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WhiteCollar rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
December 26, 2018
Status: c817
This is actually a very good novel. Give it a try for a few chapters, you'll totally love it! Mengmeng is a very likeable character! Zhang Han is quite overbearing, but what can we do? He lived hundreds of years already in immortal world, so it's totally understandable how his 'great' mind worked. For the female lead, though her character is quite stupid sometimes due to her 'star' career, she's still become a good woman and wife later on for MC. Not to forget, those annoying and to-die-character young masters,... more>> they exist in this novel *chuckle*.

Oh, romance is quite good in this novel. As well as martial arts and cultivation. It's actually interesting how the mysteries revolving around MC (his past a.k.a memory in immortal world), MC's wife (one of the mysterious character in this novel;

you just can't wait to know what's the secret of her being


Overall, it's either going to be one of your favorite novel out there or you'll never like this kind of slice of life genre novel. As for me, it's beautifully done. One chip from me! <<less
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WhiteCollar rated it
Red Packet Server
December 13, 2018
Status: c133
Started with fun ideas and story lines. I personally think the beginning plot and story telling style is quite good when compared to REGOTR. By beginning, I mean the few beginning chapters. However, as it went by, you just couldn't take it anymore. It's ridiculous.

... more>>

MC portrayed as too arrogant with no idea of his place as a mortal, kept acting tough with those immortals as if he was a sovereign (well he called himself 'sovereign' and said he was a 'mortal' in the mean time; stupid) that could kill or trouble an immortal or yama. The immortals' characters are portrayed as quite stupid as well (defying Jade King order with no guilt for example). Not to talk about how easy it is for a harem member to be recruited. Maybe the Marriage String played a big reason here, but at least you can give a good story before 'blush' the girl right?


Well, as far as I read, I can already see how this will go, how repetitive the plot will be, how stupid and arrogant the MC and villains will go for.

If you want to read just for fun, like just want to have something to read, then you can casually read this. <<less
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