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Vretzel rated it
Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils
May 8, 2016
Status: --
I rather like this one, story seems nice, very individual characters too, but it is too soon to say at all. I am quite fond of the mutation system and the way things where “explained” as of now (ch 13) I’d rate it somewhere around 4.5, but I’ll just round it to 5

Just a tiny thing I have to say, it isn’t a copy of GDW, firstly because it was written 3 years earlier than it (GDW 2013, KGGD 2010) and

... more>>

It isn’t that monsters suddenly appear, the whole college is transported to another world where monsters already exist, the MC and his mates are the “invaders” in this one

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God and Devil World
June 1, 2016
Status: c309
Originally I didn't plan to write a review as I think there are enough, but I guess Ulamog wasn't satisfied by that... tricky orc (what ? it isn't supposed to be a orcish name ? I don't care, Ulamog will always be a orc, in my head atleast).. hope not every translations ask for more reviews or ratings (honest ones, mind you, we're not coerced to put lies in here) for new bonus chapters... that'd be really tiresome I would end up putting some 30-ish reviews around here.

Things I like:
Giant communities of people living on
Beasts and constant evolution of both beasts and zombies
The whole game system thing... more>> /> Ulamog's comments at chapter posts

Things I don't really care about or put up with it:
Mysterious ghost chapters once in a while

Things I don't like:
Woman he once held dearly and said would love forever becoming background.
People who were important becoming background... I guess I really dislike that, huh. <<less
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