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Wookieface rated it
So What If It’s an RPG World?
June 9, 2016
Status: v8c24
before I begin let me just say that I want to like this novel, but it feels like the author has no idea what he's doing. In the beginning it starts of a little shaky, finds it's way, and then completely loses track of what it was doing in the first place.

the protagonist has some cool powers angel wings one of bone and one of feathers that let him use necromancy and light magic for no Mana. He can also use every skill but none of the stats that compliment... more>> them. Meaning he can learn and use all magic and powers, but isn't a match for anyone else his level without them, setting him up as a jack of all trades. This setting makes it so the author has to get creative on which enemys he faces and what he tells the reader about stats. As far as I can remember the author mentions very little about the stats, he tells us that the protagonist has less stamina, health and mana than other people but is very vague about everything else. Probably because it seems he doesn't seem to have less attacking power than other Characters with classes. I don't have a particular issue with this but this does lead into confusion in certain battles. The scaling in Levels is rather drastic but when facing higher level enemies the protagonist always seems to come out on top for one reason or another.

the protagonist in the story does not make sense in a lot of his decision making and the story usually has him blunder his way around the world while putting on the appearance that he secretly knew what he was doing the entire time, but all the while making his decisions illogical and impracticable. His personality as well does not make sense good and bad in equal measure but not neutral as much as good and bad when the author feels like it. That said it does occur to me that it may have something to do with his race and the whole angel wing, bone wing thing pointing toward he is Evil and Good. But my real point is that he comes across less like a lovable rogue in the story and more like a bi polar mentally handicapped.

There is also the Harem aspect that pulls along a thousand 7 - 25 year old's in the protagonist's wake. Usually this is people's preference so I won't say anything other than that romance tag is bulls**t. all in all this novel is fun but is not compelling. The story tries to have everything demons, angels, elves, dwarves, western theme, eastern theme, swords, western magic, eastern magic, martial art, even hints at kind of Xianxia style way. But despite all this it still ultimately feels like a hollow story, very pretty but no substance. <<less
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