you people.

If you guys are wondering why the Novel still has plenty 5* (five stars) rated. The answer is, most people and almost all of them are giving their rate in the early stage of this Novel.

To be honest at first, I was like them. Thinking that this novel is Interesting and make me excited to read more. But when I reach around chapter 600-800, I suddenly feels like "What the hell is happening" there is so many inconsistencies and plott-holes.

(well even below chapter 600 there are plenty, but I ignore it causes there no real impact in the story) I was thinking,

hmm ok just give it another chance, lets keep reading, there must be some changes and the Author might noticed his wrong doing and correct it. And so I reached chapter 1.000+,

then I start wondering are this Novel is the same Novel I read at the early chapter?

Why the problem is not get better but turn to even worse, the Author keep adding more and more events to Leylin (Shi feng) but his other Events is abandoned and forgetting, its not even complete yet but the Author put another new quest/events. Instead of recovery,

the Author become more and more like sh*t when he writes. And when I reach my current Chapter

1442 I said ok im done with this sh*t. It was like you already give high expectations and then the moment later got crashed


    • Many Information in novel has no value and is completely wasted, because it keep mentioning in almost every chapter, but didn't necessary need too. For Example about the Equipment, item, tools, etc. The Author will mention it again and again in almost every chapter,

      but in the end some player will have it just like it was easy to get. (More like you win on jackpot again and again without break with chance of winning is 0, 0000000001% but still you win every time)
    • Leylin has overwhelming level gap, attributes, gears, tier, experience on battle. The gap is so big that it was like Leylin was lvl 10 and his enemies is lvl 1, but the funny thing is he fight desperately to win, the enemies always make Leylin got cornered despite having overwhelming gap.
I'm not mean to be rude to people who says this Novel is masterpiece or Really good or something like that.

But please you guys need to check your brain about this Novel. Are you guys really "REALLY" read the Novel or what?

To not even noticed those things that feels wrong.

I know it depends on taste cause people has their own taste. But, again even thoug it was, it didn't mean you guys to blindly reading this Novel and ignore the wrong things that happened in the Novel.
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