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WoolyMarmot rated it
Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
February 6, 2016
Status: --
A delicious story. It’s a “reincarnated person wants to hide their cheat” story, but twisted in some delightful ways. Picture a human female (that’s the “dream”) who’s become a demon―but retains her un-demon-like fondness for cuteness. Now, as a demon, she’s living in the body of a still (so far) young human girl.

On the inside she has the soul of a human who loves cuteness and affection. On the outside there's a cute girl for whom that soul would be a perfect match. In between though, there's the demon she... more>> was reincarnated as, and that demon can't afford to be discovered, is afraid of things like holy water, and takes nourishment from... well, it's not human food, but it seems very appropriate for a demon.

She may want to live a happy, ordinary life, but as more of her circumstances are revealed, as the circle of people around her widens, it looks more and more like her life will be more eventful than that. And very tasty for us readers.

(Updated: trying yet again to capture what has so captured me about this story.) <<less
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[Edit: the old review has been obsoleted as the story evolved]

This story is partly a plain ero set-up. A supernatural being has placed a few high-school kids into a situation where erotic scenes are inevitable, recurring, and yeah, a little degrading. The other part of this is psychological drama, perhaps horror. From the beginning, the kids have been forced to participate. The situations they're put in seem designed to wear away whatever boundaries they would have put around their behavior.

It's hard to give five stars to a story where the... more>> heroine goes all too readily from "Don't! Stop!" to "Don't stop;" that's too convenient of a character type. However, the story earns the other four stars. <<less
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WoolyMarmot rated it
Magi’s Grandson
October 20, 2016
Status: c47
This story is a good read for when you're lazy, and aren't looking for subtlety in the plot, schemes, world building, or characters. This is mind candy. However, if that's what you're looking for it can be very entertaining. What we have here is an OP MC who has a rather sweet romance with a single love interest rather than building a harem. He's dense about social things (especially love) and about his strength as compared to what's normal, and the reactions to his OP-ness and the teasing he gets... more>> for his denseness are what set up most of the story's humor.

It takes several chapters for Shin to grow up and get to the point described in the preview: his entrance into the magic academy. A couple of clichés are avoided because he didn't really cheat to become OP, and because the people around him already expect him to be strong so there's no attempt to hide it. And once the story gets going you have mostly a very sweet romance, mixed in with fighting demons and devils and with inventing new magic inspired by what he experienced in his previous life in Japan.

As of this writing there are two volumes translated plus a couple of chapters by a second translator. Until more can be translated, reading to the end of volume 2 makes for a good stopping point. <<less
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WoolyMarmot rated it
I Want To Be A Swordsman Even As A Girl
January 10, 2019
Status: c4
Seems like a nice lighthearted romp, with swords, sorcery, and yuri. Unfortunately the translation is one of those where you're playing the words back and forth as you read, trying to figure out what they must have meant. Too much work to read for something that's light entertainment.
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WoolyMarmot rated it
I’m Back in the Other World?
May 9, 2016
Status: --
The story starts out with an interesting protagonist: a high school girl who, because of experiences in her previous life, has taken an interest in the culinary arts and martial arts. Because of who she is, she excels at both. Once she lands by accident back in the world of her previous life, she shows herself to be very capable with these new skills (refreshingly though, not overpowered), and to have a forceful personality that makes things go well for herself and for the people who are her allies.

And then... more>> around chapter 35 things take a different turn. The plot leans more toward romantic comedy and our previously very competent MC loses all dignity on several occasions. Sometimes through her own mistakes, and sometimes at the hands of members of the royal household. Warning: your western sensibilities may tell you that there's a teenage girl here being s*xually abused. However, if you're one of those who can set those mental habits aside and read this as a Japanese story about a fantasy culture, there's humor in those chapters. The situations are played for laughs, and the MC isn't traumatized.

Hopefully MC will be able to escape from the RomCom arc (still going as of chapter 47), return to adventuring or another activity where she can show her abilities, and be in control of her life again for a while. <<less
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