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WileyC rated it
Youjo Senki
September 17, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is far, far too complex to capture in a simple review. It's deep, amusing as hell, and well worth paying money for. In fact, I've bought every one of the (translated) novels and have the next few on pre-order. The MC is intelligent and complex and lives in a realistic and complex world. Magic is interwoven with a WWI era analog-Earth nearly seamlessly and turn what might have been a mediocre transmigration story into a delightful romp. Tanya, while powerful, is not a Mary Sue (you actually meet... more>> another character whose name is LITERALLY Mary Sue in a soon-to-be-published novel... she deserves the name) while still being relevant and effective.

My recommendation is to read the first few chapters on here and then go out and buy all the novels. This is exactly the sort of story that we should all support... by which I mean with hard cash! :) <<less
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To get the negatives out of the way first: The original is only being written VERY sporadically and the author has a choppy style of writing that can be off-putting. Neither is a reason not to give this one a try!

The plus sides are numerous: The MC is genuinely interesting, the situations and writing are amusing, and there is ZERO smut. Not that I don't mind some of that, but it would be inappropriate for this story and detract from the humor. The difference between how the MC sees herself... more>> and the rest of the world sees her provides endless amusement as well (much like in Youjo Senki). I also love how the MC throws herself into her new life without a ton of angsty baggage (again, that can be okay just not here) but her POV is definitely of an 30-ish man rather than a prepubescent girl.

I sincerely hope the author continues the story because 23 chapters isn't NEARLY enough! <<less
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