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Wolfick rated it
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
June 4, 2018
Status: c150
I'm going to describe this story in a very short, simple way.

It's the best prologue ever written. However, that's just it, the entire story (to date) is a massive prologue. I also like playing through the tutorials in every game I play, but I don't buy games for the tutorial, much like I don't read novels for the prologue. As such, no matter how good I feel this novel is written, I can't give it more than three stars.
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Wolfick rated it
Shoujo Grand Summoning
June 4, 2018
Status: Completed
Going back in memory a bit as I've read bits and pieces over a long time until I finished it but SGS, or otherwise known as MGS over at lnmtl, is a truly good fanfiction of multiple anime. The MCs system isn't overly explained and is rather stockstandard, a usual system-chan, but the characters are fleshed out in their usual characteristics as expected from the anime.

It has both good points and bad that counterbalance each other. He goes to anime worlds where he has to complete missions and in turn... more>> is rewarded with points he can use in system-chan's store to buy anything and everything, including summoning anime characters who will share his life with him.

At the same time, some of the anime worlds are stock standard which other similar novels use but if this is your first one, that doesn't matter. Another big problem I had with some of the worlds was they were too similar to the original anime. This is especially prominent in the...


Sword Art Online world. It followed the exact plot with the exact same events as the original anime, only with the MC replacing the role of Kirito who just fell to a background character. I love SAO, I read all the novels and then watched the anime when it came out, but I'm not reading a different story just to reread what I already know and love. The only difference was that Akahiba, or whatever his name was - I'm not googling it just for reference - wasn't defeated until the 100th floor.


I did enjoy the s*x scenes, terribly so. It's perfectly fine having interspecies s*x with demons or Demi-humans or such, but people get offended if it's with a middle school girl. It's just wish fulfilment writing and doesn't harm anyone so get over it, at least they're still human. What truly made me happy was that someone finally nailed these girls from the anime that no jap MC could. No nosebleeds and passing out right before plowimg their fields, no unexpected world ending catastrophes falling from the sky for the sole purpose of cockblocking the MC. For me, it's like a scratch being itched that I haven't been able to reach for a long, long time.

the s*x scenes are explicitly descriptive, the first one happening somewhere around chapter 120, but be warned, after chapter 700 or 800, these scenes turn into "he pushed her down and.... the next morning" due to site policies or some bull. They don't make a turn around from that, so if you're waiting for the next one expecting something more, your balls will turn blue. I humorously reference this novel like a girlfriend in this sense. When the relationship is fresh your getting plenty, but later she just teases you and goes to sleep leaving you sore and wanting.

As for the rest, go read it yourself, or go look up spoilers on worlds the MC visits + girls he "pushes down" to see if it appeals to your tastes. <<less
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Wolfick rated it
I Chose to Fake My Death
April 15, 2019
Status: c16
This story is completely rubbish. It actually made me feel sick in the stomach just reading it.

First we have a boy who is ostracised and excluded by everyone and turns into a loner who falls in love with the 2D, that ol' cliche. He then wishes to be a girl so that he will be loved and Her Bimboness, Goddess Vampire Lesbian, appears and turns MC in a girl.

This much I could accept, but the story became even more sickening. I shall include it in a spoiler just in case,... more>> read at your own risk.


MC turns from a 17 year old anorexic guy into a 14 year old "adorable" loli. Tells the parents and they accept it as it is the most normal thing in the world.

Afterwards, dad proceeds to pat her (him) on the head and she (he) goes "daddy's hand... so comfortable, " before reminiscing that this was the same hand that beat him until he was coughing up blood on the floor for not getting dad a glass of water. Don't forget, he's supposed to be a 17 year boy inside. I want to point out so many things wrong with this, but I'll just stick with my original term for it, sickening.

Next, our 17 y/o boy turned anime loli with serious daddy issues and a re****ation in mental growth, is kidnapped by someone is became/was already a goddess or some crap but is actually her (his) servant. The whole scene up to it is absolutely rubbish, where she is sexually assaulted, the guy? Even saying he fingered her when she was unconscious, and taken physical advantage of because she is a strong weak as a four y/o child. The whole scene was incomprehensible because the author constantly changed scenes from one paragraph to the next.

After suddenly becoming her servant, the MC has the goddess/slave stick a dildo up her arse and leave it there. Because author wants MC to be stronger so he has her turn into a massive sad*** momentarily before regretting what she did. Completely out of character and off putting.

MC then gets a system, which displays her (his) stats. The reading for being so weak is her (his) strength value is at 1. Because of this, she (he) is as weak as a chicken and constantly gets sexually harassed/assaulted. She protests to not sexually harass her (him) but then says "please... don't, or... I will start to like it" with teary eyes... sickening.

She (he) gets free points to increase her (his) stats, yet every time she puts them into intelligence. Despite "becoming more smart" she is still sexually harassed because she still isn't smart enough to think "if I put some points in strength, I wouldn't be so weak everyone can take sexual advantage over me at their own convenience."

Other characters are also constantly inconsistent and change completely depending on the story.


when I look back on the 16 chapters I've read, there is far too much of the MC being sexually assaulted and taken advantage of, followed by the horribly inconsistent plot and characters.

I came to a conclusion, this story is the author combining the plots of various hentai manga and only saving them right before someone gets raped.

Anyone who would consider this novel good, is probably a very disturbed person, or a horribly horny teenager who thinks fantasizing about raping an adorable young girl is a good fap material. <<less
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Wolfick rated it
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
April 6, 2018
Status: c235
It had an excellent start and was highly compelling, but slowly started rolling downhill and then became a landslide.

The idea of fishing for random items in his old well is a fresh take on the genre and very interesting to read, but each time he levels up his "fishing", he is restricted by being able to fish less and less. The novel slowly walks away from the whole fishing concept and starts to focus on the main world as if the author was regretting his fishing idea, which was really... more>> interesting tbh.

By chapter 200+, fishing has all but disappeared, and while I don't mind a modern day cultivator setting, this one is quite boring and just full of cliche. The next problem is the extreme racism to the Japanese. This author must absolutely HATE the japs, or he must be trying to cater toward those that do. Whenever Jap "cultivators" appear in the novel, they laugh while killing the Chinese and refer to themselves as the Great Japan. Here is an excerpt from the novel.

"Before him were the twisted bodies of several corpses, including a 16, 17 year old girl whose eyes were still wide open in death, as though she could not understand the reason she died."

The other Chinese are completely helpless in these situations and it's up to the MC and his bravado to step in and kill all the japs, inciting the warm feelings of all other Chinese. GDW racism was at least consistent and so bad I actually found it humerous (to not know whether to laugh or cry), this one though just comes out of nowhere and slaps you in the face.

all in all, it had a fantastic start, but crashed hard and from c200+ is not worth reading at all. <<less
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Wolfick rated it
World Record
June 4, 2018
Status: c27
Its One Punch Man with a twist on the settings and events enough that it can barely escape pure plagiarism. What is different is the school setting, cities not named after letters, "One Punch Man" has a super powerful sister, and the higher ups are not oblivious idiots who don't know the mc's TRUE POWAH.

In all seriousness it has done a good job turning the series into a novel as OPM is a gag manga in origin and turning it into a gag novel would just fail so miserably a... more>> one star rating would be high praise. Gag relies heavily on character expressions and you would either have a novel trying to be funny without them, or being overly descriptive and detracting from the story. Another point is you would have raging readers who take it too seriously poking more holes in the plot than Swiss cheese.

As for those curious how it is similar. While characters are different in name and the setting is different, personalities are uncanningly reminiscent and some scenes also are so familiar you can predict what is going to happen. Here are some cases in the first 20ish chapters.


MC is esintially saitama with a different name with a little more seriousness in background yet his personality is laid back and sometimes (seemingly) oblivious to certain scenarios. He casually runs into a crab monster while looking for crab for dinner and one punches it to death before taking it home to cook (A mixture of a scenario and familiar monster here you may recall from OPM)

Second main girl, after his sister, is a battle maniac who practically chases the MC down begging to be his apprentice. Sound familiar? You bet it does. She's a female, human Genos. She even forces MC to "spar" with her that plays out pretty much exactly like the spar between Saitama and Genoa in OPM.

The monsters, called Unknown, are designated into several different classification tiers based on how much damage they can cause. Ranging from district level, to city level etc...

A bunch of men with black hair (dyed black, as everyone in the world other than the MC has a superpower which shows on their hair colour so no one has black hair anymore) cause a riot and want to kill a big shot for their own bullsh*t reason. This is essentially the bald men group from OPM who rioted because they didn't want to work.

The MC has a massive shampoo complex where he is severely obsessed with it, a play that can be interpreted as "he is afraid of going bald"...

The number 1 "hero" hasn't been heard from and is presumed missing to the public *cough* Blast *cough*

Seriously, do I need to go on here? I think you should get what I mean by now.


I don't care that much if the MC is essentially saitama, we all love the guy, but please use some thought into creating a completely new story. No more of this slip-shod ripoff. No more deadly foreshadows and mysterious backgrounds that are so heavily laced in cliche I could suffocate on them. You're a good author, please put a little more brain juice into your own story and next time I'll give it a 4 or 5 star rating. <<less
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