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Most of the time he goes out hunting some cool stuff happens then it ends. Most of the time he is just thinking to him self, and talking to other people on a forums about his experience so far while sharing pictures and video. He learns magic but he is not good at. His dog does all the work when it comes to hunting. At this rate I feel like he will never leave his house at least for another 50+chapters since it is so slow.

... more>> Its crazy that almost two years have past and he has only left his house to hunt. He did find that little girl that he helped but he did not find her till like 20+ chapters in. This story is just to slow if this continues this will be like a 5000+ chapter long story, but the chapters are so short I don't even think you could call them a chapter.

It gets a 3/5 for me some parts I really liked but it was every 2 chapters out of 20, the story just needs to be allot faster its was to slow, this is a slow story among slow stories. We will all die before this ends. <<less
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