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The Second Coming of Gluttony
June 4, 2019
Status: c90
It was a great novel.

I was going to wait for the translator to reach 100 chapters so I could read it from the beginning and give it a proper review but sadly, the f*ck*r who owns the rights for the English translations decided to change the translator and start from the beginning so...

Well besides all of that, lets start.

... more>> Characters - 5/5:

All the characters so far have their own unique personality, they don't feel two-dimensional and you can see them develop as characters and not stay static like many other side characters from countless novels.

Also, so far it doesn't seems like there is a character that has been forgotten or thrown away, what I mean is that characters who you saw at the beginning of the story don't just appear during that part of the story and that's it, they keep reappearing (at least of what has been translated) in the future and some might even have a major role to play on the Arc they appeared, instead of being deleted once they fulfilled their role on the Arc they were introduced.

MC - 5/5:

The MC is pretty unique. He was a greedy scumbag but because of... something, he started changing into a better person. Something that I like is that the people around him don't just simply start accepting him again just because he changed, they are suspicious about him really changing, as anyone would be if a scumbag out of nowhere changed... The reaction of the people who knew how he was before is realistic, and that is something that I can appreciate as someone who has read many novels with similar starting plots.

Besides that, is not like he just became a great person just like that, through the story you can see him struggling with himself and trying to change his way of doing things, after all someone just can't stop being who they were before, something is bound to stay the same or be difficult to change.

Plot - ?/5 :

The story so far has been amazing, but I can't really give a "proper" review to the plot because what I have read is less than 20% of the novel, so it would be unfair.

What I can say is that I love how the author is able to give some hope to the MC and other characters, just to throw them into the depths of hell at the last moment lol, I suffer along the MC in those situations, but I still can't help but to want to see the MC struggle to find a way out.

Action - 4/5:

The fight scenes so far have been pretty good, nothing too amazing neither mediocre, I would say above average, although I can't give it a proper review since I'm not one to focus on that kind of stuff.

As long as there is no boring fights that expanded for about 20 chapters (of which I and many others skimmed through), or the power levels are really outbalanced, I'm happy.

By outbalanced power levels, I was talking about those novels in which the MC or some other character was able to destroy a mountain and 10 chapters later they can punch a planet out of existence.

EDIT: It might be a bit confusing by the way I structured those two sentences, but no, there is not a 20 chapters boring fight and neither there seems to be outbalanced power levels on this novel, I was just talking examples from other novels.

Translator - 10/5:

Well, analyzing translations is my bane of reviewing, after all I'm pretty bad at trying to find misspelled stuff or something like that, that's because when I'm reading a novel, I'm either too concentrated on the story to pay attention to the sentence structure or I'm skimming through all of it (And also because I also suck at grammar, structure and all that sh*t but lets just ignore that fact for the sake of my image...). But well, that also means if I'm able to find something wrong while been in any of those two mind-states, then either the translator was pretty unlucky or he made a grave mistake and didn't proofread

But I couldn't find any faults with the translated chapters. I think the translator, or ex-translator did a great job with it and doesn't get the support that he deserves.

10/10 would suck his d*ck again...I mean, would read his translations again!

Well that's it, I really can't give it a proper review because not only am I pretty new at this reviewing stuff, but also because there isn't enough translated material to give it a proper review.


So far of what I have read, the novel is pretty good, with unique characters and MC. the plot so far has been also great, not too slow neither too fast, you can enjoy the pace of the story, but sadly there isn't enough chapters to give it a proper review. The fight scenes don't seem to be that special but the execution is pretty good, and the translator did a good job. but beware, the rights holder for the English translation changed the translator and decided to start over so it might take a year or two before it surpasses the current translation.

EDIT: It seems that the new translation will use the ex-translator's chapters, so we will not have to wait that long to read it again. <<less
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Vidashall rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
December 27, 2017
Status: c91
So I was thinking about making a review after hitting chapter 50 but since I really liked this novel, I decided to wait until I was up-to-date with the novel before writing this.

now, I love this novel, is like a combination of some elements of EER or SSN with Re:Monster. is a more enjoyable Re:Monster (my problem with that manga / novel was the way it was written and the ridiculous amount of skills, with A Monster Who Levels Up I can actually keep up with the skills the... more>> MC has)

I like how the system works (even thought of course is not perfect), and I also like how there are positive and negative effects from the evolution of the species. it is a good novel if you have free time to read through it.

now of course there are some problems with the novel since I didn't give it 5 stars... for now I have 4 major problems.

1 - First of all, the romance... I believe the characters just fell in love with the MC because of his skills rather than his personality, and that is something that I can't accept, also we haven't even get a real character development from any side character, they are just 2-Dimensional.

2 - There is not objective, there is not a goal the MC wants to reach, everything is going easy with him, he doesn't have any real strong enemies or something that push him go want to go further beyond, he is just OP (same problem I had with Re:Monster)

3 - He can transform but he can't communicate with any of specie? also he got so many skills by doing simple stuff, even being able to talk as a monster in human language, then why can't he learn a skills that allows him to communicate with monster? I actually wanted him to maybe go into the forest as a monster and enter a monster society or tribe so that he could learn something instead of just killing the monster and get the skill...

4 - Now my major problem, we just learned there is a vampire world... so that means there are many other worlds of many species.... well that is pretty f**king bad because then the world-building, or more like, the universe-building of the novel is too big for just 175 chapters, I'm already in chapter 91 which means more than half-way through the whole novel and the MC haven't even left his own country and yet there are many other worlds which some might even be superior of his own... that means from now own either the novel is going to be rushed ASF or we will never know about what is beyond his world that might probably be just a wasteland compare to other worlds....

this is a problem that many novels like this one face, that they made the world waaaay too big and ended up not showing even 5% of it (that is the problem ISSTH faced). the setting for this novel would be better if it was just a x3 or more bigger earth that still had modern technology and society but with more continents that had many other species (including different kind of monsters in each continent, kinda like Pokemon), that way the world-building would be big but not something as big as multi-worlds if the novel is going to be short, and also that way the MC would have more reasons to go to different parts of the world and not just stuck on Korea, because there is not a reason to leave his country.... <<less
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The Magus Era
December 18, 2017
Status: c200
Chapter 200


I just couldn't keep reading it... the MC and the side characters are just two-dimensional... I don't see any kind of development for any of them, I thought Man Man would have change or something after what she experienced but she is the same as always.

... more>> yes, the MC got some new friends but they don't have nothing special about them, having a bipolar "vampire" of life and fatty chef don't make them special, more like they just became generic...

and my major problem is the MC, he just.... it has been 200 chapters and he is still the same as he was 199 chapters ago, there is not development. I thought he might learn something when he went to the center of the world, when we finally got some school Arc.... but no, a dude from a minor world who was reincarnated into a higher world is getting his d*ck sucked by many professors who have lived for thousands of years in that higher world, what the f**k is that sh*t? and he already became better than many teachers in all the subjects in less than a year?

I have nothing against OP characters but that is some bullsh*t, that is something that is build upon, not something that you just gain in a couple chapters.

Chapter 100

Well at least now we have a more stable story, and a possible Harem member. the story was good so far and all but I still see it as a "normal" novel that you can read while you wait for more chapters to come up from your favorite novels. and that is good because that means I'm not saying that is trash, at least now I believe it deserves 3 stars.

but of course If I only gave it 3 stars, is because there is still some elements that bother me, and most of them came up after chapter 50... some of them might be spoiler so I'm just going to put the tag just in case


First of all, these damn Chinese novels and their f**king proportions off the charts.... men who are f**king giants.... and to be able to travels miles in a single step... we are not even half way through the story and this is already happening lol

Well besides that, I saw some people on the comments of Qidian complaining about how strong Man Man is but well she was nurtured before birth with treasures who are probably higher or equal to the treasure Ji Shu used to win Against Ji Xia.... but of course there is something here that bothers me.... Man Man is suppose to be super important, and some of the bodyguards on the mansion are suppose to be stronger than Ji Xia and even Ji Zhuo.... also Ying Yan was suppose to be or almost a Magus King yet he was killed so easily... yes I can also said that it was easy because of the Blood Moon formation but then why the f**k didn't Du Luo used that against the Fire Crow Tribe?

and for f**k sake thanks god that bitch Jiang Yao is dead, she was as annoying as team rocket coming back every f**king time in Pokemon, just f**king stop. also she claimed she loved his son but if I don't remembered correctly, she tried to use him as a shield when Ji Hao tried to kill her for the first time and also at that moment she could have used the life-saving treasure.... something here doesn't add up...... and Di Luo isn't anything better, he should learn from his brother to not stick his d*ck on a crazy bitch.

btw I like Man Man, the scenes with her and the MC reminded me a lot of when Rudeus was "reforming" Eris from her violent personality (Mushoku Tensei)


that's it for now, I will come back after another 100 chapters

Chapter 50

So I finally reached chapter 50, for now my rating is about 2.5, it haven't increased that much but each little change matters.

at least we get to know a little bit of the MC's parents, I like the fact that is different than in others novels because in here the mother is the ruthless one while the father is the "kind" one.

but I have 3 problems for the moment.

1- All the enemies are the same plain stupid generic Chinese Novels' antagonists.

2- I still haven't see any special about the MC, the same with the enemies, he is generic so far.

3- lack of consistency between the chapters. I don't like that every time there is something going on at the end of a chapter, then the next chapter it is just brush aside like it wasn't important and just skip a couple hours later. Yes, there are sometimes in which is necessary like when there is a couple days or more time skip or when there is nothing important going on, but is literally every chapter, it ends in a way and the next chapter begins in another way, is like the Author is expecting us to fill out the blanks, is like is giving me a sandwich without the bread.

for example, in chapter 48 when Ji Zhuo told Ji Xia that the MC was much better than him as a leader, I wanted to read next chapter too see Ji Zhuo reaction to that statement. was he proud? happy? embarrassed? I went to look up for the next chapter and then we just skipped all of that conversation, then chapter begins to a couple hours later. and this is just an example of many others, this happens in almost every chapter.

Chapter 10

I have read 10 chapters, and I'm giving it 2/5 stars.

Please before you start complaining, this is just a small review, this is not my ultimatum, I won't decide if I will keep reading or drop it until I'm at least 100 chapters in.

So far is confusing, I mean, I get what is going on, I can clearly understand it but I don't like the way the story is presenting it.

for example we don't know from where is the old man inside the MC's, we don't really know his age (only that he is more than 10 years old), all the characters (including the MC) are so far really bland, with nothing unique about them, etc etc.

I think the problem with the beginning is that the Author wanted to rush all the childhood and just get into action, which is wrong! even if it takes about 20-30 chapters, it would have been better if we were show how he grew, the discord between the two factions, how he met the friends in the forest and all that stuff instead of rushing all the way to teen age. right now the foundation of the story is really weak because of the Author skipping all of those small details.

well liked I said this was just a small review, I will keep reading and change my review in 50 chapters, see ya later. <<less
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Vidashall rated it
A Guest in a Ghost House
February 8, 2019
Status: c63
I don't really have much to say. didn't like it, didn't hate it, it was just... meh

The MC is... well, his personality seems to change every so often. at the beginning he was supposed to be a socially awkward character but not too many chapters later you see him socialize with a lot of people. Other times he seems like a coward and later on he "brave". there is not consistency with his character. Also, the MC is a prick, making important promises and just forgetting about them, He has... more>> lower attention span than Dory from "Finding Nemo".

A lot of details about the story were just skimmed through, and the excuse was because the MC was too lazy to heard the whole story (which most of the time has something to do with his f**king life on the line). Most of the ghosts are also just plain retarded. <<less
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Return of The 8th Class Mage
February 6, 2019
Status: c10
I have read 10 chapters so far. Nothing special or something to comment about.

It isn't good, neither is bad, just a bit below average. I have yet to see any personality from the MC, neither any of the characters except the crown prince who we only saw for like 5 lines (funny enough that he seems to have more personality than the MC who we have been following for 10 chapters)
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Your and My Asylum
January 22, 2019
Status: v4 shortstory
I binge read all the volumes.

I had fun for the most part, it was an interesting premise with some f**ked up characters (who even if they are f**ked in the head and are people you wouldn't want to meet in real life, you still love them lol).

Yujin is also a very interesting protagonist, who only has his mind and mouth to rely on. He is not a god, instead he is just a human, but also veteran who went through many psychological wars and developed him into what he is... more>> now. Although for the other characters he would seem like a perfect individual when it comes to mind games, we as reader know what he is always thinking, all the possibilities that go through his thoughts and all the desperation he felt in hopeless situation, and that is something that I absolutely love about this novel.


A complain I do have about this novel is that it takes too much time to build up both the story and this "world". We are already on volume 4 but what we know about Water Dragon city (or well, city of confinement) and more sole, this world, is very limited. Only at this volume is when the MC went outside the city and that was only once. I hope we get to see more of the world in the next volume.

Besides that, to be honest I'm more interested on the events of the second half of the 8-years war... the author has been teasing it through the 4 volumes and had showed us glimpses of the first half of the 8-years war in the beginning of each chapter, but we still have yet to see how Yujin got rid of his cowardice and became "twisted"

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Is it Tough Being a Friend?
January 15, 2019
Status: v2c2 part6
I had fun reading this novel, although sadly there is not enough material to read and properly judge it (at least translated material).

I was able to enjoy myself and have a couple of laughters along, but sadly after volume 1, the story seems to be getting messy, I can't see the direction is taking.

... more>>

At the beginning the MC was supposed to be an "extra", a mob character, someone to support the "protagonist" Ryuuga. But now he is becoming the "protagonist" of the story, and although I have not problem with that, for me it seems too quick and boring how he became OP


Although if we ignore the "story", and how generic the characters are, it is still a fun reading.

Characters - 2/5

there is nothing special about any of the characters, they are predictable and I have yet to see any "growth", they are two-dimensional. They are characters you would see of your average romcon.

Plot - 2.5/5

Just like the characters, the plot is pretty much generic, the only difference is that we see it from the perspective of a "side" character which makes it a bit more interesting.

Protagonist - 3.5/5

The protagonist of this novel is what makes it fun and enjoyable. His inner monologues along with the way he acts with the characters is pretty funny. Although he is not completely original, he is still better than a two-dimensional characters.

My only problem with him is that we have yet to see his "true" self, after all, he created a persona to go along with the "story". Sometimes we see him getting out of character and maybe showing the true him, but he has yet to totally discard that persona.

Romance - 2/5

not much to say about this, is pretty average.

Comedy - 3/5

Like I said before, the MC is what makes this story fun to read.

Well, that's it for now, it saddens me that the translator stopped working on this novel but I comprehend.

Hopefully he or anyone else might pick it up later, so I can see how the story progress and might be able to give it a more accurate "review". <<less
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