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Venalitor rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
September 6, 2017
Status: c138
TL;DR - Ban*l and superficial

Was pretty interesting until MC finished Dungeon's first boss. After that his power soars in relation to the conflict he faces and while there are some minor setbacks, they appear to only be there to fill a quota and have no real effect on the story.

The sis-con subplot is a waste of time that just requires a character to be present that has no impact on the story. The sister is only present to give the MC and illusion of depth. The MCs character doesn't change... more>> throughout the story after some very early backwards character development (he was more interesting with int 5 when he was completely stupid than after he boosted it and just became a dunce). He's also very uncharitable considering his massive wealth and how little he does for others, even those he considers friend.

At one point, our Sis-con MC has a chance to grab beauty enhancing drugs for his sister that would also make her more physically capable, but passes it up because he's in a rush somehow. He is also very tightfisted with his money, being very reluctant to purchase from the dungeon shopkeeper caring for him and some 4000 others. It's dumbfounding she of them fell for him (when he had a very poor charm stat no less). It's odd he's so tightfisted since his father was making enough throughout his son's life to support their family very well.

Ultimately his character boils down to: get stronger (his sole love), help friends (if it's easy), save people (if it's practical), and be awkward around girls (eternally).

Speaking of the girls, they all are basically the same flavor of dainty, flustered, easily angered, high-strung, and embarrassed with a few minor personality quirks, a fighting style, and a skin unique to each them (yeah, re-skinned versions of the same character). None of them with a tentative exception of a princess of another world are given any reason to fall for the untalkative, brusque MC except for his magically enhanced appearance and brainwashing charm stat.

The princess' reason is magical foresight. Pretty weak as even at the point I quit reading they know almost nothing about eachother. And she's pretty much the first 'love interest' he meets, though she doesn't come into the story properly till probably around chapter 80.


Comedy... Nonexistant, so far as I can tell. It's the schlockiest of eastern styled schlock. There obviously are jokes, but they are incredibly uninspired and only hampered further by the lack of investment the poor characterization demands. Augh! Hot weather and smoke filled skies must have addled my brain to read so much of this. I didn't even get tricked into going so far into SAO and that didn't have anywhere near so many reasons to not be invested. Hell, Kirito is deep when put side to side with Kang. Anyway, you may get a few laughs if you aren't used to this style of humor, but if you are... Oh, I think I just discovered why I've been so quick to bed these last few days!

I believe the crowning turd of this steaming pile though, is that for all of this to take place, the author wants the reader to buy that all the other explorers of the dungeon are absolutely, irredeemably imbecilic. That the way the MC goes through the dungeon, soloing each boss and farming their stat enhancing drugs thus making advancement easier and materialistically rewarding, hasn't been common sense for millennia is mind boggling. It's like the MC is the only one there who actually wants to get stronger and incredibly wealthy.

With each world under threat from some form of monster or demon race and the dungeon explorers the only ones who can effectively combat that threat it becomes extra unbelievable.

The author tries to explain it at one point in story, but I couldn't make any sense of it. Something about being given greater recognition the higher they advance in the dungeon, but also given more responsibility in fighting the invaders, so the higher they advance the less attachment they feel to their homeworld. Of course this is a problem entirely solved by the MC's solo everything strategy.

Related to the last, the dungeon starts giving Mr. MC achievement for doing things that have become incredibly easy for him. The semi-intelligent dungeon give's out achievements and titles for essentially taking a walk in a park.

Yes, clearing five floors of the dungeon in seven hours would have been impressive. If the mobs could have damaged the MC... or even hit them without his explicit consent.


So, yeah... It's not Ouran High School Host Club. It's not Overlord. It's not even Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu or SAO. It's just Ban*l and Superficial. One Star... I miss-clicked. <<less
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