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Vincent1873 rated it
The Gate Of Good Fortune
April 17, 2016
Status: c200
Very entertaining story. It’s somewhat repetitive but it’s not done in a terrible way. The story is internally consistent but that internal consistency doesn’t often make sense to me. For example I’m not sure why lower ranking schools are so eager to send away talented students to better schools. Anyway the story is a good waste of time without anything terrible happening to ruin it. So basically one of my favorite stories on the site.

I don't have any problems with the MC being unreasonably unlucky because he's also unreasonably lucky... more>> at the same time. Might as well have it both ways. Besides if you have bad luck, flee into a cave, and find treasure then can that even be called bad luck? That's basically just the same kind of thing most MCs go through.

I'm not aware of any girl being take from the MC and sold as a slave. The NTR girl is a girl who had s*x before even meeting the MC and was just his friend. My advice would be to not consider random side characters as romantic interest if you want to enjoy the story.

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Vincent1873 rated it
Immortal Mortal
August 26, 2017
Status: c209
People say, "Oh, it's like Gate of Good Fortune." and give it a bad review without really giving the story a chance. Problem is that their understanding of GoGF is often awful as well. If you haven't actually read GoGF then you should stop writing rumors about it. There is no harem in GoGF and none of the MC's female friends have gotten raped. There are some people getting cheated on/NTR'd but it's not the MC nor are they characters we know. GoGF is by no means a perfect story... more>> but it's certainly better than the average I've read here.

As for Immortal Mortal. This is also a rather good story. It's cliche? What cultivation story isn't filled with cliches? That's like complaining about there being some plot armor. It's reasonably unique and this is one of the more unpredictable authors in the genre in my opinion. The MC's growth is very slow at first. The author takes his time to set up everything properly and you feel like the MC has to really earn his OPness. Since his foundation has pretty much been set his training speed has been rapidly catching up with his peers so he no longer seems weak.

The MC has a consistent personality and you often know how he's going to respond to provocations and favors. He'll immediately pay you back if he can but has no problem waiting years for revenge either. The story focuses much more on friendships than romance for those interested in such things. He becomes friends with both men and women in good numbers so you don't really get that pseudo harem feel.

All in all it's not a perfect story but there are no huge negatives for me. I'll probably be following it to the end as I trust this author's work to be of a certain quality. <<less
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Not nearly as bad as people are making it sound. Yes, the MC is stupid but the plot does a good job of mitigating that by forcing him into situations were he has to make decisions he doesn't want to in order to survive. In the end we get entertained regardless of the stupid MC.
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Vincent1873 rated it
Dragon Maken War
March 11, 2017
Status: c63
Interesting enough story. A classic heroic main character who will do the right thing because he thinks it's the right thing. He still remains entertaining though. Most of the characters seem to have a bit of depth to them. There's even a decent reason given as to why humans would side with the dragon demon race.

A bit of the story is confusing especially that Demon Dragons and Demon Dragon race are mentioned so often and there's only a word separating them. It's also sometimes hard to tell what's happening... more>> in fights because he likes playing mind games.

As for alexelielchain's confusion. Dragon Demon Race members fought on the side of the humans too so there's no reason for the MC to hate the entire race. <<less
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God and Devil World
June 1, 2016
Status: c309
Good things about the story. It's entertaining, it does justice to the apocalypse genre, and leaves you wanting to read more. It has RPG elements and Kingdom building elements.

Bad things about the story. It's repetitive, the MC is somewhat inconsistent in his statesmanship, and I think he ignores the most logical steps to rebuild the nation.

As for it being repetitive. How often do crowds really break out into riots where people try to rape, loot, and kill others during an invasion? That seems like the sort of thing... more>> restricted to the people invading.

It's bad to rape and murder people right? But if you do the slightest thing wrong as a woman you'll be thrown into the woman's camp and given away as a s*x slave? You don't even need to actually do anything wrong yourself. If your relative does something wrong or if you're a servant and your master tries to sell you as a bribe you can also end up in such a situation.

Why has the MC not gone back to the novice village or at least checked to see if it's still there? The system villages seem to be some of the single greatest survival resources available to humanity and he hasn't even bothered getting his people to them. The effectiveness of combat troops with a class would skyrocket. Support jobs can be gained as well. Blacksmiths that can create system weapons, Doctors that can cure the infection, Beast Tamers that can domesticate useful mutant beasts, and perhaps Farmers who can fix the land to solve the food problem.

I don't generally have a problem with what's considered s*xist in the story. The s*xism makes sense. There's a reason why women aren't used in warfare and get a pass on the draft. Men are naturally more expendable because the rate of reproductive is capped by the number of women you have. Such a system probably would evolve in this situation. <<less
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