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Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
October 15, 2018
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This review is going to include spoilers. But I am not going to tag it.

For those considering to read this novel, even with the positive reviews, BEWARE. (The kind I mean is the kind that will kill. With its cringyness.)

"Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infested apocalyptic world." Only one chapter of this. Then it jumps into the MC (FL) transmigrating into the past. Next is going to include a list of things the MC does. DO read and ask yourself if you want to... more>> read this nonsense of a novel:

MC talked about how she lived in a zombie apocalypse MC wakes up in the (female) emperor's body and does a f**kIN body check to see if she's got a penis in front of the court
MC hears from the animals that the general is gonna die and the animals call her an idiot
MC goes to save the general and picks up some of his men along the way ML is being sliced and diced on his shoulder but not making a peep
MC comes up after ML got sliced and even eaten by the subjects
MC goes and heals the ML a little and threatens to get naked (and prove that she's a girl) in front of her subjects
MC manages to bring him back and is like "how to do??? This place??? Work?" and takes ML to her private room.
MC meets her mom and then meets her 'wife' in name MC hears from the animals that the food is poisoned with an aphrodisiac and MC actually believes which bowl is the one not poisoned, MC drinks the not poisoned one on the way to ML, then, ML and MC both drink the aphrodisiac and get jiggy w/ it.
MC flees from the f**king window and ML is just like "0.0 what?"
Also, MC sort of has his own camp of people who are happy that ML got saved cuz they are ML's men
and then a bird comes to MC and is like "SAVE MY MASTER" and she's like "Ya, sure." after she questions the cats and remembers, " Oh she took advice from a f**king color blind cat."
My recommendation to you, the one reading this now, is to ignore this. Even with the positive reviews like I stated earlier. DO NOT READ THIS. (UNless you like cringy (deathly cringy in my opinion) novels to your grave.)

This review included spoilers. But I didn't tag it. I felt that it was necessary.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. <<less
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