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Vrethalya rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
March 24, 2016
Status: --
Okay, this is a story of a certain spider in a certain fantasy world. To some, this series is very interesting, but to some it would be a bland series. Why? Because those who follow and stick to this novel would think that this is about a happy go lucky spider and her journey in pursuit of power, but turns out to be something different. Those who saw the rating would expect this to be a mind bending story, but sadly, the plot twist would came in latter (about ch... more>> 150-180ish). All those first 150ch is about grinding MC and her epic fight

At first, I was going to rate this as 3.5 (4 at best since it's updated daily), because it's quite good in killing time since the author write it in a usual clown like MC who is pursuing power (and things that is interesting to her). Not to OP, but definitely not weak. That is until I read chapter 198, I was left with "what the f*ck are you trying to write here, Mr author??" kind of feeling. It's ridiculous, alien things are mixed here and there and the development is just to fast. Few chapters ago she's like making a nest here and there, and then wham. And then came those seemingly unrelated extra chapters. It seems boring at first, and feels as if the author just want to extend MC's POV just to f*ck with the readers. But then, at the end of the introduction of blood chapter's MC, it all hits me, all those what ifs, about the truth behind the taboo, about MC's relation with all those side chapters.

And it's suddenly turns to something else. It suddenly become so interesting, that even when Turb0 have to left the translation, Risingthedead's team decided to immediately pick this up, and continue his work (i dunno about the deals between them, it's just to fast)

This past few chapters started to reveal more and more about the truth about this world's system, how the world is coming to and end, how MC came with a seemingly twisted plan on saving this world from destruction, and what role does those character from those seemingly boring extra story are holding. At this point, I think that the author really think things through as he writing this novel

yes, this web novel is very very long. It took their time in explaining the grinding part. It took a long ass time for the author to move the plot into the next arc, but it seems so natural, that upon realizing, you'll finally ask yourself "what the f*ck is going on, when does things turn into this direction?"

For those who are impatient, here's some warning, and some insight about the plot and be advised, there some minor spoiler (i love to call it insight instead of spoiler though)


1. Grinding arc (ch 1-150)
wellp, it's the begining story. Yeah, it's the usual grinding chapter, leveling up, evolving, racking skills up, lvling up Taboo (wait, what), acidentaly learns about the world's truth (ch 130, 148-150) and some insight about her true nature (ch 150, also some side chapter. Dont be lazy, keep looking). It's nothing but battle and eating.
this part is also where most people decided to give up and left this novel

2. Learning the world's circumstances and preparation arc (ch 151-201)
after learning the about the world, MC finally think that it's time for her to make her move. While preparing for her final stage, she travel here and there to understand about the world's condition. Here, the author decided to finally inform the reader about the human residing in this world (not really detailed though, since in the end, they all are nothing but trash), and all the important faction that affecting this world
this, is where everything turns into what the f*ck

3. Let's save the world, while accidentally kill some and intentionally kill the rest (ch 202-206, current recent chapter)
after grasping the mean to realize her plan, MC started to intentionally interact with the dwellers of this world and manipulate the factions from behind in order to realize her plan
this is where you finally realize "holly shit, it's becoming something else, and it's starting to become more and more awesome", and where all those side chapter starting to make sense and hold their own role (wellp, except the part where demon lord and her acquintance is crying over spilled fruit)


In short, this is a silly story that ended up being serious (still in a silly way). Some come for the silly part, and left at the serious part. Some come because they say the serious part is epic, but left disapointed because it need about 200ish chapter until it finally became serious but those who rated this as 5/5, definitely because they come for the happy go lucky part, and hyped up when sh*t gone serious (wellp, me included).

Be warned though, the first silly half, depict spider in such a cute way, that you'll start to question your disposition about spider and the later half with the impresion that the MC is not a spider, but is actualy a snake <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
May 23, 2018
Status: c23
wellp, keep in mind that im writing this review in accord to my taste and its all but an opinion (and a tid bit of fact)

The story so far is quite interesting and the description is acceptable. Started off strong, with only several character, but clear distinction, relation and interaction between them. It is also well translated with little to no mistake being made in each chapter.


  • good translation quality
  • its pace is quite good, not to fast, yet not to slow
  • reasonable update rate
  • reasonable MC, not some shounen beta MC who unreasonably tries to save everyone, nor edgy dude who tries to kill everyone in the story. Just an unlucky adult who got kicked from his previous job bcs his company got wiped out
  • the MC isnt like to strong that he can challenge everything with ease, there are actual problem being faced by MC and his company, like unreasonable new kid who just got introduced to this kind of work, unreasonable work load due to some kind of unlucky circumstance (well, sh*t happens), new kid got rekt by reality, MC who hated him just left him alone so he can reflect on his action (on the afterlife)
  • the story flows in a good way, not just some dude go to place A, dude wipe some enemy, dude got power up, dude got new equip, dude go to town B to buy/repair his equipment, rinse and repeat. No, it has a good reasoning, why is he ended up in that city, why the MC do that, why the MC has to face such problem, etc.
  • once again, the MC is reasonable and relatable. He is an adult who tries his best to survive in a harsh adult world after being kicked from his old company. Like an adult (at least in an asian background) there are complains with who you're working with, but you have to endure it since not everything can be solved by tackling it head on. MC aint trying to lay low either, he just do what he have to do in order to survive in a harsh world
  • so far, the characters are well defined, not just a sack of walking troupe (well, some are quite linear with fantasy-related characters, like how there are elf and dwarf, and how they act, but not to the point that the troupe dictates how they act in every situation)
  • the story felt kinda similar to goblin slayer (wellp, seeing how the first trouble he experienced is a horde of goblins (sweet jesus, some people just think that goblin is a mob enemy, but seeing how they're always at odds with human, kidnap humans and breeds like rats with intelligence similar to an infant or neanderthal, and is capable in working in a group, making a small basic village and using magic and weapons, they're more than just a mob like how similar novels describe them)) it describe demon's threat realistically

  • wellp, its quite short
  • since its short and well explained, some chapters seems filled with not-so-important details that will explains the characters involved, their circumstances, and their course of action.
  • since its short, and some chapters are filled with a not-so-important details, the story progression felt a bit slow
  • eventhough the MC is a senior mercenary who have been involved in a life and death bussiness, the MC arent really assertive. He is more like a wait and see type of a person and at some situation (mostly in the begining of the story), it seems kinda bit weird, like putting up with beginner party who wont even bother to check on their job and doing simple assignment within the party like night watch, which is important for the party's safety. (I know it really is an awkward situation, but dude, thats f*cked up, leaving their back open like that)
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Vrethalya rated it
Youjo Senki
March 31, 2016
Status: --
I personally rate this novel as 4 out of 5

I cant say what this novel basically is, since even though it's quite long, but there's still only 2 chapter (4 actually, 1 prologue, and 1 partial translation. But counting the chicken before it hatch wouldn't be a good thing, no?). So far, I quite love it.

The main theme is about a guy (i still confused about his profession. HR, RnD, or some sort of management?) who died, meet with the higher being, and being reincarnated into another world. The twist... more>> is, after his death, god (or something with similar attribute) judge him for his unpieousness (is this a word? The noun is piety) and decided to reincarnate him into a world with war and magic.

What I love about this novel is it's setting. The world take places in a seemingly WW2-ish era (i dunno, but it just gave that steam punk-is feels) instead of the usual kind medieval era, thus we are shown with a seemingly more intelligent war than the usual "make a line and charge to the death" kind of war. No hero, no demon lord cliche no status and lvl glorifying MC.

There is magic, yes, but it was shown with an to aru majutsu's esper-ish magic. Instead of freely manipulating the flow of mana, human is barely able to control it with a help of tools (where in clasic setting, the tools would be used to help people in chaneling it). Magic is scientifically researched, and shown as some sort of newly developed technology. Things would seems like it would only tell you about this reincarnated person, and it's involvement in the said war and also his thought, and philosophical standing about his current condition. (the author seems to love to depict MC's philosophical view, or maybe it's just his own philosophy?) but then, it was shown that there's God's intervention (they are literally doing it, by showing some miracle and stuff) at work, to correct MC from it's unpieous behavior as if saying that it will be about our MC's personal philosophical view against these gods's intervention throughout his life that's all I can say about it, and after this, would be my (really) personal rambling and some spoiler


At this point, the author really shown the gods as a selfish being who is hard headedly trying to maintain their system
as if the gods only care about your piety, instead of the good behavior within human it self. The plot seems to be driven by the fact that human is no longer being pieous, and the gods decided to set their path straight. Yes there were a discussion about how human had deviate from the 10 commandments but then, in 2nd chapter, seeing how human has no more faith towards the gods, and how human change from a being who always glorify their name, into a being who even dare to question the god's authority.

While on prologue, MC was said as a being who enjoys the act of killing indirectly but so far, the MC haven't shown any sign of a those tendency. Even his action in war, only shown by him because he is desperately trying to survive, while avoiding a troublesome future, like court martial, or killed in action

He is quite apathetic towards other's life, yes. He's quite stern in promoting a perfect corporate gear but then, it's not like he's a psychopath who is enjoying a manslaughter. To be condemned as a despite-full being who lost his pieousness is quite to far, no? And so far, I'm predicting that it will be a philosophy journey toward human relation with the gods, so be prepared.

That's all from me, and thanks for reading.

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Vrethalya rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
March 25, 2016
Status: --
This is a story about a slime who is ascending to every monster's dream. Making a town filled with monsters, that is. The author really does a good job with minding the little details, and know where he want to take his creation in to.

MC is not a hero, nor a typical hero stereotype who will save anyone in need. He is a pacifist but willing to do anything in order to protect the town and his family. Not a wimp, just a naive who is used to the usual... more>> peaceful day.

MC and his companion is OP, but there's still many character who is able to squash them flat. The humor is nice, the story line is very enjoyable, characters are very colorful and lovable and the action is definitely enjoyable and not confusing (there will be many large scale battle being depicted).

There is a harem potential, but the author turns it in a way that I'm starting to think the MC as a fatherly figure (wellp, he's old guy and a gender less slime, what do you expect?). Character interaction is very enjoyable and the side story definitely worth the time.

Be warned though, sometime the translation quality would be a bit crummy (but the translator's quality definitely improves overtime, and is doing a good job in this recent chapters), but you can seek enlightenment on the comment section. <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
March 25, 2016
Status: --
It's a story where the uglier you look, the weaker you got, and vice versa but then the MC came in and wreak havoc (well, not really) with his op power even with mediocre face (now you understand why I like this WN? good looking person could go and explode....).

MC is your typical clown with inferiority complex due to him being normal amidst his good looking family. He should be OP as f*ck, but his behavior is beta as f*ck. The story is quite similar to slime rimuru.

... more>>

but he show less attachment and remorse when he f*cked up to his town compared to rimuru


It feels like the author want to depict the MC as a clown character who turns bad ass when you mess with his family. but sadly the author is failed to execute his idea but then again there's some enjoyable moment, and it's not entirely bad. The comedic moment is nice.

MC's interaction (mainly influenced by his companion) to his surrounding is quite nice. The action scene is weak. The characters (beside MC, MC is so so) are enjoyable, its colorful, especially the heroes and MC's companion (honestly, his companion shine to bright compared to the MC himself) <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
Majo no Tabitabi
July 5, 2017
Status: v1 afterword
It's a weird but beautifull light story.

Its a story about a lone (weird) witch on her journey around the world.

Each chapter told us a different story, slightly, or unrelated to the previous one.

... more>> What's good about it is that it told us about light, and carefree stories that she experienced along the way, be it a weird, happy, fun, bitter, or sad experience.

It was writen as if we're hearing an anecdote from a traveler. It's short, yet entertaining, and would left an impresion toward those who heard it.

Then again, thats that. It is but a short and shallow story. Just like a traveler's diary, there's no plot, no background story, no character building, no conspiracy theory nor dark and edgy development or anything like that. Its just a collection of short story.

It definitely is a good light reading material. But for those who are looking for a heavier read, I guess this one wouldnt suit your taste <<less
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Be warned, as the author stated, it's his first work, and it's a full blown comedy similar to 4-koma. This novel is about an overly self conscious, villager who had a low self esteem about his healing ability (Which he learned about it by himself, and turned out to be OP. Wellp, basically, the typical OP MC). Oblivious with the way of the world, since he is just a mere villager who recently came of age and decided to go to a town to work as a healer, he always... more>> think himself as an inferior being, compared to others but he is (not quite that) stupid (at least he still show some sort of intelligence), and finally realize his abilities that he poses because his absurd way in pursuing and training his recovery magic.

Yes, it's a comedy with a plot, so don't expect a well developed plot in this novel, and just enjoy it for the comedy. Since the author already stated so in the beginning of chapter 1, I tried to enjoy it without really minding about the detail, and hey, it turns out not as bad as people claim it to be a 4 koma-ish novel with it's typical low self-esteemed dense character and it's slap stick comedy. <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)
March 29, 2016
Status: --
This is my impression so far with this novel (Ch 25). So far, I personally rate this novel as 4.5 out of 5

This novel is about a magus who was transported as an extra baggage, along with the hero, into the world where the magic aren't as developed as the modern (MC's) world but wait, even though his magic is, by far, more advanced than the level of that parallel world, it doesn't mean that his magic is better at dealing with that world's problem that the current world's magic... more>> system (so far).

There's a hint that the MC might be able overcome this problem (okay, lets bold the "might" part there...) and also, there's a hint that this novel will be tagged with tragedy.

First thing that you would notice with this novel is the slightly thick wall of words. Second thing, is how well it was well phrased (wellp, im not quite sure if this is the work of the author or the translator team, but the constant writing style even when the translation team change makes me think that it's the work of the author. but still, hats off to the translation team who is doing a superb work in showing that) and well written, with close to none useless detail and not dragging things to long.

This novel is quite thorough with its depictions of details, such as emotional depiction of characters, the universe's condition, the MC's social relation with his friends and surroundings, and mostly, MC's inner monologue and thought process.

The author also quite detail with the technical explanation of the magic's theory that was being used. quite, because it's not as detailed as Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, but more like to aru majutsu-ish (explaining what culture is the magic system was based of, instead of how the magic system used would manipulate physical phenomenon).

It's quite fun and refreshing, since the author explain how the MC's magic system is more advanced than the current world in a technical way. Surprisingly, even though the author really care that much about details, the author didn't really succeed in depicting the battle scene. It's feels as if you're reading naruto (shipuden) all over again. The battle would abruptly interrupted with skill explanation and how this skill (mainly magic) is absurd within the otherworld's POV, and this, would be depicted in dialogue instead of naration


think of it as this
>MC use magic
>magic system is different from the world'd system
>enemy A is confused
>"wtf with that magic? it's literally imposible!"
>MC is confused why it's possible, as if the common knowledge of his magic system should be obvious, while he understand that the otherworld magic system is different
>MC's ally explain why his magic is absurd
>MC explain how his magic system work, and continues on about how their magic system is different
>enemy A left dumbfounded
>reader was left out, expecting for the battle to be continued


The overly technical and attention to detail kills the previously built up mood for the battle scene and it's quite disappointing (for me, at least).

If I had to compare, I think I can say that this novel quite reminds me of harry potter and "to aru majutsu" with less fan service, comedic tone, and less satisfying battle scene (just like harry potter's last battle in the movie).

It really is a good read, with a lot of potential. <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
Divine Protection of Many Gods
March 25, 2016
Status: --
"I love master because master is kind and strong. Also, master bought me out of a whim, so it's an obligation for me to love master."

wellp, even the distrusting slave started to trust MC in 2-3 chapter. It's a story of a fluffy world where harem and companion is easy to get, where distrust among human is not real, and where respecting their savior equal to instant harem. Jeck, it's almost looks like the author's fantasy if he was trapped in the other world.

In a sense, it almost feels like... more>> death march kara, but with less detail, slow progression (wellp, most chapter focus on him wooing his slave harem, and skill checking by doing quest, and only 1 major event so far), and every plot hole would be filled with "because of divine protection watchumachalit" (basically plot armor).

wellp, since it's still 40ch long, I guess it's fair to gave some time for it to develop <<less
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