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If Isekai were food, this would be the equivalent to a plain burger from McDonald's. It barely has substance, and is bad for you. However, despite its lack in taste it's enjoyable in the sense that there's plenty of it and pretty easy to go through.

It's pretty much a guilty pleasure.

In case if you already forgot the synopsis or didn't read the title, it's about the strongest mage, sage, or whatever the hell you call them reincarnating himself into the future because his genetics lacked the talent to become stronger.... more>> He then awoke one thousand years into the future to discover that instead of humanity progressing in state of the art technimagibamboozlery, the lil' dunces regressed. That's a good concept, except everyone who ever lived vomits endless praises for the MC's actions. Hell, I could probably make an abridged example on the spot about the MC's massive ego dick.

Cuck: lmao u suck caus u sh*t at magic

MC: thats where ur wrong bucko

-proceeds to fire magic from his massive dong bomb-

Cuck: wtf u cant do that thats against the rules

MC: bit*h I made the rules

-Cuck makes a surprised face and drowns from the sheer amount of bullsh*t maguffins spewing from the MC's giant schlong-

If you want to imagine the interactions in action, literally search up any Family Feud video with Steve Harvey as the host. It's not exact, but the feeling is all the same.

Translator is doing a real good job though so props to him/her on that.

3/5 not good not bad. <<less
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Walkie_Talkie rated it
Cook of the Mercenary Corp
June 24, 2017
Status: c45
Literally taught me how to cook, or at least the recipes the translator linked in each chapter taught me how to cook. A good story about a dude who cooks for a hobby somehow stumbles into another world. I say hobby, but it's more like an obsession.

This gimmick starts with food. His food gives people motivation to be better than what they currently are, and you know what? I enjoyed it. Each chapter is a different point of view and honestly just reading the descriptions of the food from the... more>> perspective of others made my mouth water.

It's a rare story with so much juice that will leave you hungry for more.

5/5 I will literally suck a d*ck for more of this bullsh*t konobuta please <<less
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You ever wanted to read a slice of life where nothing happens?

If that's what you're looking for here you go. Lots of stories that don't really connect together. You can't get more slice-of-life than this.

4/5 cause it does the thing it wanted to do well.
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