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I Shall Seal the Heavens
November 10, 2016
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Okay hello, I'm someone who loved this novel for a while but has now dropped it. It's been great all until somewhere in the chapter ~800's, it really has been good but it fell apart completely for me then. I want to see who agrees with me too, hence this review; anyway I thought ISSTH was always keeping the bar high till it fell at those certain chapters.

Okay what I saw which made me drop it was the MC, he had changed, he became a complete asshole (didn't he?), so... more>> much so that it felt he was a different character, an antagonist in fact. To these guys that he's made his enemies he of course doesn't have to treat nicely, but he doesn't have to act so morally wrong. He drags (actually ties and drags) weakened enemies as he runs away from the rest until they'd lost their dignity and were in tears all for money, this was unacceptable for me. It was displeasing already when these new enemies, genius's of a level he's not come across are mediocre when he faces them, they're literally trash, he fights all of them at once to boot yet they still lose but then they're also mistreated by the MC so much? He's spanking a girl after beating her in a fight for nearly injuring him, runs a guy through the ground until he signs a pay check which pleases the MC for his own life and he just keeps on going doing this for some chapters, it was honestly so depressing.

I need to know, don't others agree? I've seen the other reviews but they don't talk about this point in the story, he just threw out all morals didn't he? <<less
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