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WindyWind rated it
I Alone Level-Up
January 18, 2019
Status: c92 part1
Great novel, 100% recommend if ur looking for a system novel with solo oriented MC.

Also be sure to read the manhwa (called solo leveling)

Its literally the same, sometimes even word to word, but the drawing is rly good. Specially the beginning felt a lot more impactful.
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WindyWind rated it
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei
November 10, 2018
Status: c124
At start it seemed a really promising story. We get an awesome MC. Yes she is op, a full fledged mary sue, but atleast she is confident, ruthless and independent female in a male oriented society. Through blood and sweat she becomes stronger, from the lowest starting point without anything, she builds get strenght and gathers her forces...

Sadly all that is told with time skips in 10 chapters. After that there will be no more hardship for the MC. Literally its as if the enemies at that point are around... more>> level 1 to 10, and the MC is level 100.

That would be still fine, but for some reason the author thinks that is still too hard on the MC. So the big obstacle, the villainous family, gets solved right at start.

Turns out the father who always ignored her suddenly figures out he loves her and starts to unconditionally support her. Also he does not like the evil family that the MC wants to get revenge on. Even when MC kills them, he is all supportive, no questions asked.


At that point we just get no suspense as MC will go around displaying her womanly talents. As a mary sue she is of course unbeatable in appearance, singing, playing instruments, poetry, etc. But atleast she is still a badass ruthless woman, so we must get to see her in some real action, right?

Again author thinks that is too much hardship.

Introducing the ML. As a ML, he is of course peerles in appearance, even more op than MC, and falls deep in love with MC at first sight. Not gonna comment on how he fell in love with the 8 year old MC, while he himself is an adult, cause thats the least of the problems. Luckily the MC is 13 years old once the ML gets his hands on her.

Throughout the story, the ML is like an annoying fly, popping out from anywhere. Every single time when MC is about to do something, out of nowhere the ML comes flying and hugs her. No matter where, ML will be there. The most annoying part about that is, whenever there is ML at the scene, we will most likely not see the awesome badass MC, but instead she will be portrayed as a weak lady who needs to be pampered. Even something as simple as riding a horse is too much according to ML, better get her to use carriage.

Overall it isnt a bad story, I really enjoyed the first 100 chapter. Even with how easy everything is for MC, atleast it means that the villains get dealt with, unlike some other stories where the villains really feel like they are immortal.

If it wasn't for the ML, I would prolly keep reading.

Maybe its just me nitpicking on everything, as I felt this story had so much potential, so I wont give it a low rating. I also suggest reading it if you like the genre. There are a lot worse novels than this one in this genre out there. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
Short, Light, Free
August 15, 2018
Status: c9
At first I couldnt understand what the novel was about. You can call me dumb if you want but I didn't expect it to be exactly as the description said - all sorts of novels, short stories. Basically its a collection of one shots, some being only 1 chapter long.

Sadly isn't really my cup of tea, but still would recommend it.
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WindyWind rated it
I Favor the Villainess
November 28, 2018
Status: c56
Its a yuri novel, with active translation, instantly gets 5star. Like seriously, the disparity between yuri and yaoi active translations is sickening. Good to see even a little change.

Anyway the novel itself can feel a little bland. It is a slice of life type with not much action.

But the MC is the saving grace, with her carefree attitude always teasing claire. Really is fresh and novel. Solely on that would recommend this.
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WindyWind rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
December 21, 2016
Status: c35
A very promising series. The premise is awesome, a sci-fi cultivation world. You could compare this to Swallowed Star.

If you liked that series, then ur absolutely going to love this one, as it's better in every way possible. Specially loving the depth of technology, and the unique part of it in the world. Really got me hooked early on, and couldn't stop reading till the end of translation. Anyway, short story even shorter, this is a definite must read.
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WindyWind rated it
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
September 27, 2016
Status: c20
An enjoyable read.

At first I was reluctant reading this, mainly because of the title. For some reason Japanese novels love to use such titles, which I have come to hate because of many disappointing novels. But this turned out to be nice. Nothing too special, and I can see it becoming more dull in the future, but till now (20ch) it has been a fun read.

Definitely worth checking it out for a change of pace.
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WindyWind rated it
End of the Magic Era
February 28, 2019
Status: c70
"Normally this would be an impossible thing to do... But not for him. Because he is from 10000 years in the future."

This is something you will be reminded again and again every time MC does something, sometimes multiple times in the same chapter. It feels like author thinks that we, as readers, would forget that he is from 10000 years in the future. So he makes it his duty to reminds us that he is in fact from there, and that everything he does is so much better because of... more>> it.

He does not care about the world building, the power system, personalities, normal human interactions, etc. All of it can be called generic and lackluster at best. Everything just feels so empty, just a bunch of pretty words, nothing more. For example we get told different ranks of mages. But what kind of power level they have, what are the feats they can do etc, nothing about that. We just know that the higher rank the stronger they are. Not to talk about monsters. They dont even get ranks, they are just called n-level monster. And same goes for pretty much everything else. Spells, tools, potions, artifacts. We just get bunch of cool sounding names, but nothing really describing it more in detail. Of course unless its about how MC made em so much better cause he is from 10000 years in the future.

The MC is also an absolute power creep, with no challenges so far. The fights are extremely boring. Even though they are using spells, I cant help but to think of cliche xianxia battles, where they punch each other, and then everyone are surprised when MC hits harder. There is no strategy, just MC negating everything and then hitting harder. For example there is a scene where MC is against hundreds of monsters. He complains how this is too difficult, near impossible even for him. And then he just proceeds to cast 1 spell to kill them all. Literally one spell and then once the enemies are all dead says how that was a hard battle.

This might sound that I'm being harsh on the novel and I'm just being mean, trashing the novel and not saying anything good about it. Well, that's cause I didn't really find anything good about this novel lol. And yet I still read this, and will read for at least a bit more, as I'm a sucker for op MC novels.

As a side note I guess the only good thing I could say is that we can expect there to be no harem. Like literally there has been no mention of any females so far. It is as if females don't exist and its only males world. Probably will change further in the novel, but just found it interesting enough to mention. <<less
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As a novel its not that great. Every arc is basically a copy of others. Besides the different setting, everything remains the same - the villains personalities, the conflict progression, the crowds/public opinion on MC, ect. If you have read even a single arc, u can already imagine every other arc from the start. Nothing ever changes.

Even the MC never changes/progresses. Or at least you couldn't tell as we don't get that much insight into the MC. Literally in the end of the arc you will have read and understood... more>> the villains more than the MC. Many arcs basically just throw the MC to the side, while villains progress. Telling how the villain is becoming better and better, winning over the public opinion and all is great. And then bam, finally we get told that meanwhile MC did everything 100x better. We don't get story how she did it. Just told that with a time skip manner.

At least the novel has a lot of face slapping, the MC is op as fuk and doesn't require a man to be her strength. It's a really easy going novel, as the MC is a genius above all geniuses. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
Elixir Supplier
December 11, 2018
Status: c81
What is this novel about? - A poor guy growing stuff, who was about to give up on it, gets a system and start planting magical herbs and make medicine. The system itself issues tasks that he has to reach, and will get rewards, bringing him to higher and higher level. I guess you could compare it to Gourmet Food Supplier, just the system is about growing herbs and making medicine for people.

What is good about this novel? - Nothing much, but as I liked this genre, I did enjoy... more>> reading it. For now the MC is quite likeable, atleast in terms of dealing with other people except his family (its the chinese filieal piety thing, where MC just cant have his own way of dealing with stuff without family pressing their own expectations on him). But other than that its nice to have a chill half-hermit like MC.

What is bad about this novel? - To be honest, a lot. But the worst I can think of is the writing. Its kinda flat, cant really feel any emotions of any character. The conversations feel really abrupt. It's like there are a list of things the author wants to bring up during the conversation, and he will literally just do that, one after another without considering the conversation flow. Once all the things from the list have been said, the conversation will end abruptly.

Then there are the repeating lines. For example any time a certain character visits MC, it will be: In the morning a Land rover goes up the road. Woof woof, dog barks. "Who is there" MC asks. "Its me" the guy answers. "Oh come in" MC says. And it will be the exact same time next time he comes. Or if somene else comes. Again, and again. Instead of just saying that the character came to MC, it has to be said he came with landrover, and that the dog barked and then MC asking who is there.

I could go on the annoying things about the writing style of this novel, but meh, there really isnt a point. Even though the writing is bad, I still read the translation and went on reading the raws with google translate. So atleast there is some kind of charm for this novel, which is also why im not giving it a bad rating, despite it really deserving a lower rating. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
God Level Demon
July 12, 2018
Status: c1554
Do you like face slapping?

Do you like MC that will never be on the losing side?

Do you like MC actually killing his enemies, instead of the infinite repetition of enemies escaping ?

... more>> Do you like MC being as arrogant as possible?

Well then, this is the novel for you then.

The novel is all about MC being arrogant, completely destroying anyone that stands in his way. His whole goal is to get people to hate him, as that is his cheat system. That alone is what makes this novel good.

There is no real plot, characters have no personality, MC is protected by plot armor, girls around him serve no purpose and every single one of them have the same personality. A lot of the events that happen in the first couple hundred chapters will be repeated again and again in later chapters.

Yet none of that matters when it comes to the novel. Because MC has to earn hate points to grow in power, he will do absolutely everything possible to get people hate him.

A schoolmate looks down on him? He will absolutely destroy and humiliate him and his other schoolmates.

A young master from a big clan wants to kill him? Well he will kill him instead. But oh wait, its bad manners not to thank the big clan for the treasures the young master had on him, so better write a thank you message at the site.

Some big powers are coveting the treasures he got? Those big powers have even bigger powers behind them? Good, it would be a shame if there wasn't anyone to profit hate points from as he destroys the big powers.

It's all about MC shining with his peerless talent, being arrogant and pissing everyone off. Yet unlike other novels with arrogant characters, it doesn't take itself too serious, which makes it a fun read. Though if you are wanting to read it, I suggest reading MTL version of this, as its something you read in bulk rather than savor the quality of it. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
Venerated Venomous Consort
March 12, 2018
Status: c528
A series I really enjoy.

Mainly what I love about this is the misunderstandings between the MC and ML due to their distinct personalities. MC, who has been hurt in her previous life and has closed her heart, and the ML, who is powerful and enigmatic. Their first meeting is hilarious, and the following events are unlike what would normally happen.

If you like this genre of novels, then you will surely like this one.
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WindyWind rated it
The Skyrider
October 29, 2018
Status: c15
As cliche as it gets. Can't rly think of ways to make it more cliche.

The setting, dialog, fighting sequence, MC, story progression, audience reactions, ect. If you have read any other sh*tty xianxia, then ull be familiar with it.

As I like system novels I rly wanted to give this one a chance, but the neverending 'You cant possibly do this, you are a trash. Wait u just did it? Not possible, u are a trash, go die! ' Writing style,... more>> which is so common in these types of novels, killed it for me.

I guess if u arent rly familiar with such novels, u might find it interesting. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
September 19, 2016
Status: c84
A surprising read.

The first time I only managed to reach chapter 2, before dropping this, thinking I would never read this again. But I was wrong. Somehow I decided to read it again a couple of weeks later, and I actually read it till the end of current translation.

A novel with as bland of characters as they get. Every single character is empty, without a personality. But strangely I wasn't bothered by it... too much. Till now it was better than most of the generic Japanese novels. Then there is... more>> the descriptions. Be it either training (except some rare occasions), fights or just the overall situation, it is all very vague or rushed.


Literally the first 5 or so chapters show that, where author just sums up the beginning arc, 2 years of training, in those few chapters. After that there will also be a few more time skips, during which nothing happens besides MC gaining a new ability.


But still it was kinda interesting seeing a MC with totally different skill set compared to the others. It might also be the sole reason I enjoyed this novel.

Would I recommend this novel for others to read? No.

But if you are bored like I was, with almost nothing else to read, then you might as well give this a try. At least imo it's better than some other generic stories.

A small tip tho: skip the beginning. I myself started reading at c2 or c3 at my second try, and it definitely helped me to stick to the story and not outright drop it. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
August 22, 2017
Status: c227
Incredibly repetitive - This sums up the whole story. Every conflict basically follows the same template, over and over again.

Then there is other characters, who also have the exact same personalities. The always doubtful crowd, who, no matter what the MC does, is there to doubt him. The angry and arrogant people who always have to challenge the MC, repetitively, even after suffering a loss, until there is nothing else to challenge him with. The cold beauties that think MC is trying to... more>> impress them, just to find out he isn't.

Yet despite all this I enjoyed reading it. You might find it interesting if u can look past the before mentioned things. <<less
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