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Vvibulo rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
October 6, 2017
Status: c180
This Novel success in make me rage quit and swearing so many times.

Looking back this novel was one ofbthe top novel in series ranking.

One of the good story in japanese novel I think, only... only if makoto (our mc) gone or replaced.

... more>> I think if nobita or chinese MC that think with his lower body replaced the MC, it will a hundred times better story than makoto as a MC.

1. Unambitious MC check. Typical japanese MC. There is nothing wrong with that unless he keep expanding the population of asora and his business or keep expanding his influence in human and demon kingdom.

2. Neutral MC check. It's a good trait I think. MC is a neutral between human and demon. But he keep intervening the demon from invading human (although the1st one he is forced by goddess). but don't want to stop the war cause it's troublesome.

I think the MC is a hypocrite, although the author said he has "grow" but he is still retarded.

The story from another Pov is many times better from the Mc's pov. The story great as it is, but makoto is a big minus (bigly). The MC is the most illogical, beta, annoying I ever read. No wonder the bug goddesses (antagonist) don't want him.

But it was still readable for me and quite fun because of the side character.

But it's all changed when his thinking "it's troublesome" reach another peak.

As information : he invade one of demons territory because it was his parent territory in the past., he intervent demon when the demons victory was certain., he go as an errand for a dragon, although he know he got played by that dragon.

But when one of his student or disciple either will end up as his subordinate lab pig or slave charm for a hero, he just "mehhh" just go be a slave cause It was more fortunate than be a guinea pig. Huh helping you?? Fat chance, it's troublesome you know. what?? Make you as a clerk at my shop??, huh do you have a mirror!? With your just slightly above average skill you want to be a clerk at my shop, f*ck off. You want to be acitizen of asora?? I have annoying and many troublemaker demi humanvin asora even a spy from demon, why I have to accept you just a mere "student" as a citizen of asora. What? I have many ways to save you, not a chance it's too troublesome for me.

f*ck it's make me frustrated. his apathetic even to someone that have relationshio to him, make me disgusted. That's the biggest reason to quit this for me. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
The World Online
November 21, 2017
Status: c161
The premise is, the whole people in the earth playing one game.

For the game aspect I think this novel is above average.

for the plot, its not surprising to see a chinese novel with plot armor and heavenly luck. But a great plot if I say myself with kingdom building more intense than LMS.

for character, they are quite likeable and not too flat. Unless for his men in game (NPC), they are all submissive to him, making some reviewer rate this low. But if I must say what did you expect,... more>> they are npc after all.

romance, I didnt know, too early to tell.

overall I recommend reading this novel for you who like game elements and kingdom building, but be prepared the MC tend to be a ruler (to kingdom building) than adventure (slaying monster, exploring area etc) <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
August 7, 2017
Status: Completed

The thing I always anticipated from this novel is the items and skill Mc's got.

The story of this novel is predictable : get stronger, more items, more powerful skill, slap the enemy's face. Well of course there is an unexpected events like


Mc's decided not to pursue his previous lover, his biggest (previous life) enemy dead by his other enemy, or the ending (for me, I expect MC will conquer China or something like that)


For his harem, the most normal encounter is his first lover.


if I recall correctly there are 5, and no underage girl in his harem like some comment accused. And yes, his previous lover is not included


Story got flat in the middle near end. And the authors apologize because of the op'ness of MC and his plot armor in ending.

About the similarities of this novel with avatars king, I think there is no problem with it.

Overall I think this is a decent read, I don't feel any regret for completing this series.

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Vvibulo rated it
Extraordinary Genius
February 14, 2018
Status: c150
It's a good novel, I really like the development.

MC is not an omnipotent man, he didn't have perfect memory or knowledge, he just remember some event and he can't even remember the detail of that event. His business isn't developed like vpna, there is many hurdles and obstacles. Even until now, his business is not the top notch in the city. A gangster group can smash his business to pieces, a factory can make his business sealed and so on.

I'm still wondering if MC will get back with... more>> his old wife, or search for new wife. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
Shadow Hack
February 1, 2018
Status: c85
Inconsistency, inconsistencies, and more of them. I've been face palm so many times while reading this novel.

Who would thought our Mc's principle to live low key blown in just a couple of chapter because of his ego? Me neither.

Who would thought anyone in this world are so dumb, that they know how much crystal flux got by Mc's and his efficiency absorbing them, but don't know how much he has opened. And didn't find it strange why the number didn't add up. Me neither

Who would thought after MC kill one... more>> of their classmate, the chemistry of the class didn't change? And his former teammates apologized for it. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
October 4, 2017
Status: c133
Fun read actually but it's specific to chp 1 till 100.

Ah it really make me sad, actually I really like MC when he was an orc. But all changed now. I think we need physiological tag here

Mc's arrogant (now). No, don't get me wrong. I like arrogant and badass MC, but I think author screw it up. Acting high, haughty and all knowing or wise in front of enemy it's cool. Until ... more>>

you act like that in front of a 12 yo, blind, and on wheelchair girl. Ugh it's really a big let down. Even 8 grade student still got hero syndrome.


Undecisive MC about the girls is a big minus for me, it is just like japanese harem.


A downhill betrayal of one candidate harem, spice the story more attractive but it was too short, the execution is poor and the conclusion is not that good. No foreshadowing of the betrayal, and how MC know about it. And add with that 12 yo girl, I closed the curtain.


If author make many scene about MC and his father maybe I can hold on.

Contrary to what other said the story is not similar to returnee. It is vastly different.

the MC isn't smart, schemer nor cunning but act like one.

1 star for first 100 chapter, and 1 star for father son's interaction. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
Silver Overlord
January 6, 2019
Status: c113
This novel really have big potential with the twist the author pulled in recently translated chapter. Without this twist maybe this novel will be the what the low rater said, a generic Chinese transmigrator. The Keypoint is really in the second chance tag. I was confused at first as how this novel got second chance tag while it was transmigrated story. But after that twist I become so invested in the story.
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Vvibulo rated it
Rebirth in a Perfect Era
February 24, 2018
Status: c1300
I don't know why, this get a low rate despite haven't been translated yet.

In my experience, this novel really has good pace and development. And the mtl of this novel, is the most readable so far.

It's highly recommended for someone who like second chance and modern day theme.

... more>>

Edit : I accidentally give 1 star, trying to solve this.

As chapter 1300, the romance of this novel still has no progress from 100th chapter. But the affair of MC had, is expanding. I say "affair" not harem because the female lead doesn't know of them.

The story is really good, the pace, how it developed, and how the antagonist persist in the story (like MC need about 700+ chapter to get rid of him). And like my fellow reviewer said above me, the only minus for me come from nationalism of the MC. No don't get me wrong.I like the concept of nationalism, iam alright and somehow ridicule how the above review said it was annoying at first, but past 1000 chapter it occurs frequently and started to have more length and event in story. <<less
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Kingdom’s Bloodline
April 17, 2019
Status: c68
It's a great story. But beware, this will not be a light reading at all. The plot and mystery is really thick. You will need more energy to digest the story. Don't try marathon for this novel. You will get a headache just like me.
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