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VonLeon rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
July 28, 2017
Status: c30
It's pretty great so far. Been reading wuxia novels for a while and this was different and fresh. It's probably the most graphically descriptive novel I've read so far. It's like a Mad Max setting with less riding and more killing. There's a certain mystery that the novel is just starting to touch upon. Definitely, recommend if you're looking for something interesting.
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VonLeon rated it
Absolute Choice
March 26, 2017
Status: c298
I was mildly interested in the novel already because of the summary. It seemed like a unique novel. It starts off kind of weird because of the whole chunni thing but after around chapter 30 the main character gets really likable. The storyline is ok, it hasn't majorly developed yet but each Arc so far has been so nice. It's a hilarious and interesting novel.
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