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WiLeY BiGhEaD rated it
Godly Student
March 12, 2019
Status: c150
If you like novels where the MC is a powerful pansy who likes to let everyone walk all over him, to share his secrets that even his wives don’t know with random strangers who he doesn’t like, or who gives away his wealth and treasure earned by nearly dying to other random strangers, and refuses to show his strength until someone he cares about gets hurt before letting them off because he lacks self confidence and a stable belief system; then this novel is for you!!!

This Author’s inability to give... more>> the MC a consistent personality ruined the novel. The MC wakes up in the secular world taking over a normal body with his immortal soul. However, he lets everyone walk all over him repeatedly even though he has no reason to. Here comes a stereotypical beauty that the MC won’t sleep with, better turn the MC into a masochist for some reason, and then go on a killing spree later, only after someone close to him is hurt or threatened. Like seriously I get there will be cliche characters coming along to fight the MC but he only ever threatens them with words and never shows his strength. It’s like the author can’t even come up with any better idea for a fight to occur other than that both the MC and instigators have such an inability to use their brains that they start hitting each other. It’s like every antagonist believes they can destroy a mountain with a popsicle stick while the MC believes everyone will listen to him because he can use the words “don’t offended me”. And then the MC just lets them off after killing or maiming their subordinates so that they can attack his loved ones.

Having this happen once or twice would be fine but every few chapters is just ridiculous. This cycle is literally the entire novel aside from the authors twisted view of romantic relationships which I won’t even bother discussing. It’s the same with material possessions as well. Oh look a soul level item that even the sect masters of the biggest sects in the world don’t have for personal use. Yeah I should just give a bunch away to some people I met a couple days ago, who have pissed me off for days, and without any compensation. Oh yeah I should probably share all my secrets too even though I have been terrified about letting my secrets slip out and keep talking about being low key. Seriously?!?!

Overall, if this MC wasn’t such a walking contradiction then this novel wouldn’t have any progression. 90% of the conflicts could have been avoided by the MC with a show of status or strength which leaves this novel without any meaningful plot. I don’t mind the fluff or cliches which are inevitable in this type of novel. But having the MC change his personality, worldview, belief system to fit each scene so that this story will progress has ruined any chance this has. <<less
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WiLeY BiGhEaD rated it
Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel
August 5, 2019
Status: v9
MC is the smartest and stupidest person in the novel. When the author can’t move the plot without having people make irrational decisions that do not fit the pre-established model you get a mess that is just upsetting to read. I do like the underlying premise of this novel, but the delivery of it is so inconsistent.

The best way to describe this novel comparing it to the Disney live remakes. If it’s your preference then some parts you will enjoy, but it will make you ask “why” when it does... more>> things like not giving the animals facial expressions in the new lion king. I can handle one or two of these stains to enjoy the rest but it eventually feels like the best bank robber in the world is walking around covered in ink from dye packs from head to toe while saying “this is fine” because there isn’t any other way to make drama. <<less
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