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Peerless Martial God 2
June 2, 2019
Status: C 1693
This is a story about a man who's start his new journey (Yes new Journey after he become a Peerless Martial God on his previous World) into new World that bigger than the previous one.

... more>>
  • The Man who chose to walk the path of Cultivator, become the strongest.
  • The Man who seek power and use his power to protect his beloved family and friends.
  • The Man whom ruthless and merciless towards Enemy, but Soft and kind-hearted towards friend or people who have no ill-intent towards him
Well it should supposed to be like that, but unfortunately it is not.

So I will correct it again and tell the truth about PMG 2. so lets start.

This is the story about a man called "sh*t Feng" "Lin Feng".

  • To start his journey in new world and choose to walk in path of COWARDLY PUSSY.
  • To seek the true meaning of Stupidity, and become the most RETARDED person in the world.
  • Learning the art of "Letting Go the Enemies and Regret it later-on". So Drama and future Problem will keep coming.
My first review at chapter 161


If you guys are already read the PMG 1,

then you guys know Who is Lin Feng and how his personality or character, also as how his the story goes.

In this PMG 2, you will find a most ridiculous character of Lin Feng and also the other support Character. To the point of you might wondering it is really a Peerless Martial God 2 novel or is it just some joke novel made by fans.

To put it simple

PMG1: -Lin Feng is Aggressive and Merciless.

PMG2: -Lin Feng is Weakling and Pussy.

It is just the Character Personality. Not to mention how bad the Story line is.

To all readers out there, who has already read the PMG1 and want to read PMG 2. I suggest you should think again to read this PMG2, I didn't recommended to read this Novel. Let just us who suffer to give you the review.

Save your precious feeling that you got from PMG1. Because PMG2 will ruin your mood and feel totally disappointed.


My Review after reach chapter 684


Well after reaching this chapter, Ling Feng suddenly becomes more stupid,

and the story become more and more unreadable.

the reason I can reach this far because how much I like PMG 1 and respect it. so I gave a chance to this shitty PMG 2, I was thinking that the new Author might come back to his sense to return the characters and story to become interesting as PMG 1. But the truth is totally different. sigh so much regrets to see this PMG 2.


In chapter 785


You will meet a sudden lame plot,

when Lin Feng Father who always hidden in Lin Feng special world,

got power up to the higher realm.

to the point that break all the fact that we all know about his Father in PMG 1.

it was all fact and even his father and mother itself that states that they will not focus on cultivating and instead live an ordinary life free from conflict.

but now, Lin Feng father is even stronger than Lin Feng..


the new Author must be drunk when he decided to write this PMG 2.


in chapter 879


In this chapter,

the new Author put a fatal mistake that completely show how poor his story.

As you guys known in PMG 1 almost all powerhouse or strong people can create thei own small world.

but in this chapter the new Author look like doesn't have an information about this thing,

which makes you wonder about "Is he really read PMG 1 ?" ahaha..

to even not knowing this information..

it's so sad.


chapter 1230


The stupid Author make Lin Feng old enemy become strong to the point of nonsense,

and this old enemy make a scheme to frame Lin Feng killing people which enemy and friends,

so people will curse him.

but what more is this stupid Author make some Lin Feng wife become

a traitor and betrayed Lin Feng..

and this Wife works with Lin Feng old enemyahahaha..

Even though this women betrayed him..

but Lin Feng still forgive her...

what a stupid shit...

Lin Feng enemy is always come to Lin Feng and scheme him because Lin Feng become a coward pu*sy in this PMG 2.

this New garbage Author clearly Ruined almost all the character in the original PMG 1.


Chapter 1495


The novel started to rush everything, the garbage Author clearly showing that he has no idea what to do next. And also almost all the event that he prepare for Lin Feng all become garbage and useless, some even be forgotten.

such ass Divine Artifacts, Dragons, Bloodline, Skills and Techniques at this moment become clueless


Chapter 1513


In here finally Lin Feng comes to Earth, and he becomes Amnesia again.

what the most stupid thing that happen is,

how the Author explain about Lin Feng current situation and how he can go there..

and it was totally nonsense. because when he comes back to earth,

his back to his former self at his twenties when he just about to die. so you can tell that the time on earth and the parallel didn't move at all..

The f*ck?

so tell me, if Lin Feng is back to his twenty, and what about his Wives and child that transferred to earth?

dafuq is that sh*t ha?

Also how could Mister time cross to earth and just suffered injure that make him lost half of his power, when mister time at that moment didn't have power like Lin Feng now.

(Lin Feng currently has power of Heavenly Ancestor realm, and it was 3 whole new level of layer realm which each realm have 10 stages. Its really really far from Mister time power at that time when Mister time goes to earth)

not to mention Lin Feng suffered lost memories, and also he might die if he hasn't has the help of Fuxi and Dao One to transfer him to earth with protection..


Chapter 1666 (Well in this chapter it shows how the Author hates the country called "Ja**n", and also "Western country / Ame**can" in the past chapters).


Ok in this chapter I will put it short as I can.

the Author reveal the identity of Eternal demon and his background, such as Family and their love affairs.

but that is something that in the end of the chapter that catch my attention. and it was the note from Author,

which is roughly translated from Chinese to English. it sound like this :

[When I wrote these two, I felt disgusted, but my goal is to make them feel disgusted, and as a Chinese, I want to humiliate them badly!]

I don't mind people patriotism and also since this Novel is originally from China/Chinese, but to obviously show some ill-intent and like a kind of hatred/Grudge. if feels a narrow-minded people


Chapter 1673


In this chapter the Author brings up the conflict about Japan - China that was a hot topics couple years ago in real life. And also contain some American agressive action.

What islands are China and Japan fighting over?

The Senkaku Islands dispute, or Diaoyu Islands dispute, concerns a territorial dispute over a group of uninhabited islands known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan, the Diaoyu Islands in the People's Republic of China (PRC), and Tiaoyutai Islands in the Republic of China (ROC or Taiwan).

well, now I know why the Author hold a grudge to japan, and also the reason why the Japanese in this novel is described as a Villain and bad guy who is shameless.

the other content in this chapter is about Assassin Group that take place in those island.

And how the American tying to size the island to make it their own base military there..

if you are smart,

now you will also know why he hates these both Japan and American.


Chapter 1693


AUTHOR NOTE (In rough English)

[There are many readers and my reactions, why did you write about Lin Feng as trash, why he was the most famous person in the battle world, why did you write about him to come to the city, why did you do all this in the city, why did you do this in the city as trash, Brother why did you do this in the city as an ending, all of this have a reason, there is a reason for it, there is a reason for why you become weak!]

the main point is about how the Author make Lin Feng come back to earth and live in city, but what happen is Lin Feng become a piece of sh*t and weak. Then the Author promised to the reader that he will make Lin Feng become strong again and comeback to the Battle world (Different dimension /Original place) , but after certain time what the Author said not yet come and even become more worse, some sh*t keep appearing and the Author seems like just spouting some bullsh*t in the novel, it makes the reader irritated.

The Garbage Author even just don't give a sh*t about them (reader)



The Author is totally shit

soo sad. the Author also keep mentioning to readers to not blame him (in Author Note at the original Chinese). but the reality is he was a garbage Author that turn PMG 2 into such a shitty novel. why would readers not curse him with that quality?

Personally from the start to the end of his Journey is already bad and not worth, but the worst is in the Earth Arc.

In this Arc, the Author totally write a story and plot that he himself not even know what his doing.

(I guess you will know when you personally read it, but I didn't recommended. But if you guys insist, well don't say that I didn't warned you.)

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WordsOfWisdom rated it
The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs
October 20, 2019
Status: v2c6 part2
Honestly speaking, the story is quite good at a first try. I mean when you read only about starter volume, which is Volume 1 LN.

When you read this novel, you will get quite interesting feeling, as you see how the MC attitude and how the theme is quite new to some reader when considering an "Isekai" world.

But after reading it quite further, especially when it reach volume 2, things get more nasty to the point of beeing garbage.

what I mean is not about the story as a whole, but the... more>> whole story got trashed because the MC itself.

The Author keep always make an excuse to defend the MC by saying for example;

    • "yeah, I know I am half-hearted and I know it is wrong, but I don't care" (which mean even he is wrong, he thinks he did the right things as long as he didn't bothered, to put it simple "Hypocrite")
    • "I am just a mob, I don't want to step in the protagonist role" (Yet, since the very beginning he already make up his mind to steal the protagonist precious support items)
    • "I just want to live in peaceful life, and free. So I don't want to be dragged down by the world" (But all he did is to find trouble and use excuse to justify his doing)
    • "This is a world of otome games to begin with, so it was a cruel world" (He clearly know that it is not a game anymore and he knows that if he do something wrong, then he will the whole thing gone mess, yet HE STILL PUT IT UP AS IT WAS A GAME EVEN WHEN HE KNOWS THAT IT IS NOT A GAME ANYMORE)
Also the Author was using the "Lexon" A.I support machine as the third perspective person, which will argue about what the MC thinks. It is so called a self defense to the story,

to make all of us thinking that the Author is really aware of the MC stupidity, but yet..

aghh im so dissapointed.

not to mention how to author is die hard with making people "Sympathy" to MC by saying such as : (ofcourse it needs long narration to feel the sympathy)


"I am idiot, yeah I know I am idiot, no need to mention it, I really know it. But why, why do I have to suffer" (basically he is not suffering any bad thing or such, he just expressing himself but pretending that he is the victim).


"Is this a Karma?, why do I deserve this, I just want it back into the track where protagonist should be. (In this part he began to feel jealousy but didn't want to admit)


as you guys can see the newly review got more and more criticism rather then praising to the novel, well it is indeed true,

because the novel become a trash as the story goes.

but maybe I just a little disappointed so far as my current state in Volume 2 chapter 6.

But while I was writing this, I see the people who has already read far a head still has the same problem pretty much as me.

so I think it is really true that the story is becoming a trash, ruined by the MC itself as the Author as the leading.

to be honest, dont trust the 5* people who rated it. Mostly of them just read the early Volume, and then the rest is just who got trapped because want it or not they already read to far, so they hard to give it up.

But, well everyone has their own opinion. So if you doubt, just go try yourself and read the novel. You may Like it, or you may curse it.


Ok, To put it simple in all way

    • MC is Fcking worse of worst HYPOCRITE
    • The MC is a Fcking Coward
    • Totally Loser (Loser in a sense who act tough with his persona to hide his cowardly nature)
    • Love to "Play-Victim" to get people sympathy, and to justify his fault
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Ok let me say something, but not about the novel. But about the people who "Review" this novel despite knowing that this is the Web Novel (not final product) and not Light Novel (final product).

There is something that the reader ignore is

1. MC is reincarnated from different world.

... more>> 2. The other World was not real world like ours, it has it own life style and common sense.

Some reader complaining about the MC solve problem with simple way, which is too normal for us as reader (in our modern world).

But they didn't even bother to think that the world that MC currently live is not our world. That world have it's own set-up, not to mention it was fantasy with Magic and Monster. So it sure has different common sense and etiquette, and also have their own style to solve problem. But MC was different, he comes from modern society and also as researchers.

Let put it simple example from our real world.

Western and eastern or European and Asian has their own common sense to do something.

Christians and Muslim has their own believe when did something.

Programmer and farmer has their own language to make something.

What I am trying to say is, what you may think is simple, doesn't mean the other people think it was simple as you think.

And Also, theg didn't even read it till the latest chapter yet but act like they already read it till the end of chapter.

currently the latest chapter that has been translated is around 47 chapters. And the raw is 139 Chapters.

But the people who gave review is only read below chapter 20. And again they act like they already read all chapters..

i mean where your common sense? Lol

Well I will give review about this novel, when the translated chapter has catch up with the raw.

And not like some biased people <<less
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WordsOfWisdom rated it
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
June 7, 2019
Status: c1442


Leylin before he Reincarnated is level 250 tier 3.

And right now the current Leylin is level 50+ tier 2.

What I tried to say is, NOVEL IS ALREADY IN CHAPTER 1442 AND HE STILL LEVEL 50+!!.

this is chapter that already reach 1K!!

And he still lvl 50+!!,

just with this you guys will know what happens in Novel sh*t story and progress.


Actually, at first I thought I will put the detail why this Novel is trash and a Lazy writing story. But when I see that many new 1* (one star) reviews has been says almost all the words I need to say. So I thank you people.

If you guys are wondering why the Novel still has plenty 5* (five stars) rated. The answer is, most people and almost all of them are giving their rate in the early stage of this Novel.

To be honest at first, I was like them. Thinking that this novel is Interesting and make me excited to read more. But when I reach around chapter 600-800, I suddenly feels like "What the hell is happening" there is so many inconsistencies and plott-holes.

(well even below chapter 600 there are plenty, but I ignore it causes there no real impact in the story) I was thinking,

hmm ok just give it another chance, lets keep reading, there must be some changes and the Author might noticed his wrong doing and correct it. And so I reached chapter 1.000+,

then I start wondering are this Novel is the same Novel I read at the early chapter?

Why the problem is not get better but turn to even worse, the Author keep adding more and more events to Leylin (Shi feng) but his other Events is abandoned and forgetting, its not even complete yet but the Author put another new quest/events. Instead of recovery,

the Author become more and more like sh*t when he writes. And when I reach my current Chapter

1442 I said ok im done with this shit. It was like you already give high expectations and then the moment later got crashed


    • Many Information in novel has no value and is completely wasted, because it keep mentioning in almost every chapter, but didn't necessary need too. For Example about the Equipment, item, tools, etc. The Author will mention it again and again in almost every chapter,

      but in the end some player will have it just like it was easy to get. (More like you win on jackpot again and again without break with chance of winning is 0, 0000000001% but still you win every time)
    • Leylin has overwhelming level gap, attributes, gears, tier, experience on battle. The gap is so big that it was like Leylin was lvl 10 and his enemies is lvl 1, but the funny thing is he fight desperately to win, the enemies always make Leylin got cornered despite having overwhelming gap.
I'm not mean to be rude to people who says this Novel is masterpiece or Really good or something like that.

But please you guys need to check your brain about this Novel. Are you guys really "REALLY" read the Novel or what?

To not even noticed those things that feels wrong.

I know it depends on taste cause people has their own taste. But, again even thoug it was, it didn't mean you guys to blindly reading this Novel and ignore the wrong things that happened in the Novel.
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The Ring That Defies The Heavens
September 11, 2019
Status: --
Its so funny when the Author make JAPAN and AMERICAN became the bad guy.. Ahhaha.. I see to much overproud "China Numba 1"

Its like the same thing that the Author of novel "PMG2" does, in PMG 2 last arc (Earth arc) he makes Japanese and American people became a bad guy.

when I said bad guy, it means the worst of the worst. But nvm it is Chinese Novel.

... more>> but no thanks.. I'm out.

I'm not American or Japanese person, but I feel like this novel is too much Patriotism of China. To the point of Racist. <<less
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WordsOfWisdom rated it
Taming Master
August 10, 2019
Status: c432
When you see the rating 5* in this novel, they gave that when the novel is around below 250 chapters. Which also still quite good translation team doing there job. But after it changed hand.. Meh it going worse (It just the external things and not about novel content). Ok I will review about this Novel and the content in there. Actually this novel is quite good at the beginning.
it give us the environment of virtual reality game.. With such freedom for user to do what they want. And... more>> here the MC is a pro player who got the chance to change his class, yes to get the class of "TAMING MASTER". So then the story goes.. It was good, but until the Author make some stupid move.
The Author make the Game Developers to interfere with the player progress. For example they try to block the MC quest so he cant continue. For me if it just once, then it still fine. But it keeps going on. They keep interfere with player.. how should a game got it "Freedom" when the GM interfere with player? it's totally stupid that makes the story completely ruined. don't get me wrong, the novel got high rating because the early start. I am too giving 5 stars at the beginning, but when the story progress, the Inconsistencies start to pop out like a shit. for example: There is an item called "Dimensional Bead" which need 7 days to recharge before it could be used again, but later on the MC use it like there is no Cooldown time. He use it whenever he wants.

Not to mention there is also a player called Hoonnie which role are Black Magician, he is a Ranker but his actually age is about 12 - 14 years old. He also has a real life activities, such go to school but he can play around 20 hours a day, yeah its 20. Can you imagine a kid play that long and still didn't have a problem with schools life?. Its also mentioned that this kid scared his mother and homework from school. Can you explain this common sense? They all need to do that to match with MC gaming style which can play straight around 40 hours

that is just the example, if you read the novel you will find out the other. But the most stupid and disgrace thing is, the people who translate and edit this Novel didn't do their job, when reading this novel you will feel the same feeling reading a Machine Translator


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