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Well personally for me, I just gonna say it's an intersting novel I don't know about other though.

Just read it if you think it's interesting and it suit your guys, on other hand if you don't like it then don't read it there is not only one novel like this nor there is only this one novel in the entire world where you must read this novel no matter what there are other too.

And another thing if you think the translation is not good enough the give the translator some... more>> advice, offer him help, or translate it yourself if you think you are better at it. It not a good thing to do honestly, that kind of thing just making the translator depressed and stop translation for you know what reason, and the other that waiting for the next chapter gonna feel down too.

After all what is being reviewed is the novel not the translator. If you don't like this kind of story the look at the tags, the genre that is the reason there is tag and genre it's not just an decoration put to make the page better.

- Btw I don't really know how not to put no-rating for now like DocB as I'm doing it from phone and just want to put some of my opinion here.

- Well for this novel so far I think it's good, as I just finish reading several long chap novel. <<less
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