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Vex rated it
Rise of the Wasteland
February 17, 2018
Status: --
The story is s*upid as f*ck.

The author neither has an idea of what he wants to write about or how a society works.

When someone asks you for an idea on how to steal from a top secret lab... your most common reaction is asking him " bro you on drugs? Or something in similar vein.

... more>> But here they start planning for it. Later another guy pops on who has been working on this robbery for a while longer. They even make a bet on who manages to steal the bot!


Later you have the MC dropping from one frypan to another, leaving behind a mess everyone. Murdering in a bar.... ribbing a bar.... murdering a robber... stealing from cops... murdering some criminals etc. In short the author is an M and a S.

Overall the story itself seems disjointed. Despite the 'okay' translation the story lacks the flow. It feels like author copy pasted his ideas and somehow connected them up

Above all of these are the racist thoughts. Has author ever been to US? He basically labels all of the American as Gun wielding Yankees with no brains and civility. And yes, he does uses the word Yankee every single time

Funny thing is the MC's interpersonal relationships. They are forced and cringe worthy.

Dialogues are terrifically...... bad. You can simply pick up any chapter apart from prologue and you will find yourself reading dialogues written by a primary grader.

In short, the author has a good plot. But the story is going downhill. It has everything which it should not : confused author, confused MC, no progression, terrible dialogue and a MC suffering from a severe case of racism. -_- <<less
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Vex rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c20
The novel starts great. The author has a good concept to work on. Million ways to expand and expound. But NO shit, he goes the racism way.

The story by CH 500+ turns into pure hotpot of racism, senseless terrorism, and hacking which makes no sense. We have hackers using supercomputers to hack and battle each other. If that's not enough, why not get a missile from military or just hack and use one, to wipe off each other?

The author has no idea about hacking. Forget about basics, he simply just... more>> uses technical Jargons to show hacking. Follow IP address, trace it, put a back door, safe box etc... that's it.

This is the most his hacking is made off.

One saving grace is, virtual reality. Yes, author decided writing a novel on hacking is bore, so let's introduce VR and have some fun. The result : Its barely passable VR game, with no concept of realism, and no understanding of game logic. Legend grade equipment the moment you enter it? Seriously?

The most annoying and disruptive and disgusting factor is racism. It takes racism to a whole new level. They aren't happy to simply abuse, and criticise other countries. Nope, killing billion innocent civilians, destroying several billion worth of infrastructure, bombing missiles at other countries, wiping out whole cities... is what author believes is patriotism.

And honestly this shows the sick mindset of Chinese authors and their influence on young gen.

The author not only takes on Japan, but basically the whole world. America, India, Vietnam, Korea... name it. Its like China is the best country in the while world while others are barbarians.

Around CH 1000 author introduces supernatural elements with more racism BTW, which utterly deviates from plotline and makes no sense.

One funny thing is, according to author killing million and destroying their whole country is good work, but stealing few dollars from bank is bad. Yup, the hacker guy needs money. But stealing from bank is bad, but killing millions is good.... Hypocrites.

MC starts a business, but neither he nor author know a M of business management. Funny thing, is the only way opposing companies can fight is through hacking and kidnapping. Author please use some brains. Their are hundred different methods with which you can destroy somebody. Simply defaming does the work. And author has no idea about how market works. No one in their right sense, will buy another extremely expensive computer months after they have bought an extremely expensive one.

I have stopped halfway and can't say how this is going to end, but this novel makes me sick. the racism is utter disgusting.

Vex <<less
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Vex rated it
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!
October 30, 2017
Status: Completed

Well before I began, I would like to say that this story doesn't belongs to romance genre alone.

Romance makes an incredibly small part and simple background in most of the plots.

After chapter 200+ the story starts focusing on sci-fic. A badly written one.


A man who wants to dominate the world. He has a base on moon with few top scientists. He threatens the earth by closing to drop satellites on them. MC stops them by hacking into their computer and destroying all sats. Similarly you have Bio-Tech like artificial. heart, memory trasnplant etc.


The MC and her Deus ex machina are prevalent throughout the story. Except few logical decisions, most of them are info she got through hacking. Sometimes she will find another piece of important data while finding a different one. In short, a chain of coincidences, chances and bullsh*t luck.

The ML is a love struck fool. In earlier few chapters he is shown as a ice cold statue. A 100 chapter later, simply touching MC head puts him on cloud 9. And trust me, the transformation is anything but smooth. It's forced, it's fast and it's abrupt.

They have a son. Earlier I was hoping he would have more screen time or play some important role. But the only role he plays is during first 100 chapters, when MC wants his custody and wins a challenge by create a prosthetic arm.

MC is shown as a genius computer sciences. Especially hacking.

The author knows nothing about hacking. All his knowledge is from common media. That is, not a ounce of truth. Hacking is shown as an important part, but at the same time it's sidelined. This is incredibly frustrating. Plus simply learning about computer doesn't makes you a hacker...

The author could have handled romance similar to Hidden Marriage, which focused more on crime rather than science. But their the author knew his priorities and got the romance most if the time right. Although the crime was a bit more than required. But here the author is writing a bad science fiction and suddenly realising that it was suppose to be romance! So he goes and adds a kiss scene or two with a bit if one sided sweet talk.

Plus as the structure progresses the science stuff gets incredibly frustrating. It's hard to describe it but it gets simply boring.

The enemies are Xianxic. They gate MC for s*upid resins, and then you have a blood feud. Which ends when MC destroys their while house. Funny thing? They only know how to murder. Most if their better plans are accidents, kidnapping, and sending assassins, all with the goal to murder her. ughhh... at least come up with something different.

But overall it's a good read, if you ignore the above crap. :p

Finally, I am ending the review...a rather bad one at that.

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Vex rated it
The Charm of Soul Pets
August 31, 2016
Status: --
Okay, so when I first read the name, I was like " Eh, probably some girly pet care life of slice..." Damn I was so wrong...

Just imagine Pokemon, where ash is not an eternal 10 year old, not an eternal loser, uses brain, and where team rocket are enemies with cunning and wit. That's all this about.

The whole premises of the story is refreshing. The execution is also well done. Till now (as of chapter 120) I am satisfied. The MC is gradually getting OP, but at the same... more>> time he is also facing OP enemies, instead of s*upid bullies with almost zero brains and 100 backers.

The characters are a bit 2D, still it's not some great flaw. The writing is fine. The translation is great. Till now the translation speed is also great.

In short, the story is definitely a must read, until the MC becomes another Ash or Chu Feng. <<less
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Vex rated it
Harry Potter’s Natural Villain
October 7, 2018
Status: --
Translator here.

First of all, not even one chapter is released and I have got a rating. (ノ_-;)...

Now about the story. I will try to be as unbiased as I can be.

... more>> It's one of the better HP fanfics I have read, among those which are completed. It has it's faults, but I think the author does a good job with it.

About the characters. DM was always the little villain in the story. But here he tries to mend his relationship with HP, but his status as a Death Eater's son, a Slytherin student and also as an a Weasley family enemy, stops it from progressing any further.

His main goal is to live. in the original canon his family would probably go to Azkaban if not for Narcissa. So he's trying his best to not go that way. Main thing is, he can't even do it on public. Or else Voldemort will kill him. And author does a good job in managing all this.

There are few cringe worthy parts, but it's necessary. So no harm done.

Side characters have been developed to some extent. The main cast has been developed and expanded a lot. But his team mates like Crabbe and Goyle... Are just that.

People might hate the romance. Four girls love him, but he tries to keep away from all. He's not a beta, but he doesn't wants anyone to get mix in all his problems. Even he's not sure if he would live or die. So he likes them... But keeps them at a a distance.

Translation.. Eh. It's great! It's like the best. No problem here.

Jokes apart. I am basically cleaning up MTL. So yeah, it might have few problems. I am trying to improve it.

Above all, the story is just around 400 chapters. The chapters are medium sized averaging around 1.5K words. So overall, it's not large.

And that's for now.

Hope you like it.

Edit: not averaging around 1500. Make it 3000-4000. -_-

And please read few chapters before rating. <<less
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I Can Turn into a Fish
July 17, 2018
Status: --
The story is interesting to read. Not much going on. It's more of a slice of life. MC gets super powers, he exploits it and turns stronger.

Secondly, everythung goes the way MC wants. So you don't have lots of 'RL' problems which you would face while doing such a work.

Still in the early chapters and the story has just started. So will need to see where it goes

And finally, please do keep in mind, that this is a fiction. Rearing fishes, especially ornamental fishes is quite expensive and also extremely... more>> difficult. Even simple fishes like guppies require proper handling.

Ornamental fishes are rare, because of of their breeding conditions. You can't simply put them in tap water or lake water and be done with it. Some fishes require special handling, proper pH level, oxygen level, salt level, temperature, lighting, aquarium and even the source of water matters. So the author basically doesn't knows much about fishes and is simply shooting in the air.

The translation quality is quite good.

That's it for now.

Cya. <<less
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Vex rated it
Spirit Vessel
July 16, 2016
Status: c58
I am not sure, how this series got a greater than 4 star rating. Simply because after a while the story stops making any sense.

During the start, I was fairly intrigued. Although the start was still cliche, it was interesting. But after a 15 or so chapters, you can only ask yourself, " Who the hell is this MC? Did the author misplace him while writing or something?"

The MC, is supposed to be the strongest cultivator alive in his previous life. At the same time he was the patriarch of... more>> some great sect. But as said in above reviews, after chapter 16-17, you can only see his s*upid character. The way he talks, thinks, does, all remind me of s*upid JP LN, where the author tries hard to make it sound funny, but fails miserably.

Another point is, the side characters. Except the girl who is trying to kill him, all others seem shallow. Well this is not a big problem, since nearly all Xianxia's are same.

Another and the final point, is the story itself. Till now I havent found anything, to make you stick to the story or continue reading. Its more like an after thought in your reading list. Its like, " Oh, this series is also there, but nevrmind it can wait more" something like that.

The only great point is the translator.T he translating speed is great. At the sam stone they are not losing out in quality. So hats off to the translators.

My suggestion will be to go for Emperor Domination instead. Its by the same translating group, and several times better than this series, while following a similar story line. <<less
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Eternal Martial Sovereign
October 3, 2017
Status: --
So where should I began?

It's cliche. It's full of already tried and tested tropes. The author is probably scared from trying something new. The whole story, whether you talk about the spirits or dialogues or plotlines, they are basically copy paste from other stories. Even the clan names are the old Xiaos and Fangs.

The story starts with our MC with a waste spirit. His cultivation stick he's the embarrassment of the whole clan. You have your usual set of bullies. The evil uncle. The branch genius who hates MCs guy.... more>> What's left?

Yeah the sick adopted sister, suffering from some sort of cold disease. The moment I read this, three things came into my mind :

1 Pure Yin Body

2 A teacher who will swoop down from nowhere and adopt her.

3 The sick sister s*upid trope copied

We also have the mystery father and mother. Genius parents with strong enemies, who manage to give their child to their parents.. Missing in Action. MC decides to save them and blah blah nonsense.

So we still don't have many chapters to review on, but so far it's the same. I can probably give you the basic idea of how the story's gonna go just from reading the beginning. The only difference is MC has already started flirting with girl from other family.

The characters are with few screw loose. All strength and no brains. Enemies popping out of nowhere just for the sake of showing how great our MC is. Dialogues are like 5 years old writing them.

A :"Am gonna kill you cuz I am great and you are weak! Maybe knowtow b4 father an do will give you a clean death".

MC: " You don't qualify cuz u r weak!"

A :" You brat, this is super duper mind blowing heaven shaking punch!"

That's the gist of it...a bit better at least until now.

Soooo not recommending Cuz its like few xianxias thrown into a blender and the result is this novel. <<less
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Vex rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
August 17, 2017
Status: --
Its a copy paste of Peerless Martial God. Both the stories, follow the same story pattern. In short your generic run off the mill xuanhuan.

Waste MC, gets an OP martial Spirit and teaches everyone that he is not waste. Fill in a large amount of unnecessary contests, annoying antagonists, extreme powerups, and useless thrash talk.

I am not too deep in story (around 450?) , but have seen nothing new. Its constant repetition of the same old plot.

... more>> Can't comment on translation and grammar, as I am reading from LNMTL.

Personally, I won't suggest you to read. But, if you have time and nothing to do, go for it.


Apparently he sacrifices his waste martial spirit to gain an OP martial spirit, which probably belongs to some ancient cultivator. His spirit can upgrade its rank, so he starts from the bottom and slowly levels it up to the top

At least its better than PMG... <<less
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Vex rated it
King of Gods
July 28, 2016
Status: c18
Ho, In one line, this is your usual Xianxia trope. tr*sh MC, gets godly artifact, turns OP, gets bullied, teaches the bully lesson, bully's relatives come, defeats them.... and blah blah.

So you get nothing new, nothing special. The only thi g you get is satisfaction of reading one more Xianxia. Currently we are in the early few chapters, so difficult to say whether it will continue to remain 'okay' or go downhill.

One star cut, since this is nothing original.

Might edit later on.
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Vex rated it
Harry Potter and The Son of Force
October 7, 2018
Status: --
Honestly, one star when only prologue has been released. Get a life.

Now, translator here.

Ignore all the one stars. These guys are probably the hardcore star wars fans who can't see Author changing anything from the canon. They probably have never heard of artistic derivation or something. Author has taken the characters and the materials from the series. Story has changed a lot. Story is quite straight forward and I can't say much now, as even I am just on Ch. 5.

Darth Vader is reincarnated in the Harry... more>> Potter World. From the latest chapter we have slight hints that he might fight with Voldemort and Grindelwald. So be patient.

The MC goes to Hogwarts in Harry Potter's third year. So dementors and animagus year.

Honestly, the only reason I am translating this is Star Wars. Anyway, I will edit the review later.

But from past five chapters, all I can say is: Sounds good.

And please read before reviewing. <<less
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Vex rated it
Ultimate Scheming System
October 24, 2017
Status: --
A transmigrated soul gets an system, which works on 'how tough you act.' That includes shameless boasting, even more shameless acting and arrogant MC with a dirty mouth.

As if chapter 18 it is your run of the mill system novel but with extreme power boosts. It's not even 18 chapters and he has gone from a waste to core (jindan) cultivator.

The system is also offering MC the usual Amazon of cultivation world. He can purchase any technique, skills, spells, items, weapons etc with Tough Points.

Oh and he is killing core... more>> Cultivators at the Foundation Stage 1 and probably Infant Soul at Core Cultivator stage 1.

And finally, the story doesn't seems to take itself seriously and neither should we. Its purpose is pure slapstick s*upid comedy. So it's a fun and light read.

The MC is a Prince consort whose cultivation was sucked by his wife is the princess. A sane person would at least get angry or plan revenge, but our MC is regretting that he wasn't born earlier. Why? So he could try s*x techniques with the princess.

So it's either you will like it or hate it.
    1. That's it, until further edits.
P.S Seeing how the chapters are and the way story is going, I am having serious doubts how it can stretch itself to cover 950+ chapters. The author is probably going to introduce huge amounts of fillers soon.

It's chapter 25 and he is already halfway to nascent soul. <<less
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Vex rated it
Emperor’s Domination
December 1, 2017
Status: c587
So I have caught up with the rates and I have only one thing to say : Fricking Repetitive.

You have whole chapters after chapters serving no purpose except introduce someone and how great he is.

Battles are spread over multiple chapters where half the chapters are MC talking and treating everyone like a shit.

... more>> It's fine till a limit, but chapter after chapter of the same shit, gets on your head.

And fillers! HUNDREDS of chapters of no value. Nothing happens in them! Literally nothing!

I mean C'mon the whole story is crossing the 3000 chapter mark. Get a grip. It's already long enough. Cut the fillers out.

And there are whole arcs which make you want to do nothing but sleep... some arcs took me several weeks to get through them. Why? Because they were so boring that I fell asleep half way through!

Well that's done.

Vex <<less
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Vex rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
July 28, 2016
Status: c39
So this is more of a school boy written fan fiction than a LN. It seems like authors wish fulfillment. The writing is straight and simple. No prose, no complex vocabulary.

The idea is new. Giving naruto power to a reincarnator. But as far as I have read, this seems to be going on the path of JP LN. Funny thing is this idea is in a CN, instead of a JP, since this type of storylines are quite popular in JP novels.

The story is mildly humourous, the action scenes are... more>> barely okay. The antagonist attacks, the MC takes out some super ninja move, and that's it. The Antagonist is dead.

Overall it's fine, good enough to read when you need to pass some time.

PS not understood why ha sit got so many 1 stars. The story is not so terrible. <<less
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Vex rated it
Starting With 100 Trillion Spirit Stones
June 2, 2020
Status: --
Started reading it and I can already tell that's it's going to be the same cut and paste over and over.

4200+ chapters for a popcorn fast paced story? Please...

I have barely read upto 100 and the MC has already surpassed 6 great realms and turn into some super strong guy. Plus his cheats allow him to one shot anyone 3 great realms above him.

I have asked a friend who somehow read it upto chapter 500. It's the same thing over and over.

I won't suggest reading this story.
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Vex rated it
The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe
March 4, 2018
Status: c27
I was expecting something better after the synopsis.

But this story is a mess. The author assumes that everyone reading this story is well versed with Chinese Mythology and all its characters and their respective history.

And here he goes wrong. Half of the time it's almost impossible to understand, who the character is and why did he do so? To the ppl who are well versed in it, they might find it easy and even interesting. But as far as I have seen its an headache.

Secondly is the execution of story... more>> itself. The whole thing is like a bland summary. It's boring and it's disappointing.

For example the war if three tribes. The author could have added more action or atleast made them more interactive. But at the the end the whole war seemed like an afterthought.

Even fights are meh. I am not expecting something as exaggerated as xianxia's with their super skills, but atleast some proper description.

Translator is okay. They do have a good track record, so no problem here.

Character progression is forced and thin. Plus long time skips which basically ignore everything.

It will be great to see MC interact with more people. But it's still early so can't comment here.

Well that's for now.

Vex <<less
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Talisman Emperor
October 11, 2017
Status: --
The novel is neither great nor bad. Actually it's quite good. I have almost read till chapter 1000 and apart from few inconsistencies and some minor hiccups the novel is actually pretty interesting.

One major problem which irritates me like bone stuck between teeth, is despite naming it as talisman emperor the MC rarely used talismans.

His fighting style, cultivation method etc are all pretty much the usual stuff. I was expecting somethimg better. Maybe creating arrays in air and shooting it?

... more>>

Although in Ming Realm, (just below Immortal) he does uses runes to re-create his world. Later on the runes are sometime integrated into his attacks.


The novel follows the same pattern of, competition- new world- new sect-competition-new world etc. But despite this, I still find myself interested (or maybe it's the alien language in MTL, which I always skip)

The characters are mostly two dimensional, rarely characters with well thought out motives and functions are present. But hey, this is something you get used to after reading so many Xianxias.

Can't say anything about writing style, grammar etc as MTL is quite difficult to criticize about... Too many mistakes and problems to list down -_-..

CLICHES are there, but they are not something glaring or something simply shoved on your face. It's there but well thought out.

But enemies are the same copy paste mould of each other. Zero brains, 100% percent attitude and a great sect to back them up. And they always find our MC to pick a bone with, and ofcourse get badly beaten up and killed the next time. Then it's the whole sect trying to kill him. Until now the major enemy is some Angel called Ice or something, who I really want to punch. Their are lots of hints about some realm war, so. we can expect some real fighting and power ups.

Female leads are well, female leads. Many of them, stick to MC for apparently no reasons at all and fall in love a few hours later. Fortunately, many of them are supposedly one sided. Supposedly since even I am not sure.

Their are few plot holes, which I am waiting for author to fill up before the novel ends.

Will edit soon after I finish reading it.

Edit: War has almost started with alien race. And it's boring.

Author has a penchant for introducing girls with strong and mysterious backgrounds. Then their mystical babblings, statements which make no sense currently etc. You have his senior sister, someone called AI Wei or something, then wife of some large trading firm, a restaurant owner and so on. They will help MC when he is in a fix. Waiting to see, why the f*ck are they doing so?

If it's just cuz they are feeling lucky, well goddam you author.

  1. The enemies are becoming stronger and even more s*upider.
Ciao~ <<less
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Vex rated it
Beast Piercing The Heavens
July 28, 2016
Status: c59
Your usual Xuahuan trope. Tr*sh MC, godly artifact, OP ness, s*upid one dimensional antagonists, and no logic.

But the storyline is good. You have background, you have some tragic motive and overall its interesting.

The beast integration is new.

So waiting further, will be following it, and also keeping fingers crossed that it does not go down the path of CD or ST.
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Vex rated it
End of the Magic Era
May 23, 2020
Status: --
Qidian shows this novels as 'Much Recommended' with an astonishing average rating of around 4.5 (at the time of review.)

Personally, it barely deserves a one. That to for at least writing something.

Reviewers have already analysed and broken down everything wrong with this story. So I won't say much.

1) MC is probably a Masochist. He loves getting verbally abused and humiliated. Why doesn't he just attacks the guy and for once and for all, declare his strength. Something which is called as show of power. Nope, we definitely have... more>> to read several chapters full of moronic side characters going on and on about their grand plan to humiliate the MC. And let's not ignore that even amateurs right better dialogues.

2) The characters don't even have an iota of common sense. These are probably one of the worst side character development ever. And calling it a 'development' is an massive overstatement. And I am saying this after acknowledging how bad CN novel character's are.

3: Author is definitely a sexist. Not a single female character until around Ch 300. Even after that, I have heard only 2-3 female characters have been introduced till around Ch 1000. So yeah not a single female mage. The first one barely got a paragraph long screen time. The other was referred to as dead. The third one was naive princess or something who yet again had barely any screen time. The only female character present with a story presence of longer than a chapter is that female frost dragon. And she says nothing. It's like those female NPC aides in skyrim. You only remember them when you want to fight.

I will stop here. But this is just massive waste of time. Even invisible dragon was far more entertaining and had better character development. <<less
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I won't go much into character development or the story's trend as other reviews have pretty much covered it.

While reading three major problems made me drop the story.

Firstly, the Grammar. The grammar is all over the place. Wrong adjectives, missing verbs, wrong modifiers, misplaced articles etc. It is really difficult to read. Half of the sentences make no sense!

... more>> So the translator really needs to get a good editor.

Secondly. Please limit your exaggeration. High IQ doesn't equates to genius. Owing a company at 6 (maybe lesser) ? Seriously? Get a grip. He's a minor. And the author has conveniently forgotten the laws

Well since this a story and fiction over that, we will ignore this. But building a supercomputer at 6? Wtf... Limit your overdramatization. And technically you don't need a lab with hi-tech equipments to build a supercomputer. Joining multiple gaming consoles to act as a cpu, does so. -_-

Thirdly, what's with girl parade? One girl down, another pops up to be the antagonist no 1. She has not even started and we have already seen more that 6-7 women acting like a well deserved b*tch.

Anyways that's all.

Vex <<less
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