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Vicaroon rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
April 15, 2019
Status: c295
I'm sorry to say this but at first I thought it was a really amazing novel because of many good ratings, but as I start to read more and more, it's just going downhill.

First I just want to say the novel started out super interesting. The MC got abandoned for 1000 years and learnt a bunch of skills, then those skill got awaken to the max level once the "game system" instituted.

The angel that was with him at first behaved like a friend, but as the plot goes on she... more>> flirted alot, and I mean it, ALOT!. Almost every chapter that angel flirts with him non-stop. It was funny the 1st time and the 2nd time, but by the 99th time it's just super annoying. And what makes it even worse is that there is another angel that "compete" with that angel for the MC affection. Out of 295 chapters I read, 50 must have been about the flirting and the other 50 is about the competition of the 2 angels. Honestly I'd rather read about the MC journey alone, explore the worlds on his own than the MC travel with 2 angels who are constantly talking about irrelevant stuff and seducing the MC. So yea if you like girls that are after the MC like white on rice then this novel is for you. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
The Earth is Online
April 16, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all, I don't care it is a BL novel, I'm here for the story-line. And the story is written amazingly well.

Basically some towers set up on Earth and make the Earth "goes online", so every humans living on Earth become a "player". If you win a game, you live for another day. If you lose, you die. The "players" get their ability awaken and the MC ability is to steal other player's ability (a weaken version, kind of like a nerf). And together with every players, they have... more>> to attack these towers toward the 7th level.

A lot of games that the MC encountered is actually very interesting and kind of get your brain thinking about it, not just mindlessly reading chapters after chapters.

The story explains the logic of each games and the decisions behind the MC and side characters move very well, even though there are like 8-10 rules for each game, you don't feel lost at all.

Overall, a good read. If you don't mind the BL tag then this novel is recommended. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
Shura’s Wrath
April 3, 2019
Status: c850
The author ended up making the MC too OP to the point that no one in the game can fight against him. Like the only opponents that the MC always face against are the NPC.

Also the author introduced a lot of things like the "Reputation System" yet never once in the novel that it said to have any use. Nothing. Plus there are some skills that the MC and his pets got from leveling up yet we have not seen them using those skills.

Also one more (spoiler alert), the novel... more>> suddenly turn from VRMMORPG to some type of xianxia novel? I'm not kidding, toward the end there's no more game system, no more level up, just straight up teleporting to other planets, flying into space and destroying planets and stars it's ridiculous. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
I Alone Level-Up
June 3, 2019
Status: c223
It's actually quite a good read.

I love the fact that we keep getting updates on the MC's stat so we don't get lost on how strong he's getting. Plus there's a small selection of skills the MC used that gives more of an emphasis on the MC's main class and ability, which is way better than the average "jack of all trades, master of none" MC in other novels.

The only tiny problem I have is the lack development of side characters (love interest, right-hand man, etc...). They are quite dull... more>> tbh. I understand that since the novel's title is "I ALONE level up", you gotta focus on the MC more, but still it wouldn't hurt to make the side characters more... engaging. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
May 8, 2019
Status: c622
I like reading about VR novel and the VR element is there, which is great!

The MC is well-developed and doesn't seem too OP (He's OP-est in his class, but not the entire game).

No comments on the s*x scene or whatever because China banned those chapters. So if you are looking for those kind of elements, I'm sorry.

... more>> Now what I don't like:

Plot inconsistency. There are some parts that contradicted/didn't make sense with what he said in previous chapters. (Ex: the Golden Dragon pet he had has growth rate 15 in the beginning then later it's 25??) (ex: MC learned a Steal skill rank 16 (max rank) and he's the only one with the max rank. Author boasted that with that skill he can basically steal everything from players and monsters, "making them vomit with blood", yet I've never seen him use this skill to steal from other players even though there are plenty opportunities for him to use it)

Too verbose. Every 1-2 dialogue he'd spend 3 sentences analyze the conversation, it's so annoying. I like reading where the dialogue is shown all at once then you can analyze however you want it. Here's how the author wrote it, just for example:

MC:"How are you?"

Girl:"I'm fine. Thanks."

The MC wanted to know the girl's well-being, therefore he sincerely asked how she feels. The girl appreciated the MC gesture. In return, she answered politely.

Overall, it's a good read if you like VR novel. But I wouldn't recommend it to other people. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
Martial World
April 3, 2019
Status: c2261
If you like reading novel that revolves around some mythical, cheat-like objects and somehow the MC obtained 1 of them in the beginning then this novel is really for you.

Overall it's a good novel with a good plot. But omg the writing is so long and unnecessary. What is written in 2260+ chapters can be finished in like 1700-1800s chapters. By the time you get to chapter 1300+ the author started writing in a way that you feel exhausted from reading. Basically the author talks about 1 thing, then he... more>> spends 2-3 paragraphs analyzing that thing. Cool I have no problem with it. But he keeps doing the same thing again and again that sometimes made me yelled out loud "Dude you just talked about this 4 chapters ago why are you repeating this again?". What makes it so funny sometimes is that the comment section in Wuxiaworld also noticed this type of writing and parodied it. Honestly I wanted to drop but the comments keep me going.

I understand that analyzing the text is something needed in the novel but this author just plainly abused this type of writing to extend words count, making it un-enjoyable to read. <<less
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Vicaroon rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
May 8, 2019
Status: c20 part3
The start is pretty interesting. MC gets a special Heavenly Jewel but he needs to train a lot more to improve his power.

The reason I give a 3 stars is that the MC basically hold back no secrets about himself (even the special Heavenly Jewel he obtained) and told everyone closed to him about it. For me it's a deal-breaker because I prefer a low-key, laid-back and keep-it-to-themselves MC.

So far I've dropped the novel. Would be back in the future if I'm desperate for things to read.
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