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Reading through all these reviews, and I was thinking to myself; why are you guys grading the novel, from the chapters that are up? I get that people use the beginning chapters to see its potential as a good book. I know people dropped this book from the chapters that are up, but why would you do that? I would rather read something to the end no matter how bad or good it is because I'm interested in the story and the direction it is going. You people could miss... more>> a good story of a book that you have dropped. The character's personality will help, but people judge the book by that or something else and focus on it. I think that is unfair both positively and negatively, you need to judge the book as a whole. Even people read about something important, it is more likely that it won't change their behavior, because they can't change their minds, and that is what humans have in common. So my comment won't help with anything but to a few people.

Another question that I have in my mind is that, why are you guys comparing novels to other novels. It's really obvious that they won't be at the same quality, and that is why the world of stories is interesting. But books that have the same concept doesn't mean it will be the same, even if the same writer worked on both of them. It annoys me that comparing a good book to a decent book doesn't mean that the decent book is bad, right? But that is what some of you guys are doing and putting it down. Which is the reason why I started this rant but continuing on. The settings of a story are obviously different, but people still compare and all of that ticks me off a lot. I know when a story has some similarities, you want to compare but look at it as a bigger picture. The stories are not even close to each other, it's only that single similarity that affects the reader's mind (MC is reincarnated into a different world, aiming to get stronger, etc.). The world that they are in is different and don't compare a good book to another good book, because you are just gonna cause a fight. Just think about the book, instead of another story.

One last question, why are you guys wanting to shape a character's personality in your hands. Just because of the MC's personality is something that you don't like, why are you rating it in the first place? You just have a narrow view of the book. If you got sent to another world full of monsters and lost your memories, you have numerous choices to live or die in that world, but the personality is random. I would be scared and indecisive about my decisions. If a character's personality changes quickly, that is not character development that is just a psychopath, even if the character experience something tragic or happy it will take time to change. I love to see indecisive MC in stories because they build up the suspense or do something unique. People just see the negative or positive about the personality that they have and I say this again, look at the bigger picture and see the good and bad.

So you tell me how I rate this story right now and I would say around 3.5 or 4. But it will change so I'm not rating it until the translator finishes the story. My reasoning will so I'm keeping it hidden.

Thank you for taking your time to read my rant. <<less
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Vielge rated it
Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them
January 17, 2019
Status: c142
This story is very, I mean very slow paced. I did have low expectations though since I wasn't sure what direction the author is going, but after around 60 chapters some mysteries of the character (s) gets a bit of light though it's not much. So, it made me continue reading to find out (meanwhile I love the retorts that the main character says and thinks) and this novel has surprised me in a different way than I thought. Although it's a bit baised since I love reading these types... more>> of stories of "ordinary MCs" with a mysterious way of thinking.

So continuing about the story, the author is slowly building up the background and such to the characters, which is why the story is slow-paced. Also, the author does leave hints here and there without the reader noticing and I'm amazed at that. I've seen people complain about the author's writing skills or the MC's personality and such, but there is actual explainations why this is and later shown in the story.

It's like a puzzle piece, you can't judge a picture before completing it and that's what people are doing in the comments. They don't have a full picture yet only just two or one piece in their hands. This story is not even close to Oregairu or "stories with the same personality" which people are comparing this story to and I can say this since I read chapter 132 and it has something surprising about the MC. The author is building up the "true personality" of the MC and slowly changing it without the readers noticing.

Every action and word that I've seen in this story has a meaning in it surprisingly and the author is teasing us with the answers of such actions and might slide it in hidden in the walls of text. People won't obivously understand this whole story in just 30 chapters because that's just only 30 pieces of a thousand piece puzzle.

Finally, let's go to my thoughts of the story so far; I find it really enjoyable to read the thoughts of the MC since there are a lot of things that I'm thinking about from those thoughts alone. The character are all interesting in how they talk with each other or with the MC. Those "special traits" that the MC have is pretty normal at the outside but the inside is something else. I can compare myself with the MC because the thoughts that I have are alike and the attitude too, however that doesn't mean that it's the same exact thoughts and attitude. There are some thoughts that I think are separate from mine but that's obvious, since we are human.

At the end, I find this story really fun, thoughtful, and creative in it's own way. If you like romance (obivously), slow-paced stories, negative thoughts, and such. I would recommend it.

Thanks for taking your time reading this!



The MC says in his mind that he has that personality because of the people that surround him is talented or overshadows him that he can never have any kind of pride and such (what do you think would happen if surrounded by such people. It's just sucking up all the postive emotion of joy and such from him.). So, he can never smile with any kind of postive emotions (it's better explained in the story) which the two girls are trying to melt that "frozen heart". Kirazaka Rei has a past with the MC (not just only liking the MC because of the way he acts) but not truly revealed yet, however I can guess that the MC said something to her that nobody has to her because of her looks and such. Kanzaki Shizuku has spent her childhood with the MC but never seen him truly smile (love is confusing being with someone for a long time can develop feelings for them and her childhood past has yet to be revealed at the current chapter that I'm at). I have the same thoughts as the MC; what is a relationship, but I don't need it. He doesn't understand it and I wouldn't say he's dense but lost and confused about the postive emotions that others feel but he can't feel them. It gave me the goosebumps when reading the part that he never smiles in every picture that he has been in and it's hinted in various parts of the story. The MC's outside is what you call ordinary but the inside is nothing alike the outside. His thoughts are thoughts that I wouldn't come up with and I'm impressed at the author of think about such thoughts, like "Preference of a man/woman is just a thought that isn't always true, even you say that you like someone because of their personality, it's not always true since people judge and talk about other for their looks." I don't completely remember what he said but it's close, however this doesn't even scratch the MC's mind. I can go on but I'll stop here and read more to have more information about this MC. Btw, the MC knows that the two girls like him but he can't answer them because of the "wall" of emotions that he has to break.


(Hmm... I don't feel like this is a harem story though from the direction it's going) <<less
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This novel shouldn't be taken seriously, this is how I think.

I don't recommend this novel for people that can't comprehend complicated (simple) stories and don't have a broad mind, but that does not mean that I will recommend it to anyone. I find this story funny, plus there is no story perfect for everyone (which most people knows). Like this story is fast-paced and have vague details, and other stories can be the opposite; people would like one more than the other.

Why I like this story is the simplicities, which... more>> I mean is that unlike other novels that I normally read and causes me to think more than usual. It makes me more relaxed, have little bits of laughter escape my mouth when I read through the text. To me, this is like one of those slices of life novels that I read during my free time.

Just read through if you have time and decide if you like it or not. Also, I want to say that it is hard to recommend someone a novel unless you know them well or some other factor.

Well, have a great day!

By the way, I do agree that the story all over the place. <<less
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