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Wolfran13 rated it
Galactic Dark Net
July 29, 2016
Status: c18
I stopped at chapter 18.

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"The story starts dark by depicting illegal drugs, slavery, organ traffic etc, and the MC taking advantage of this to illegaly acquire his own super power which after a registration with the government he discovers to be extremely powerful, in commemoration to his success he invites a few friends to party and hear from one of them how their gradparent is sick and normal doctors cant cure him, he then commits to aquire illegal drugs (brain fluid from a young esper) for his friend's grandpa. immediatly after a small raid on earth happens, and all Espers present in the area start throwing themselfs at the raiders with total disregard for their own safety and their next of kin, including the MC, to "heroically" save normal humans from the raiding espers when there is about 1/100 000 espers/normals on earth, begginer MC gets most of the credit. Later when acquiring the "medicine" fresh from a visible 21yr old male strapped to chair with a drill on his skull from the dark net, he light comments on the cruelty of the methods to the vendor, who replies saying the dude is a pedophile. "


The first few chapters are quite decent (up to chapter 12 when he gets through a exam of his powers) but after, terrible plotholes immediatly show up and keep appearing and being reaffirmed in every following chapter that I read:

> They seem to fight hand-to-hand instead of using guns in yr 2075 despite most espers being not much diferent from normal humans while being severy outnumbered (1/100000) and mentioning galatic battleships in the earlier chapters, somehow only espers can fight espers, go figure.

> The moral standard is f**ked up as in conveniently infantile and flexible to justify the MC and/or somehow villainize the opposition.

The background had potential, but... there seems to be no depth, the autor managed to ruin this somehow. It baffles me to see so many 5 star reviews when I question the worth in translating this. <<less
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Wolfran13 rated it
Nidome no Yuusha
March 6, 2018
Status: c26
This novel's sole aim is for the hero to be sadistic.

The reasons are shallow, both for his enemies to betray him and viceversa, which would be fine, if he didn't have betrayed the demon lord first.

Its really weird how the hero was initially portrayed as naive and "betrayed out of nowhere" but the facts keep chaging, at some point he said he didn't know why the princess had betrayed him but a few chapters forward he dreams of one memory where says exactly why she did it. This LN is... more>> all over the place...


Its weird how he had a very friendly relationship with the demon lord to the point of knowing her personality, having been offered to "have half of the world if he joined her" and when he refused her... she lets him kill her so that he can return home. Right after that he is betrayed by his former companions for whatever selfish reasons they gave him and now wants revenge on everyone. I say its just his karma, he has no moral ground.

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Its comedy, ecchi and gender bender naivety.

The protagonist was meek male shut-in in his previous life, died in a accident and because of misunderstandings and bad timing, got assigned a succubus body for his reincarnation.

Sadly there are few chapters translated, but they have good quality, enough that I managed to advance with a rough idea of the general flow to continue reading using machine translation.

I liked it a lot! Give it a shot! :P
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