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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
The World Online
October 21, 2017
Status: c6
This may be a bit early for a critical review, so just take this as encouragement for more chapters. I like this novel. It's everything I like (virtual reality, strategy/cleverness, action, adventure) with things I like that I'm pretty sure are going to show up (kingdom building, army building, and such). I like the idea of a strategy territory building game and so far it's been pretty easy to understand and follow along. It'll be interesting because it seems the land is the same as Earth (hence the name game... more>> name Earth Online?), making me wonder if there's any bonuses for certain famous lands/landmarks.

I read it all in one go (not hard with only 6 chapters), but I sit here wanting more. I'm eager to see what happens when war to breaks out and to see how the MC's starter village turns out as he develops and builds it. What sort of mechanics the game has to handle war, what opportunities will show up, how do things go with his little sister? I'm eager see how well the MC handles conflict and obstacles. So, basically, I personally like this and want more. Keep up the good work! <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
Hero without Blood or Tear
March 12, 2018
Status: c18
I had a great time reading this, too bad the chapters have stopped being posted.

This story was based on an interesting idea. You've probably played strategy games where there was campaign mode and where you could select an avatar to use as your character, that's what the MC is used to doing and he is the the best player at this. However, the new 'Hell Mode' gives you a random unimportant character that you use in the same campaigns the MC is used to, so the MC isn't limited and... more>> constricted by the planned campaign like it is usually is, at the cost of not getting the advantages that the 'avatars' usually get. This was a really cool idea to read and you can see how the MC is taking advantage of this and going off-script from what would usually be done. It's been risky and not everything goes exactly as he plans or expects, but it's been great fun to read.

A shame no more chapters have come out. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
The Overlord of Blood and Iron
September 3, 2017
Status: c22
This has a lot of potential. I like the idea and the story, and I don't really see any plot holes or such.

I like the use of strategy and the MC's cleverness. I like how he can be tough, but he isn't s*upidly ruthless/heartless.

People reading to this point and really upset that the MC doesn't slaughter the guy who attacked him should pay attention to the story. The MC has already demonstrated that he will spare some enemies (like the gangsters from when he just gotten back, before the Grand... more>> Calling). He's willing because those enemies did no real/little to no damage, weren't any real threat, and he could make use of them. He also spared the attacker because in his view it was just a foolish kid who suddenly got powers, who did no real harm. You have to remember he just spent years at war with enemy nations, with massive bloody gut wrenching battles, this was nothing but a kid clowning around to him. If the kid had killed people, the MC admitted he would have killed him, but the kid didn't. I think he'll probably put the kid to work, as a subordinate or such.

If the MC taking subordinates from enemies he overpowers really upsets you, this might not be the story for you. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
He’s the Legendary Guard, Isn’t He?
June 6, 2017
Status: c4
I really like it so far, but I wish there were more releases or that they released more frequently.

The background is that monsters can invade through dimensional portals and humanity has 'awakened' to game-element system. However, it appears it is determined how strong an 'awakened' a person is when they are awakened and that is determined by their skills and stats. However, the quality of the skills you get and how much stats you have varies. There are some 'awakened' how have negative skills that make it harder for a... more>> person, skills that are only good as they hold a condition (such as only being strong against a single type of monster), decent skills (that are good in all situations, but don't excel in a single situation like the condition skills), and great skills (which are the usually OP skills you've probably read in the past). They also receive a title when they awaken, which usually also fits the awakened and their new skills at the time. Someone with anger problems awakened and got the 'Anger Management Knight' which is grows strong/buffed against weak enemies and weak/debuffed when facing strong enemies. Usually you can tell how strong an awakened is by their title: a 'Genius Mage' got a permanent buff that shortened their cast time, a 'Inept Mage' got a permanent debuff that lengthened their cast time.

Our MC awakened, but it wasn't like the rest. For example, our MC is sad because he got dumped and got a 'Depressed Ward' title (Ward meaning guard, basically). His stats were all 1, his title is only strong against prisoners. He appears to be basically useless against monsters.

However, not all is as it seems. At this point, the MC keeps getting little mini-quests, which give him stats, but it says it is 'restoring' stats, I believe. His skills are not unlocked/known yet, which is not what usually (or ever, apparently) happened before. He is slowly working his way up.

Not sure how good a review this is, I read the chapters and got excited. I just really liked this and wish there was more to read right now. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
Dark Civilization
August 23, 2017
Status: v2c7
I really enjoyed reading this. I've read similar novels like this, but I enjoyed how Dark Civilization distinguished itself from the crowd. WARNING, SPOILERS BELOW
... more>>

There are some similarities to other similar books. The MC suddenly wakes up back on the day it all began after surviving the apocalypse for years, the MC takes advantage of his future knowledge, the MC IS on the path to becoming OP as you might expect. All these are presented in a way that is OK and makes sense from a character's point of view, rather than just wish fulfilment. After all, anyone with a large amount of knowledge of things that would benefit them would use it, like how the MC know it would be beneficial to have the evolved create DNA injected sooner rather than later. The MC isn't perfect either. Even with his future knowledge and his skills in combat (from surviving years of the apocalypse), he's almost died so far. It's not all relying on his future knowledge and he doesn't have the intimate future details for everything (at least, not from what I've seen so far), unlike some MCs who end up having the intimate details on events that let them swoop in and take all the benefits for themselves from a situation.

Now, for other things I liked. I really liked how Evolution and mutation is handled, with variety and interesting differences. It doesn't read like a wall of info, but leaves stuff for your imagination. For example, there was a single sentence on rats that had bloodhunger rats, plaguewind rats, and tricyclop rats. It went into some detail on bloodhunger rats and didn't go into the others, but you can imagine what abilities/differences they might have with names like those.

I liked how the MC isn't perfect. He gets wounded, he nearly dies, and not everything goes his way. As of v2c7, his sister is discovered to have last stage leukemia and he is desperate to try and cure her, no matter how small the chance and how dangerous it will be for him to go out and try. He's shown this care for his sister multiple times, so it isn't just pulled out to twinge emotions and such, which is nice. His sister also has some character to her, she isn't just a weak little thing to highlight how strong the MC is. She's kind-mannered, not s*upidly so, and willing to try and help out her brother fight zombies. I also like the kind of person the MC is, personally. Some novels in similar situations have their being cruel/ruthless from their years of brutal survival, abandoning those that are not personally important like a family member/close friend. The MC is cold-mannered, but has treated others decently and his sister helps keep him that way.

All that said, I wish it was still being posted/translated. I'd love to read more.

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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
God and Devil World
June 1, 2016
Status: c310
God and Devil World is an interesting read.

There's cannibalism, corrupt authority figures, and racism. It can be quite dark with rapes, forced prostitution, and s*x s*aves. Some people are saying that the way the women are treated and the racism are to be expected in a apocalyptic world, but the sheer scale of it is annoying.

There's been 300+ chapters yet there's basically only been ONE independent woman (in charge of a female triad) who has remained fairly independent, she's the only one who apparently hasn't fallen for the MC... more>> either. His 'harem' is full of girls he's only had s*x with once or twice and whom he's left behind as he goes off. They sort of just disappear into the background after a bit. Also, in the 300+ chapters, there's yet to be a SINGLE 'good foreigner', who isn't arrogant, corrupt, causing trouble, or buying people as prostitutes with a ramen package. I get it, some foreigners would do that... but every single foreigner? I believe there's been like 30? The author barely goes into them, except to get them out of the way within a few chapters.

Not to mention, there's been plenty of plot holes. Survival Coins aren't consistently mentioned in drops, the Beginner Town isn't mentioned anymore (where he could get the rest of his class skills for Survival Coins, you'd think he'd find that important, or get his soldiers/friends their own classes), somehow there are non-mutated animals despite animals everywhere else mutated / non-mutated animals can be infected yet MC never encountered one before a zombie siege happened.

However, the concept and idea of the story is quite interesting. It's zombie apocalypse + game elements, with the people/zombies/animals all leveling and getting stronger. It's fairly realistic in how people would act and succumb to their dark side (it's just the sheer scale that annoys me, not every village should have people prostituting themselves for a bun). If you don't think too much as you read this, you can really get sucked in. The MC's decisions are all pretty reasonable and clever, but he's not 'plot armored brained' where he expects everything and makes plans for them and everything happens to fall his way. Things go wrong and he'll scrambles to fix it.

People say the story repeats and in a way it does. He fights zombies/beasts, kill bad men/conquer places, meets new people and girls/they follow and fall for him. There's only so much he can do in a apocalyptic world. Most zombie movies go like this too, in different orders of course. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
The Almighty Martial Arts System
October 28, 2017
Status: c48
This was a fun novel to read. I really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, chapters don't come out often and makes me fear that it has stopped.

MC isn't OP, he doesn't appear to have a secret background, he doesn't always understand women but he isn't s*upidly blind either. I enjoy reading about how he's planting and when he cooks, it gives details but doesn't go crazily in depth with it, or suddenly have it come out of nowhere and never be mentioned again.

Like said in other reviews, the MC should end... more>> up fighting, but so far there's been not a whole lot of it. It might be it's building up to it, which makes sense. On the other hand, there's a review that says it isn't like normal xianxia and the MC remains humanly strong even after several hundred chapters.

I like how logical and reasonable it all is. Aside from the MC getting his power and the ability related stuff, it all make sense. It gives details to add to the story, like the MC planting and wanting a certain type of manure, having had a relative that used it and so learned from them. Plus, the MC is pretty calm and reasonable with no sudden or crazy things happening that is aside from the story progress, so give it some leeway. Nobody wants a story with nothing good or interesting happening, after all.

The translation seems decent. I actually think it's pretty good. The translation is pretty well flowing, I'm not seeing machine translated or such, but maybe I missed it. <<less
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